• An interesting find
    A recent research has found that over-confident people are more likely to wage war but fare worse in the course of an ensuing battle. It suggests that ‘positive illusions’ may contribute to costly wars. Pet
  • Myth – A tool of power
    Mythmaking has so often in human history been used as a political tool in shaping the polity of a State. Was it not the ‘agenda of mythmaking’ that helped the progression and development of imperialism and
  • Tobu Missive
    The 59th Independence Day at Tuensang with Minister for Transport, Imtilemba Sangtam as Chief Guest could not go as planned in the designated venue after the Chang public and students reportedly spearheaded by
  • Policy without Intent
    It has been learnt for many months and years now that Nagaland Draft State Policy for the Empowerment of Women, 2003 is under consideration by the state government. Not only that, but the setting up of a State
  • Us and Them
    Power has the tendency to generate some form of resentment. This resentment is further multiplied when those with power have lost the ability and wisdom to see its power from the perspective of those with relat
  • Chosen Traumas, Chosen Glories
    Every people, nation and state defines its identity and gives meaning to its existence based on a set of chosen traumas and chosen glories. These chosen traumas and chosen glories shape the role of a people’s
  • Gandhi’s India
    “Long years ago we made a pledge with destiny and now the time has come when we shall redeem our pledge, not in full measure but substantially… when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom”
  • Hope – A Decisive Element
    Some have said that Hope is what threatens power; Hope is what drives the revolution forward. If hope is a decisive element that defines the line between status quo and transformation, between oppression and ju
  • Youths for Conscience
    The continuous task to collectively envisage imaginatively a better relational society is by no means a recent attempt; it has been the ideal yearning of all who contemplate in thought and in action to lead a p
  • Fear Psychosis
    Terrorism wherever and against whomsoever it is perpetuated against, inevitably creates a fear psychosis in the minds of ordinary people. Terrorism today feeds on the fear that it is able to generate in the min
  • Terror Chock-A-Block
    A major terrorist plot to commit “mass murder on an unimaginable scale” by blowing aircraft flying from Britain to the US has been unearthed by the police in London. There should be no two opinions that the
  • Political Fizzle
    Pressure is now mounting on Coca-Cola and PepsiCo even as two more Indian states banned the sale of their soft drinks at government-run schools and colleges amid allegations they contain high levels of pesticid
  • Heat is On!
    There has been much persuasive analysis and opinions on the increasing climatic changes taking place around the world. But as it often happens, such pre-emptive signs are ignored and when reality hits, panic se
  • Sharing Responsibilities
    After more than nine years of ceasefire, fifty-odd rounds of political negotiations in about nine different countries from three continents, the effort to find an honorable and peaceful solution to one of the o
  • Rio’s Dilemma
    In a now famous quote, President Abraham Lincoln was said to have commented to a visitor to the White House in 1865: “If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their res
  • Marching forward
    August 9 of every year is recognized as the International Day of the World’s Indigenous People. It was in 1994 that the United Nations General Assembly took the historic decision to observe August 9 as the da
  • Natwar Debunked
    Once aptly named in the media as the Union Minister ‘Without Portfolio’, K. Natwar Singh seems to be turning into a political hot potato for the ruling Congress party. As a man now desperate to rebuild his
  • A fad called ‘Shri’
    The word ‘Shri’ seems to have become part of the Naga ‘in-culture’ while addressing a person, particularly people holding some position of an official nature. While it is quite obvious that the word ‘
  • Murky Deal
    The manner in which merit students, deserving seats from the allotted MBBS quota, had been snubbed by powerful vested interest politicians and bureaucrats has obviously not gone down well with the student commu
  • Politics of Need
    Recognizing the present course of human events, it is not difficult to discern the acute need for existing policies to shift from a politics of want to the politics of need. At the moment, policies are reflecti