• Sleeping on Streets
    Imlisanen Jamir As the sun dips below the horizon, Dimapur's vibrant streets tell a tale of two worlds colliding. Amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, a heart-wrenching reality unfolds nightly &nda
  • Embracing Values
    As participants of this global evolution, Nagas need values that reflect the sum total of the many cultures, traditions and memories having overlapping identities, all of which unites their shared humanity. Thi
  • Life at Own Risk
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The conditional partial opening of the Dimapur-Kohima Road stretch NH-29 through a notification of the Deputy Commissioner, Chumoukedima, raises some fundamental moral questions. What does
  • More equal than others
    Moa Jamir A recent article raised the pertinent question of why Naga elders only congratulate those who get government jobs. If unions, parents, and relatives, the author argued, want to congratulate people,
  • The Majestic Kapamodzü
    Vishü Rita Krocha “The Majestic Kapamodzü” as it has been recently dubbed, holds great potential for tourism whether it is for Ecotourism or Sustainable Tourism, Agritourism or Adventur
  • SUBSTANCE ABUSE: A major complex issue 
    Atono Tsükrü Kense Much has been said and written on the widespread substance abuse in Nagaland state. However, due to lack of official statistics and data, no one could actually bring out a status
  • Breaking the cycle
    Akangjungla For many generations, alcoholism has been one of the typical issues in many Naga families. Looking at the vicious cycle of alcoholism trends running in the family unit, it effortlessly demonstrat
  • Striking a delicate balance
    Imlisanen Jamir In a world teeming with over 7.9 billion individuals, the spectre of overpopulation looms large, raising concerns about resource depletion, sustainability, and overall well-being. Yet, amid t
  • Uncompassionate Process
    Moa Jamir The recent judgment by the Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench, shedding light on the process of compassionate appointments in the Nagaland Government's Home Department, reveals a distressing real
  • Where was government oversight?  
    Imkong Walling Remember that time when the district administration of undivided Dimapur would often issue circulars restricting vehicular traffic on NH-29 falling in between the Chathe River Bridge (Patkai B
  • Nature as a sales pitch
    Imlisanen Jamir In 2006, during a conference in the industry, the then-CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, introduced a widely used term: "the cloud." Schmidt described it as a significant technological s
  • A collective experience of loss
    Akangjungla On July 4, 2023 tragedy struck the Chümoukedima stretch of the NH 29 when a rockslide caused by heavy downpour claimed two lives and wounded three. Immediately after the incident, the video
  • UCC: Uniformity vs Diversity
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The concept of a Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in India has been a topic of intense debate and discussion in India. The idea of a UCC is to have a common set of laws governing personal matters s
  • Unhealthy Practice
    Moa Jamir There is no disagreement that access to quality healthcare in Nagaland still remains a big challenge. The challenges include infrastructure, logistics, and shortage of healthcare workers. Often, th
  • Trade as Peace – An interplay of Geography, History and Politics 
    Part II - What does this mean for the Act East Policy? India launched its Look East Policy, at the end of the Cold War, as a geostrategic horizontal initiative to cultivate relationships in the Asia-Pacific
  • Strengthen hygiene practices to protect public health
    Imlisanen Jamir The recent incident of food poisoning in Ponching village, Longleng, serves as a sobering reminder of the critical need to prioritize and strengthen hygiene practices in our food handling and
    Vaping is far from harmless  Akangjungla As the world continues to wage war on tobacco products and its consumptions, vaping and other nicotine alternatives are not contributing much to counter the c
  • The Need for Road Maintenance Plan
    Dr Asangba Tzudir The history of roads in Nagaland traces back to the 1870’s when the first ever road was constructed from Golaghat to Dimapur spanning 90.12 Kilometers at a cost of Rs 4050. This was
  • Effective Measures imperative
    Moa Jamir On the eve of International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking (June 26), the Nagaland State Excise department has once again emphasised the crucial need for a collective effort to erad
  • A conspicuous silence
    Imkong Walling The bloody ethnic violence in the neighbouring state of Manipur is now almost 2 months old. The narrative thus far has been on broad casualty figures, a one-sided Manipur state government and