• Mice in council
    Imkong WallingBusinesses shutting shop in Dimapur is not a new phenomenon. Rewind the years to the 2000s and early 2010s when business owners downing shutters in protest was quite routine. The grievance, more o
  • Nagaland can lead the way for malaria eradication
    AkangjunglaAttaining equitable access to healthcare has been one of the common desires of the general people in the state of Nagaland. Public healthcare system was in chaos and mayhem during the outbreak of the
  • Young PhD’s
    Dr Asangba TzudirIn a major move in the Indian education System, the University Grants Commission (UGC) by its Chairman Jagadesh Kumar Informed that students with four-year bachelor’s undergraduate degrees ca
  • Proxies & Electoral Integrity in Nagaland
    Moa JamirFollowing the conclusion of the recent Lok Sabha elections in Nagaland on April 19, the election authority hailed the process as "very peaceful." Nagaland, which usually registers high voting turnout e
  • Democracy
    Imkong WallingElection process in the Nagaland Parliamentary seat was completed on April 19, as part of the first phase of polling to elect the 18th Lok Sabha, with only a half of the state’s total registered
  • ONOE
    Dr Asangba TzudirONOE, the acronym for the One Nation, One Election means all Indians will vote in Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections in the same year, if not at the same time. The central idea envisaged is
  • Paying attention to young voters
    AkangjunglaIn continuation to the 2023 theme, ‘Nothing Like Voting, I Vote For sure’, the Election Commission of India (ECI) celebrated the 14th National Voters’ Day (NVD) on January 25, 2024. This day is
  • Is Clean and Fair Election Relevant for the Lok Sabha Polls?
    By Dr Asangba TzudirThe Election Commission of India (ECI) seizure at Rs. 4658.16 Cr so far is the highest ever for Lok Sabha polls, and it will be interesting to see the final amount at the end of the election
  • FNT issue neglect
    Imti LongcharAllegations and counter-allegations between the ENPO and the State Government regarding consultation on the draft Memorandum of Settlement (MoS) for Frontier Nagaland Territory (FNT) continue to un
  • Climate Change knows no borders
    Vishü Rita KrochaOther than its historical importance, Kohima, the state capital of Nagaland, was once known for its pristine rivers, streams, lakes and undisturbed forests. There were a number of such places
  • Strengthen electoral processes
    Moa JamirOn April 8, the Rising People’s Party (RPP) issued a statement claiming that there is hardly “any checking” and demanded explanations from the Commission for its “failure to uphold its constitu
  • Constant Kindness
    By AkangjunglaKindness has always been taught as a value and not necessarily an art. The Mayo Clinic Health System says kindness is good for the body and for the mind. In its publication titled ‘The art of ki
  • Right to be Free from Adverse Effects of Climate Change
    Dr Asangba TzudirIn the year 2019, 11,000 scientists declared a global climate emergency. After signing the declaration, they stated that, humans could endure “untold suffering” if massive changes aren’t
  • Civilised discourse imperative
    Moa JamirGender's role and sexual orientation as a matter of choice remain contentious subjects in Nagaland, often leading to outright denunciation rather than informed discourse on the issue. The recent LGBTQ+
  • Foot in mouth
    Imkong WallingParliamentary elections in Nagaland are relatively unexciting affairs lacking the high octane emotion, tension and violence that have become the norm in state Assembly elections. Lok Sabha electio
  • Politics & Charisma
    Charisma has always been a means to popular politics as it opens possibilities and opportunities for many leaders not just in the Naga context, but around the world as well. While some are able to capitalise on
  • Art of theatre in Nagaland
    AkangjunglaIn the words of the famous actress and acting teacher, Stella Adler, ‘The word theatre comes from the Greeks. It means ‘the seeing place.’ It is the place people come to see the truth about lif
  • SMILE App and Teachers Surveillance
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe DoSE’s AI-based SMILE App to monitor teacher’s attendance in Government schools in Nagaland is in motion beginning with three districts – Dimapur including EBRC Kushiabill, Kohima and
  • Nagaland LS Polls: Riveting Contest Ahead?
    By Moa JamirThe election of Nagaland's sole Lok Sabha scheduled on April 19 is set for a triangular contest between candidates of the ruling People’s Democratic Alliance candidate the Nationalist Democratic P
  • Nagaland's Dependency Dilemma
    Moa JamirDespite a slight uptick in recent years, Nagaland's financial footing remains precarious, with continued external dependence as the main source of funding. Economically, this leaves little room for man