• Naga Youths
    Naga youths are in a time when some of them feel they are part of a misplaced generation. Their parents resisted the idea that they could not live as free people, for which they experienced the hardship of huma
  • A World of Ideas
    Human conviction reasons that change is continuous and that humankind is capable of understanding; an understanding rooted in context and conscience. Both these convictions are located within an inclusive histo
  • Paper School
    Putting together all the factors that help distinguish the superior performance of private run schools as compared to government schools may not be a plausible exercise at this juncture. However, to generalize,
  • Dangerous Game
    The on-off political confrontation between the ruling NPF Party and the Opposition Congress has sometimes led to a degeneration of politics to mere partisan squabbles provoked by politicians on either side for
  • Sword of Damocles
    In a welcome ruling, a Bench of the Supreme Court headed by Chief Justice YK Sabharwal on Monday dismissed Jaya Bachchan’s petition challenging her disqualification as a Rajya Sabha MP.  Throwing fresh l
  • Yongkong’s Message
    A pioneer of the ‘Naga Freedom Movement’, even in death Late Yongkongangshi Longchar remained virtually unconquered. In refusing to let his mortal remains be brought back home, Late Yongkongangshi was only
  • Return of Peoples Power
    The unfolding events in Thailand and Nepal have once again clearly demonstrated that power of the people can never be held ransom to the culture of power; at least not for long. Unlike the ‘sponsored’ revol
  • A Man of Integrity
    The Naga cause is very clear, but it is the people that complicates it, was an insightful declaration that Uncle Yongkong kept reminding. It was in one of the metro stations of London that I first met Uncle in
  • Promises contradict performance
    It is now quite common to experience the practice of promises contradicting performance, especially in relation to governments and political parties involved in electoral politics. Ironically it is through the
  • Mahajan Gone
    There is a sense of disbelief hovering over, following the tragic and untimely death of BJP General Secretary Pramod Mahajan who died at a Mumbai Hospital after battling for his life. As much as the shock that
  • Prioritizing Crisis
    Today’s world for the Nagas faces no shortage of challenging crisis: identity, political conflict, militarization, HIV/AIDS, financial instability, corruption, water, electricity, roadways and transport, wide
  • Catalyst for Peace
    India’s feel good factor over Kashmir—what with a democratically elected government in Srinagar, a peace process with Pakistan well in place and positive vibes with the world’s only super power the United
  • How Long?
    How long will it be before Nagas realize that there are ways of settling differences of opinion other than just resorting to the use of force and violence? Evidently it seems like the hammer is perceived as the
  • Power Drought
    The power situation in Nagaland refuses to improve and as per the concerned department the chronic depletion of water reservoirs in the hydro generators due to the ongoing dry spell season is the reason behind
  • Remaining Relevant
    The Panos South Asia-Morung Foundation study tour which began on Saturday last with a series of interactive sessions brought together journalists, researchers and activists on a common platform. The study tour
  • Politics of Ethnic Conflict
    In contemporary politics, the State has ensured that it monopolizes ‘war’ and thus enjoys the prerogative of defining what amounts to ‘war.’ The problems and challenges arising out of these wars have em
  • Office of Profit
    The May 10 Parliament session set to deliberate on the office of profit issue is already generating country wide interest with the Election Commission doing its own bit of awareness campaign by putting up on it
  • Hopeful Imagination
    In a time of abused powers, hegemonizing structural systems, stifled voices and a frightened culture, it is essential to cultivate hope. Hope is not to be equated with a misplaced reality of suffering peacefull
  • Seats of Power
    The country wide protests against the UPA government’s proposal to reserve 49.5% of seats in government run medical, engineering and management institutes is a stark reminder of the anti-Mandal days of the ea
  • Brutal Silence
    The brutal torture of a minor girl working as a domestic help by a husband-wife duo here in Dimapur as reported in The Morung Express, deserves strong condemnation. However, unlike other crime or violent activi