• The Question of Isolated Prohibition
    Dr Asangba TzudirA research paper on the IMFL black economy put forth certain arguments to show that prohibition cannot exist in isolation saying that prohibition is not the solution and which only drives buyer
  • Take categorical stance on FMR
    “Longwa Village: One of the largest villages in Mon district, this is a highly interesting place. The Angh’s house here lies half in India and half in Myanmar. Even though the village lies in two countries,
  • Praxis of Education is based on Truth, Morality and Technique
    The conceptual framework and ideology of the modern State that emerged through the Treaty of Westphalia had a profound effect on education, its institutions and systems, which in turn influenced the dynamics of
  • Relevant journalism in the age of social media
    AkangjunglaIn a room of full of college graduates and young aspiring professionals, a question was thrown to understand their knowledge about media in the news perspective.  The question was ‘what comes
  • Embracing the Blank Canvas
    Imlisanen JamirAs we bid farewell to the old year and usher in the new, it's essential to recognize the symbolic significance of this transition. The commencement of a new year may be an arbitrary point on the
  • Unwrapping Generosity
    Imlisanen JamirAs the holiday season winds down and the echoes of festive celebrations still linger, a unique and cherished tradition takes center stage after Christmas day, on December 26 or any of the days be
  • Reconstructing human empathy
    AkangjunglaHuman beings cherish and value things which make for richness of experience. Everyone is hurting and facing some kind of challenges in the given moment of time. Without leaving out any person, life o
  • Uncommon Love
    AkangjunglaLove is at the heart of Christmas - the most celebrated holiday in the world. The festival has become a global occurrence with people, who do not follow the religion or believe in the teachings of Ch
  • From motivation to exploitation
    Imlisanen JamirThe internet has become breeding grounds for influencers who promise a roadmap to success, confidence, and self-improvement. While many of these influencers genuinely aim to inspire positive chan
  • From Elections to the Advent
    Dr Asangba TzudirThe year started with political overtones being the election year - elections to the 14th NLA. Nagaland went to polls on 27th February 2023 and results were declared on 2nd March 2023. The resu
  • Tipsy Dilemma
    Moa JamirIn the vibrant and culturally rich landscape of Nagaland, known as the ‘land of festivals,' the issue of alcohol has become a complex web of moral, political, and socio-economic debates. Central to t
  • ‘Mandar Obedeciendo’
    Do Naga leaders have the courage and wisdom to embrace this maxim: “To rule by obeying”Language is central to how people define the world around them as a means of communication and as a carrier of an evolv
  • How anxiety became content
    Imlisanen JamirIn the era of oversharing and constant connectivity, anxiety has emerged as a peculiar protagonist in the theater of our lives. It has transcended its status as a mere mental health concern to be
  • Christmas - It’s all about Love
    Dr Asangba TzudirIn a world riddled in confusion and crisis, the meaninglessness of life is often exhibited by the associated acts of human beings generally defined in one’s own terms and convenience. Somewhe
  • A Cause for Concern
    Moa JamirDespite boasting one of the lowest suicide rates in India, Nagaland witnessed a worrisome 14% year-on-year increase in suicide cases in 2022, a recent all-India level report has highlighted. According
  • If only...
    A special Assembly session for passing the Municipal Act with reservation of seats for women intact, the ENPO agreeing to participate in the annual Hornbill Festival,  the Chief Minister calling out the 20
  • Loneliness Epidemic
    Imlisanen JamirAs we embrace the festive spirit and come together with loved ones, it is also essential to reflect upon a pressing global issue that has gained prominence amid the challenges of the past year -
  • Culture: Learning the ways of the society
    AkangjunglaThe American theologian Dr John B Cobb, sharing his point of view on ‘Religion and Education’ for the Sinclair Thompson Lectures, Chiangmai, Thailand in 2002, made a statement that ‘No society
  • Sorry seems to be the hardest word
    Dr Asangba TzüdirEvery year the Hornbill festival brings bitter memories of the Oting massacre since the Oting incident coincided with the Hornbill festival of 2021. Two years after the incident, the dead stil
  • Nagaland's organisational tryst
    Moa JamirNagaland, touted as the 'Land of Festivals,' not only boasts a vibrant cultural tapestry but also teems with a plethora of organisations.  Ranging from professional to institutional, social to rel