• Buying a Chainsaw..!
    A property owner was looking to buy a saw to cut down a lot of wild forest land on his property. He goes to a chainsaw shop and asks about various chainsaws. The dealer tells him, "Look, I have a lot of models,
  • The Girl Under the Streetlight...!
    It was somewhere close to midnight that I decided to drive down the road for an ice cream. I found the roads empty, but what was my surprise to see that under each streetlight, along the pavement, children sat,
  • Leadership and What’s Missing..!
    There’s something amiss in this country: There’s somebody who’s going round the world pounding his chest and shouting, “Look at me, see I’m back for the third time,” and there’s the world saying,
  • No Fear of Death..!
    One of the most powerful influences in my life was that of the late Dr Sam Kamaleson! I remember as a twelve-year old, sitting on mats which were provided to kids and listening to his powerful oratory, awed by
  • A Turnaround from A Bad Habit...!
    As I keep hearing about a disgruntled Ajit Pawar who keeps backing the wrong horse and this time, landing up with just one seat in the Lok Sabha, I do remember he did motivate a man to do something right, and t
  • A Porsche and a Mercedes..!
    It was a contest which offered a luxury sedan as a prize, and I thought, why not, wouldn’t mind getting one. Imagine my surprise when I opened the form and found the luxury car offered was the same model I wa
  • They’re Not Drunks and Whores..!
    He was resting at the well. I knew he’d sent his followers away, to get a much needed respite away from his busy schedule of teaching and preaching and healing. But as his head touched the side of the brick w
  • Train Yourself to Look Up..!
    I love reading the comments for my columns from readers, and something I’ve noticed is that there are readers who get motivated by the inspirational columns, and others who say, ‘it can’t be done!’There
  • The Green Bucket: Responding to the Research Question
    Dr Brainerd PrinceWe began this story about the philosophy and practice of research with three buckets, similar to the colours of the traffic lights: red, green and yellow. All we have said until now has had to
  • Dare to be Unpopular..!
    Over three decades ago, while a young Rotarian, a game was played by the over hundred members of my club, and it was about who they felt was most popular. I was pleasantly surprised to find I had won.Two years
  • Let the Slaps Stop...!
    It was a tight slap on the actress that left its mark!An act that should be condemned, however much we try to justify the reason behind it. It was not done by some angry member of the public but carried out by
  • A Time to Sow.!
    This is not a time to crow.Though the galvanising of thought and ideas were hugely successful, though the Constitution of the country has been saved, yet it is not a time to crow over one’s victory.There were
  • The Elections and Positivity..!
    The mood in the country is rather mixed right now after the elections, but if all of us could focus on the positive instead of the negative, then the whole country would be happy again. I came across this wonde
  • Adulation and Ordinary Man...!
    Man has many weaknesses, but one of his biggest is he can never play the role of God. Strangely, many dream of being gods in some form or other, of having people loving them absolutely, praising them constantly
  • Explained: How Air and Water Pollutants are Linked to Blood Cancer in India
    Maanal Gauri, Nainika Gupta, Nandana NAccording to an article by the Financial Express, every five minutes in India, a new person is diagnosed with some type of blood cancer. Among these, acute myeloid leukemia
  • Lessons from Yesterday..!
    Yes, there’s much to be learnt from the election results yesterday. But I’m going to cover only two, and that is compassion and arrogance.What India saw for the last few years for a resurgent Rahul, not the
  • ‘OUR LAND, OUR FUTURE. We are #Generation Restoration’
    June 5 is World Environment Day 2024Kamdi Hemant Bhaskar, IFSBackgroundUN - Conference on the Human Environment at Stockholm Sweden 1972, convened from 5-16 June where the United Nations Environment Programme a
  • Finding the Time and Place..!
    Had been invited to speak at a book-launch and during the evening asked the new author when he planned to write another book, “I plan to take three months off, and go to some place quiet, where I am alone, an
  • On Not Getting Sleep..!
    Ever so often do I hear people telling me how they lay awake through the previous night. They make it sound like the end of the world.“You lay awake all night?” I ask laughing.“Yes,” they say, “yes, d
  • Replacing the Morning Walk..!
    Maybe it’s the fact that I couldn’t complete my morning walk today, because I wasn’t feeling too well, that made me look for another alternative to walking.I stared at the advertisement: A walk machine! A