• Trust and Mistrust..!
    When we are strong and physically able, how easy it is to trust everybody! We do so because we have complete confidence in ourselves, that in case of any trouble, our strength, both physical and mental, will ta
  • Open Your Eyes, See the Diamonds..!
    Many years ago while walking through a village in the outskirts of the city, I suddenly stopped and held the arm of a friend who was walking alongside, "Listen!" I said and we both stopped and listened. I saw h
  • Ketchup and Your Blood..!
    Last evening as I looked up from my writing, I smiled at the vegetable puff my wife brought me along with my mug of tea. It wasn’t the puff or tea that made me smile but the tomato ketchup poured quite lavish
  • Leaving the Familiar..!
    It was two months ago in America,  I opened the top drawer where I’m sure my daughter had said the mugs were kept, but a packet of coffee powder stared back at me, or was it chilly powder? But they don
  • Shepherds of the Sheep..!
    Something we need to understand is that every single individual has a right to be part of God’s fold. Unlike many other religions where outsiders are not allowed in, we have no outsiders. Every man, woman and
  • Look Around and Think..!
    Today’s world is all about new ideas that are changing the way we live.Just because something existed from the time you were born, doesn’t mean you accept that it continues to be that way: That’s how the
  • Churchgate, Churches and Choirs..!
    Was saddened to hear that ‘Churchgate’, the most recognised railway station in the country, was being renamed. Churchgate, signified many decades ago, the entrance gate to the Fort of Bombay, where a church
  • A Simple Valentine Story..!
    Chotu, all of thirty- six sat on his verandah on Valentines Day studying Linda Goodman's Love Signs. He was sure this was the day. He had read enough, studied much and knew for certain the chemical process woul
  • Centre tells states to meet guidelines for ensuring adequate power to consumers
    IANSUnion Ministry of Power has sent a detailed letter to all states and union territories for adherence to “Resource Adequacy Guidelines” in order to ensure adequate growth in the nation’s power capacity
  • Dispelling Darkness through Light..!
    Many decades ago while in my teens I loved taking the double- decker bus from the city, running up the stairs to the upper deck, rushing to the front seat, and enjoying a glorious ride to the suburbs. As night
  • Longing to Return..!
    There was sadness in his eyes as he looked at me, “I long to return to my native place!” he said. I looked at his son with whom he lived, “Let him return!” I said and I saw the old man’s eyes light up
  • The Budget Make-Up Kit..!
    One very common feature at the presentation of the budget is a photo of the finance minister giving final touches to the budget papers. This is something that takes place every year and for the last many years
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes..!
    For the last few months I’ve been curious about the many inaugurations by the Prime Minister of the Vande Bharat trains, and decided yesterday I’d travel in one of them from Goa to Mumbai.The train came in
  • Is The World Ready for Autonomous Vehicles Yet?
    Prashant MishraThe fast-paced world brings with it millions of opportunities and aspirations on one hand and challenges on the other. It is not possible to separate the two as these two aspects are intertwined
  • How Soil Microbes Could save the World
    Rene GeurtsInter Press ServiceThe 500 per cent increase in global agricultural productivity over the past 60 years has largely been made possible by the scientific advances of the “Green Revolution” – fro
  • Enjoy Your Today..!
    A friend asked me the other day, whether I miss my youth, or long for times which have passed, and I told him, ‘no’! I have always loved the present, and while thinking about this and also about ageing I pu
  • Don’t Use Your Muscle..!
    It was after a Christmas concert, while walking out of the Cathedral, I felt a touch on my arm, and a lady asking, “When will you put up a play again?”I looked at her, “You remember?” I asked, “It’s
  • Their Last Words..!
    Fifteen years ago on the death of Art Buchwald the famous humour columnist, my column replaced his in Dubai’s Khaleej Times. On reading more about the great man into whose shoes I had stepped in I found that
  • Village Life: A golden tapestry of simplicity and fulfillment
    Zio VenuhModern CollegeOvershadowed by the hustle and bustle of modern life where technology and urbanization have become synonymous with progress, there exists a serene heaven often overlooked—the village. N
  • Tackling Death and the Unknown..!
    Most everyone is scared of the unknown.When we board a plane, we are just a bit terrified, as we know that soon we will not be in control. When we leave our home in the morning, we spy a black cat and wonder wh