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  • Quiz No. 219
    1. How many villages out of 1237 surveyed in Nagaland were without electricity connection as per a recent report by the State’s Directorate of Economics & Statistics? a. 7       b. 8 c. 9   d. 10 2. According to the same report, what was the ratio of mobile service penetration in Nagaland?  a. 96%      b. 97% c. 98%   d. 100% 3. Gujarat recently topped the first NITI Aayog&rsqu
  • Curious Kids: how do bees make honey?
    Cooper Schouten, Southern Cross University How do bees make honey? Finn, age 7, Sunshine Coast, Queensland Hi Finn, that’s a sweet question! Well, when we talk about “bees”, we’re usually referring to the European honey bee (its scientific name is Apis Mellifera). Humans have been drooling over its honey and taking advantage of its pollination powers for thousands of years. So how do these insects make honey, you ask? You’ll find the ta
  • The Paradigm Shift of Education
    ‘Education is a human right with immense power to transform’ - Kofi Annan Education is an essential purveyor to enhance the quality of human life and ensure economic progress. It is essential for satisfying and a rewarding life while at the same time enabling the developing country to absorb modern technology and develop the capacity for self-sustaining growth. An initial investment made to human capital especially education will lead to a stream of higher future develop
  • Quiz No. 218
    1. According to UDISE+ data provisional data for 2018-19, out of 2752 schools in Nagaland, how many were privates?  a. 745 b. 746 c. 2,000 d.  2007 2. What percentage of government schools in Nagaland had schools have separate toilets for girls as per the UDISE+ data? a. 99.43% b. 95.44%  c. 96.86% d. 95.16% 3. What was the overall rank of Mokokchung in the Swachh Survekshan 2020 North-East Zonal ranking?  a. 1st b. 2nd c. 3rd
  • Scholarship Roundup
    Scholarship Name: The Dalai Lama Trust Postgradute Scholarship 2020 Description: The Department of Education, Tibetan Children's Educational and Welfare Fund invites applications for The Dalai Lama Trust Postgraduate Scholarship 2020 from postgraduate degree applicants. The Scholarship carries variable prizes and awards Eligibility: Open for postgraduate degree applicants
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Front End Development at SkillBit Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹5,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 4th September 2020 2. Data Science at Mastech Infotrellis Location – Work From Home Stipend – ₹15,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 7th September 2020   3. Marketing at Regaal Resources Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month
  • Why does some rain fall harder than other rain?
    Jeffrey B. Halverson, University of Maryland, Baltimore County   Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to Why does some rain fall harder than other rain? – Naomi B., age 9, San Fancisco, California There are some days when the rain falls peacefully and gently, nourishing the Earth. But on some other days the rain comes down in a torrent
  • Quiz No. 217
    1. Which of the following recipients of Governor’s Award 2020 for Arts, Music and Literature is incorrectly matched?  a. Buddhi Bahadur Thapa -Arts b. Bendangnungsang Ao – Arts c. Kekhrielezo Stephen Mark Medom - Literature      d. The Squadron Band –Music 2. Who among the following is not a recipient of the Governor’s Gold Medal and Governor’s Commendation Certificate announced on the 74th Independence Day on August 15? 
  • Weekly Internship List - August 18, 2020
    1. Customer Support at Kenmark ITan Solutions Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs. 5,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 31st August 2020 2. Web Development at Acadza Innovations Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs. 30,000 /Month Link – Deadline – 31st August 2020   3. Operations at Nwook Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 8,000 /Month Link–inte
  • Nagaland’s Drug and Alcohol Addiction
    “Drugs” is also known as Narcotics and Psychotropic substance which has a physiological and psychological effect when ingested or introduced into the body. The chemicals involved in the preparations of so-called “Drugs” also have medicinal purposes if used and taken under trained medical supervision in prescribed quantities; however, what we have been seeing is the random use of these substances as ‘mood changers’ or ‘happiness pills’ to
  • Curious Kids: how does the Sun help your body make vitamin D?
    Robyn Lucas, Australian National University How does the Sun help your body make vitamin D? Wesley, aged 7 Thanks for this great question, Wesley. Vitamin D is created when the chemicals in our skin react to an invisible type of light from the Sun. In Australia, most of our vitamin D is made in our skin, but we can can also get a little bit of vitamin D from some of the food we eat like fish, eggs and mushrooms. Read more: Curious Kids: what does the Sun's
  • Reading: The Leader’s Way of Life
    The most profitable door a person can ever enter is the library’s door. For me, it is like entering a room and listening and communicating with friendly souls, where I relate my affairs to different fields of my life and they find all the possible ways of solution for me through their ways of failures to success with lessons.  Almost all the knowledge is available there. A room for all those who crave for knowledge and wisdom. Being a person who realized the value, the im
  • Weekly Internship List - August 11, 2020
    1. Digital Marketing at Infoware Location – Work From Home Stipend–Rs 6,000-10,000/Month Link– Deadline – 24th August 2020 2. Program Management at Intellify Location – Work From Home Stipend–Rs 3,000-5,000/Month Link– Deadline – 24th August 2020   3. Web Development at CogentHub Location – Kolkata Stipend–Rs 10,000-20,000/Month Link–interns
  • Quiz No. 216
    1. What was the theme of the 2020 International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples observed on August 9? a. Coronavirus and Indigenous Peoples’ Resilience b. COVID-19 and Indigenous Peoples’ Resilience c. Coronavirus and Indigenous Peoples’ d. COVID-19 and Indigenous Peoples 2. Which among the following is not a local language newspaper in Nagaland? a. Tir Yimyim  b. Capi c. Lenjeter d. Sumi Kukuputsa 3. Who is the Editor of the local l
  • Curious Kids: Why do we need food?
    Amanda Devine, Edith Cowan University This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer. All questions are welcome – serious, weird or wacky! You might also like the podcast Imagine This, a co-production between ABC KIDS listen and The Conversation, based on Curious Kids. Why do we need food? – Milo, age 5, Cowes, Victoria. Just like a mobile phone needs to
  • Break the Stigma of Mental Illness
    “Mental pain is less dramatic than physical pain, but it is more common and also more hard to bear. The frequent attempt to conceal mental pain increases the burden: it is easier to say “My tooth is aching” than to say “My heart is broken.” - CS Lewis Mental health is a major concern worldwide and India is not far behind in sharing this. If we evaluate the development in the field of mental health, the pace appears to be slow. Dr. Brock Chisholm, the fi
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Angular.js Development at Beadcore Infotech Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 17th August 2020 2. Human Resources (HR) at SEAL Ripped Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 5,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 17th August 2020   3. Software Documentation at VComply Technologies Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 9,000 /Month
  • Quiz No. 215
    1. The Government of Nagaland has recently approved the constitution of the Nagaland Staff Selection Board (NSSB). The NSSB will act as the direct recruitment board for:  a) Group-A Post b) Group-B posts c) Group –C Posts d) Group-D Posts  2. ‘The Green Line Experiment’ is citizen's movement of lining the pavement with potted greens and plants in: a. Kohima b. Dimapur  c. Mokokchung d. Phek  3. When is ‘World D
  • Curious Kids: How much does a cloud weigh?
    Rob Thompson, University of Reading How much do clouds weigh? – Torben, aged 10, London, UK We see clouds often: fluffy clouds on a nice summer’s day, towering thunderstorms, wispy high clouds or even grey clouds that cover the whole sky for days. Clouds seem to be floating in the air, which might make you think that they don’t weigh very much at all – but you would be wrong. We can use our knowledge of different types of cloud and what clouds are ma
  • Post Pandemic Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
    It has been roughly seven months since the novel coronavirus appeared worldwide and has been spreading rapidly. In order to tackle this pandemic the government came up with a profound solution i.e. 'lockdown' and 'social distancing'. Lockdown has controlled the spread of coronavirus in a staggered manner. But, with the implementation of lockdown, the business and enterprises are facing huge losses due to minimal or no earnings. This also led to a big fall in the econ