• Self-definition and Existence
    The State system that feeds upon power, domination and violence has displaced humanity from its center and pushed aside other forms of political, social and economic organization. This has resulted in the break
  • Partnering Middle East Peace
    The decision of the US President George W Bush backing an international force to return peace in Lebanon is welcome and Washington should not waste anymore time and begin the process of immediately holding talk
  • Pragmatic steps build possibilities
    The journey towards reconciliation is a long process that needs to weather many seasons of transitions and therefore demands the utmost will and courage to keep the process going. To sustain the continued proce
  • Transformative Praxis
    The historical dividing issues between Indigenous people and the State system are a reality that is being relived by the descendants of indigenous nations. The lack of will to address the indigenous issues has
  • Stop Violence
    Violence has today become a matter of grave concern for communities across the globe and more so for those that are most affected by it. Sadly, there appears to be no sign of it stopping anytime in the near fut
  • A Public Process
    The Naga Nation needs healing. Victims and survivors need healing; perpetrators are in their own way victims of a violent system; and they need healing as well. The need to heal and reconcile emphasizes presenc
  • Telecom Woes
    The failure of public service institutions to cater to the needs of the general public has more often than not created pandemonium particularly in the form of students protest. The planned agitation, several of
  • Where do we go?
    We live in a time where insanity has become the ruling norm. Though there is an air of complacency and indifference, it will be fair to say that people are tired and quite fed up with the direction that Naga so
  • Hopeful Imagination
    In a time of abused powers, hegemonizing structural systems, stifled voices and a frightened culture, it is essential to cultivate hope. Hope is not to be equated with a misplaced reality of suffering peacefull
  • Mediating Role
    Wednesday’s (July 26) informal meeting between the Consultative Committee for Peace (CCP) and leaders and elders of various Church organizations and bodies comes at a time when the tragic extent to which kill
  • Building Bridges
    In situations of crisis that has resulted in causing injury and human casualty, there is an acute tendency to focus primarily on offenders, thereby, often overstepping those most affected and victimized. In mos
  • Interim Tag
    Union Minister of State for Programme Implementation and Statistics, and the leader of the Prime Minister’s Ministerial team on Indo-Naga peace talks, Oscar Fernandes, not surprisingly chose to remain hush-hu
  • Implementing RTI!
    The Right to Information Act is a timely legislation introduced with the intent to empower people to hold their Government and its agencies accountable to democratic norms of functioning and responsive structur
  • Unemployment – a political disease
    Unemployment worldwide has reached high proportions, which according to the International Labor Organizations (ILO) report was 185.9 million people worldwide, or 6.2 percent of the global labor force in 2003-04
  • AIDS Education
    The decision of the Nagaland State AIDS Control Society (NSACS) to strategically involve educational institutions to combat HIV/AIDS and the formation of Red Ribbon Clubs in colleges as was deliberated upon dur
  • Border Vigil
    As the country fumbles for an answer to the 7/11 Mumbai blast, it is not a surprise that the northeast has emerged as an area of concern. According to Lieutenant General D B Shekhatkar, who commanded the IV Cor
  • Naga Hoho Mantle
    The Naga Hoho appears to be back slowly on its feet after a period of lull in which the apex tribal body has had quiet but serious and welcome deliberations on a wide range of issues including the election of a
  • The Monotheism of Force
    The ongoing cycle of counter-violence and human destruction in the Middle-East has once again put to task the complex issues surrounding the region and its relationship to the fundamental question of Force and
  • Universal Anti-Terror Plan
    U.S. President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Saturday the launch of a plan to combat the global threat of nuclear terrorism and invited other countries to join them. As per th
  • Walk the Peace Talk
    The outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) has insisted on the release of its five top leaders from jail to help it name its representatives to hold direct talks with the Government of India (GoI). It