• The Misuse of Development
    Humankind has begun to realize that throughout history we have been living in a mutually dependent and interconnected world. However, humanity is also faced with multiple closures of our physical and democratic
  • Doubtful Data
    Moa JamirNagaland's inconsistent dengue figures need streamliningOn September 2, after consulting with numerous medical professionals from various healthcare facilities, The Morung Express published a report th
  • A Looming Crisis
    Imlisanen JamirIn an alarming wake-up call, a latest United Nations report has sounded the alarm bells, revealing that critical groundwater depletion threatens the very foundations of our world. This impending
  • The Fear of Truth
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe Greek philosopher Plato (427-347 BCE) once said, “Strange times are these in which we live when old and young are taught in falsehoods school. And the person that dares to tell the truth
  • Nagaland’s face saver
    Moa JamirAs autumn arrives, the local dailies and various other platforms become flooded with sporting events, ranging from state-level to high-school competitions. Sportsmanship, discipline, comraderies, profe
  • Right Act, Wrong Time?
    For whatever reasons, the Right to Information campaign in Nagaland has remained muted and the movement itself has been slow to start off with. One of the reasons for this could be the general lethargy among th
  • Need for a Naga theology?
    In these present times of searching for meaning and purpose, a truthful assessment on the historical relationship and experiences of the institutionalized religion – as it exist in Naga society – with peopl
  • About to be 60
    Imkong WallingNagaland was, on one occasion, in for some lavish praise from none other than the President of India for progress apparently made by the state in human development and industry. The day was D
  • Awareness needed to reduce burden of stroke
    AkangjunglaAccording to the Lancet Neurology, stroke is the second leading cause of death worldwide. The publication underlines that the burden of disability after a stroke is also large, and is increasing at a
  • A step forward, a step back
    Imlisanen JamirOn a brisk autumn morning of October 17, a sense of anticipation hung in the air as India's LGBTQ+ community and its allies awaited a pivotal verdict that held the promise of affirming their long
  • Good Governance
    Dr Asangba TzudirGood governance is a term used to describe how public institutions conduct public affairs and manage public resources. Good governance means that the processes and institutions produce results
  • Can modernization resolve conflicts based on identity?
    With the increasing number of identity based conflicts around the world, it calls for the need to reflect on whether the theory of modernization has failed? The modernization theory promoted the principle that
  • Coexistence starts with understanding and empathy
    Imlisanen JamirIn a world characterized by diversity, the need for peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution cannot be overstated. It is within this intricate mosaic of differences that humanity's greatest c
  • Education: Priority in the State policy
    AkangjunglaEducation is a basic human right that opens doors for every person; it is the core of fundamental right for every human being. Aiming to gather public opinion on this very important subject, this new
  • RTI and Apology
    Dr Asangba TzudirReplacing the former Freedom of Information Act 2002, the Right to Information Act was passed in the year 2005 by an act of the Parliament of India setting out the rules and procedures regardin
  • A healthy step
    Moa JamirChallenges and high hopes for Nagaland’s first medical collegeOn October 14, a significant milestone was achieved with the official inauguration of the Nagaland Institute of Medical Sciences and Rese
  • Lost in exclusivity
    Imkong WallingIn the midst of the media brouhaha that erupted over the validity of a non-Naga holding the position of ‘Gaonbura’ in Dimapur, this author contemplated writing an op-ed on the controversy. But
  • Make education worth pursuing
    AkangjunglaEducation goes beyond reading and writing. The emphasis on quality education, one that is accessible, attainable and affordable, is gaining enormous attention worldwide. Also there are positive movem
  • Browsing the ages
    Imlisanen JamirIn the beginning, browsers were like plant-eating animals. They reached up high to find their food, not down low like the animals that ate grass. They were curious and always looking for somethin
  • Its Early Days for FYUGP
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe Four Year Undergraduate Programme (FYUGP) was introduced this year for the new batch of students, giving way for the CBCS (Choice Based Credit System), though colleges were given the freedo