• In Development we trust?
    At long last we are realizing we have all this while been living in an interdependent world, and the need to live in a world without walls, which we have worked so hard to create. However, we are also faced wit
  • Out of Box
    The timing of French President Jacques Chirac’s three-day visit to India will no doubt deflect some of the criticism from the Opposition parties leveled against the UPA Government on India’s nuclear agreeme
  • Patriarchy and Development
    In recent years, waves of ‘state-centric development’ policies and programs have been initiated in Nagaland. Most of these policies and programs have centered around two focal areas, infrastructure and huma
  • A Heavy Burden
    The issue of fratricidal killings and the heavy tax collection in Nagaland recently raised by the Village Chiefs (GBs) Federation should be taken up in all sincerity by the State government. It is also a welcom
  • Politics of written language
    History has shown that victors of war have always written history of the people they conquered. This trend tremendously affected the history and identity of many peoples. It can be said without exaggeration tha
  • Burden of History
    There is a Russian proverb which says: “Dwell on the past and you’ll lose an eye; forget the past and you’ll lose both eyes.” This insight possibly best illustrates the dilemma that confronts the choice
  • State Responsibility
    A State Minister in the Jammu & Kashmir Government recently came out with a bold suggestion seeking a round table conference of people representing all schools of thought to resolve the Kashmir issue. The M
  • Myth – A tool of power
    Mythmaking has so often in human history been used as a political tool in shaping the polity of a State. Was it not the ‘agenda of mythmaking’ that helped the progression and development of imperialism and
  • Vote-Cleansing
    The decision of the ruling Nagaland Peoples Front (NPF) giving its approval for state funding of elections is indeed a welcome development and goes to show that the political will to cleanse the muddied poll pr
  • Struggle and Pursuit
    The formation of modern state has led to two contradicting phenomenon: the struggle for rights, and the pursuit for power. While it is fundamental to recognize the relation between rights and power as interdepe
  • Three Stones
    Traditionally, when fire is lit for cooking, three-stones are commonly erected not only to provide stability and support for the earthen pot placed over the fire, but to channel and distribute the heat produced
  • Cheap Talk
    In a major bonanza for customers, state-owned telecom majors—Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Ltd—on Friday last announced a maximum tariff of Re 1 per minute for calls anywhere in the c
  • A Relevant Church
    Naga Church can no longer remain abstract and removed from people’s realities. To be relevant to the people it must have meaning for them in their given situation. If a people are hungry, then the Church must
  • Out of Court
    Nagaland Industries Minister Khekiho Zhimomi, who also holds the Border Affairs portfolio, hit the target right on when he commented that any decision taken by a court of law in relation to the Assam-Nagaland b
  • Human Rights and Armed Groups
    A generation ago the emphasis of human rights was primarily defined in the context of the State. This was based on the perception that a State was the protector of rights, and the assumption that only State was
  • Relaxed Mindset
    The decision of the Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC) ordering the relaxation of the Sunday closure of all business establishments in and around Dimapur is a welcome move and one that needs to be appreciated give
  • How Long?
    How long will it be before Nagas realize that there are ways of settling differences of opinion other than just resorting to the use of force and violence? Evidently it seems like the hammer is perceived as the
  • Political Difference
    The visit of the Parliamentary Standing Committee in-charge of Home Affairs to Nagaland on February 3 to discuss major issues regarding internal security and development, including progress of the Naga peace pr
  • The Violence of Silence
    One of the most violent forms of violence is silence. In the face of compelling unjust circumstances, silence becomes violence itself. While it is true that silence can be a powerful medium of protest, one need
  • Nuke Check
    The issue of non-proliferation has once again been brought to the fore with concerns over Tehran’s nuclear program. What has surprised many though is New Delhi voting to report Iran—a long time traditional