• More Light, Less Noise..!
    The world is full of noise makers: People who shout and yell, people who put on a great show, and act like actors on a stage: Full of craftsmanship but little content! I’ve seen this in leaders who can speak
  • Encouragers Who Will Clap and Cheer.!
    Robert ClementsA few years ago while giving a talk on ‘Public Speaking’ I noticed somebody in the audience nodding his head vigorously in agreement with all I had to say. I was pleased and a little later in
  • Never Again..!
    After the Second World War, and knowing the atrocities committed by Hitler, the world vowed that never again would they allow such to happen, or such a person like him to rule unhindered. Looks like the world q
  • Spirit Of Christmas..!
    Yesterday was the first Sunday in Advent which means the beginning of the Season of Christmas. For many of us this is the time for revelry, fun and parties! Getting drunk, and getting high! And for th
  • Finish Your Race..!
    A sad plea I hear ever so often, especially from the old or sick: “Bob!, why does God want to prolong my life, can't He take me away?”By 7 p.m. on October 20, 1968, at the Mexico City Olympics Stadium, it w
  • Take It Slow..!
    An executive went to visit a doctor for a checkup. He showed signs of overwork and stress. The doc warned him to slow down, to take up a hobby perhaps painting to relax. He agreed and started right away.The nex
  • Improving livestock health is a net positive move towards net zero
    Carel du Marchie SarvaasInter Press ServiceThe recent downturn in sales of alternative meat products is only the latest evidence that the world is unlikely to give up animal protein completely in the long run.I
  • Take It Slow..!
    An executive went to visit a doctor for a checkup. He showed signs of overwork and stress. The doc warned him to slow down, to take up a hobby perhaps painting to relax. He agreed and started right away.The nex
  • Accelerating Change: Global Call to Action on World Toilet Day to Meet 2030 Sanitation Goals
    Thokozani DlaminiInter Press ServiceCelebrated annually on the 19th of November, World Toilet Day aims to inspire concerted efforts in addressing the pressing global sanitation crisis, which currently leaves ap
  • Nothing Is Impossible..!
    Many years ago, I fell sick with a near fatal illness. Most people gave up on me, except God. After getting back on my feet, I remember conducting a choir, in which my gift to the people was the song, “Nothin
  • Win Against Terror..!
    The first reaction after an act of terror, is to start looking suspiciously at the community from which the terrorist came from. In our anger against the dastardly act, in our reaction against the sometimes viv
  • Education Ministry sets apart Rs 100 cr to introduce Vedas in curriculum
    New Delhi, November 19 (IANS): Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has said that the Centre has set apart Rs 100 crore for the projects aimed at introducing Vedas and Indian languages in curriculum.Stud
  • What Chai do you Serve?
    The white bearded chief of the village and his bald deputy were at it again; discussing matters of great importance for which they walked out of earshot of all the villagers who actually were not too keen to kn
  • Offering to Help but Not Wanting to..!
    At the wedding of one my daughter's many friends and relatives offered to help, “Bob, if there’s any help you need, just ask!”Being in a naughty mood I asked her, “In what way can you help?”“Any way
  • Be Still and Get Things Done..!
    Something that all religious leaders, prophets and spiritual people always did and do, is to retire to places where they are alone and where they can be still. We see this with Buddha, with Christ and I doubt t
  • Teach Your Children Well..!
    Today is Children's Day! We’re still in the middle of Diwali and as I hear the sound of crackers burst mostly by children and their parents, at timings which the High Courts and other courts have said no to,
  • Demanding a Better Place..!
    When I go to hear a friend or colleague speak, or attend a service, I love sitting in as inconspicuous a place as possible. There are many reasons for doing so, one, because I’ve come for the specific purpose
  • The Moments Between...!
    Even as I see most of us jumping from one activity to another, I wonder what ever happened to the moments in between. When I teach students how to write a play, I remind them that it is not just dialogue that m
  • The Girl on the Cover..!
    Robert Clements It was a sad picture I saw on the cover of a magazine lying on my table; it showed a little girl crying because she was hungry! Can you imagine how she must have been feeling when the photo
  • THE HARD PROBLEM OF CONSCIOUSNESS: The Crossroads of Neuroscience and Neurophilosophy
    “My body is created as a three-dimensional character to dim the light of the spiritual consciousness inside me…” –JaneenTisha BhavsarGenesis During a summer visit to the Vatican City, I found mysel