• Lost in exclusivity
    Imkong WallingIn the midst of the media brouhaha that erupted over the validity of a non-Naga holding the position of ‘Gaonbura’ in Dimapur, this author contemplated writing an op-ed on the controversy. But
  • Make education worth pursuing
    AkangjunglaEducation goes beyond reading and writing. The emphasis on quality education, one that is accessible, attainable and affordable, is gaining enormous attention worldwide. Also there are positive movem
  • Browsing the ages
    Imlisanen JamirIn the beginning, browsers were like plant-eating animals. They reached up high to find their food, not down low like the animals that ate grass. They were curious and always looking for somethin
  • Its Early Days for FYUGP
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP) was introduced this year for the new batch of students, giving way for the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), though colleges were given the freedo
  • Precursor for 2024
    Moa JamirThe Election Commission of India (ECI) announcement of the schedule for assembly elections in five crucial states on October 9, signals the commencement of what promises to be a riveting political batt
  • A Dengue Story
    Imlisanen JamirOver the past months, Nagaland has been gripped by a rising tide of Dengue cases. The ordeal of one family, my own, serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges posed by this mosquito-borne di
  • Cultivating Resilience from a young age
    Vishü Rita KrochaOver the weekend, few schools gathered at the Assam Rifles Public School, Kohima to learn about Resilience, which is an innate human capacity that can be learned and developed in anyone. The e
  • Conservation in Nagaland rising with new attitude
    AkangjunglaThe celebration of the 69th edition of National Wildlife Week commenced at the National Zoological Park on October 2. This annual event will culminate on October 8. In alignment with the United Natio
  • BLOOD IS LIFE: Thank you blood donors
    Dr Asangba TzudirIt is said that every two seconds, someone needs blood, and while blood cannot be manufactured the need for it is only growing more by the day. Blood has a very limited shelf life, and therefor
  • On Hate Speeches
    Moa JamirThe issue of hate speeches, whether alleged or otherwise, periodically emerges in the public domain in India. Most recently, there was a significant uproar when one such speech was alleged to have been
  • Sanitation: A shared liability
    Imkong WallingVisuals are a given, nowadays, whenever Dimapur is inundated in floodwaters. The deluge of visuals, captured by the victims and onlookers alike, generally provoke two types of emotions— pity for
  • Retelling stories
    AkangjunglaStorytelling is central to human experience. It is the core of human experience that can turn a moment of interaction turn into life long memories. Storytelling helps people to recognise their purpos
  • The truth telling Church
    AkangjunglaAccording to the indispensable standard set by the society, a person who follows the Christian faith is supposed to be a member of the local church. In any Christian circle in the Naga context, some
  • Against Demonstrations and Strikes
    Dr Asangba TzudirFollowing the threat of ‘pen-down’ agitation by unpaid teachers, the State’s School Education Department has responded with a reminder of the statutory restrictions prescribed in Rule No.
  • No longer a safe ‘state’
    Moa JamirNagaland has been consistently hailed as one of the safest states for women and children in India. Year after year, the annual National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) reports bear testament to this, consi
  • Ethics and Customary Law
    Mahmood Mamdani observed that, “The political project of the [colonial] regime of ‘customary’ laws was to fracture a racialized native population into different ethnicized groups. The basis of group disti
  • Knowledge will always be human driven
    Imlisanen JamirIn the rapidly evolving landscape of information dissemination, Wikipedia has long reigned as the go-to reference work for countless individuals seeking knowledge. However, as generative artifici
  • Making possible Inclusive Education
    AkangjunglaWith wide ranging collaborations, the office of Nagaland State Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities has been conducting training programmes on Inclusive Education and Universal Design for Learn
  • An Idea Called Roads
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe condition of roads in Nagaland is such that the effect in the aftermath of the monsoon showers presents a case of the roads similar to the craters in the moon. And the same road which is co
  • CAG Reports on Nagaland
    Moa JamirStrident finding, Deafening Silence‘Misappropriation, negligence, fraudulence, pilferage, incomplete projects, defalcation, fictitious transactions, delay, and overstatements’ are some recurring th