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  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Social Media Marketing at BoAT Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 3rd August 2020 2. Data Analytics at Political Sampark Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 7,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 9th August 2020 3. Teaching (Robotics) at Kidi Robotics Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 8,000-15,000 /Month Link–
  • Quiz No. 214
    1. Kohima has registered for the India Cycles4Change Challenge, an initiative under Smart Cities Mission. How many cities in India have registered for the challenge?   a. 92  b. 93 c. 94  d. 95 2. Indian Railways plans to fit radio-frequency identification tags (RFID) in all its wagons by:  a.  November 2022 b. December 2022 c. November 2023 d. December 2023 3. When is United Nations World Day against Trafficking in Persons observed
  • Curious Kids: What would happen if gravity was reduced by half?
    Jacco van Loon, Keele University What would happen if gravity was reduced by half? – Phoebe, aged 13, London UK Gravity is a force that pulls things towards each other. It is the reason we walk on the surface of the Earth and don’t float off into space. The gravitational pull of the Earth keeps us on its surface, and makes objects fall towards it – like an apple falling from a tree. The way gravity works is that it pulls at space, not at you. An object that h
  • International Law As A Subject Of Study And Global Relevance
    When the word “LAW” rings in your ears, the first thing that comes to mind would probably be of crime, the criminals, the police, the advocates standing inside/outside court premises and the prison. However, law is more than just crime and punishment. It encompasses all aspects of your life, there is a law for almost everything,from issues related to education, business, economics, personal finances, marriage, health, the environment, politics, to issues related to human ri
  • Quiz No. 213
    1. According to Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR), the targeted date of completion to connect Nagaland’s capital Kohima with railway network is: a. March 2021 b. March 2022 c. March 2023 d. March 2024 2. Who among the following was awarded Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyay Anthyodaya Krishi Puruskar, 2019 (Zonal level) by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on its 92nd ICAR Foundation Day? a. Atheo Lotha b. Areni Lotha c. Abeni Lotha d. Arenthung
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Mobile App Development at Knight Bite Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 7,500 /Month Link– Deadline – 3rd August 2020 2. Human Resources (HR) at Regularhub Location – Work From Home Stipend–Rs 5,000-7,000/Month Link– Deadline – 3rd August 2020 3. Analyst at eWards Location – Kolkata Stipend–Rs 5,000-8,000/Month Link– Dead
  • Curious Kids: what does the Sun's core look like?
    Sara Webb, Swinburne University of Technology   What does the Sun’s core look like? Sophie, aged 8, Perth     What does the Sun’s core look like? This is a fantastic question Sophie, and one we will need to go on an adventure to answer!   We are about to take a journey to the centre of the Sun. The action begins about 148 million kilometres from our planet when we arrive at the Sun’s surface in our space ship.  
  • Quiz No. 212
    1. Which among the following recently inaugurated two mobile ATM vans and 25 micro ATM machines in Nagaland as a part of its 39th Foundation Day?  a. NSTCB b. NABARD c. SBI d. Canara Bank    2. According to Nagaland State COVID-19 Dashboard, how much amount of money has been collected in the form of fines during the ongoing lockdown till July 9?  a. 6,93,170 b. 7,93,170 c. 8,93,170 d. 9,93,170   3. ‘ASEEM’ is an A
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Content Writing at Smartify Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 8,000/Month Link– Deadline – 9th August 2020   2. Finance at Guide2Success Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 10,000/Month Link– Deadline – 9th August 2020   3. Fashion Design at JB INTERNATIONAL Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 15,000-20,000/Month Lin
  • Year 2020 As I See It
    Man is a victim of time. Since time immemorial humanity has gone through a unique cycle of existence. We have seen mass migration, wars, bloodshed, pandemic, imperial lust, and many more such issues and challenges. Mankind also went through stages of scientific discoveries and inventions. During the industrial revolution we constructed factories and discovered the magic of heavy machineries, and sky-high tall buildings. We did many great things, and achieved so much. We discovered atom
  • Curious Kids: When we get bitten by a mosquito, why does it itch so much?
    Cameron Webb, University of Sydney   This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children. The Conversation is asking kids to send in questions they’d like an expert to answer. All questions are welcome – serious, weird or wacky!   When we get bitten by a mosquito, why does it itch so much? – James Dowling, age 10, Melbourne.   I think about this all the time, James. I feel like I’m bitten by more mosquitoes each s
  • Nepotism in India
    "This 8 letter word is destroying everyone in today's world. And who is responsible for creating such a hypocrite. We the people have to repose this curse and make sure to control it with our coming generations, else it will destroy the whole world. And there'll be no humanity left in this world" -  Ikramul Hannah.   Nepotism is based on favoritism granted to relatives instead of giving a fair chance to others in a particular field, be it business, pol
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Software Development (Bioinformatics) at Corteva Agri Science Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 25,000/Month Link– Deadline – 3rd August 2020   2. Digital Marketing at Socialache Location – Work From Home Stipend–Rs 5,000-10,000/Month Link– Deadline – 3rd August 2020   3. Operations at Edfora Location – Kolkata, Chennai Stip
  • Quiz No. 211
    1. What is 'Tsunglup' which was recently launched in Wokha?  a. Washing Soap b. Bathing Soap  c. Detergent powder d. Shampoo   2. Which state in the North-East launched a web portal to share Covid-19 related stories and track volunteering activities on July 4? a. Manipur b. Nagaland c. Meghalaya d. Mizoram    3 . Which country voted for constitutional amendments opening ways for its President to remain in power t
  • Scholarship Roundup
    Scholarship: DRDO Young Scientist Laboratory Junior Research Fellowship 2020 Description: Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) invites applications for DRDO Young Scientist Laboratory Junior Research Fellowship 2020 from BE/BTech/ME/MTech degree holders. The fellows will be required to pursue research in the area of innovative technology at DRDO's Young Scientist Laboratory.
  • Curious Kids: Why are our top eyelashes longer than our bottom eyelashes?
    Christian Moro, Bond University and Zane Stromberga, Bond University   Why are our top eyelashes longer than our bottom eyelashes? Lilia, aged 7     Thanks for this great question, Lilia.   The upper eyelid is larger, longer and has deeper roots so it can support more luscious lashes.   All mammals have this feature, but why have the eyes developed this way?   The most significant reason is to protect our eyebal
  • Inspiring Women of Today
    She is the creative force of the universe in almost all its expressions. Life begins in her womb and it is in her guiding hands and tender care that it finds expression. The woman is created to be special. She has shoulders strong enough to carry the weight of the world and soft enough to be comfortable. Our world is full of inspiring women whose passion, hard work and impact encouraged a great deal of influence in advancing women's empowerment. They have opened doors for women and
  • Quiz No 210
    1. Which of the following has earned the National Quality Assurance Standards (NQAS) tag as the ‘first fully quality certified’ public health facilities in the North-East? a) PHC Chizami b) UPHC, Seikhazou c) CHC Viswema d) CHC Noklak       2. Which department launched the Nagaland JobLinks portal recently?  a) Labour & Employment, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship  b) Finance c) Planning d) Economics an
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. E-commerce Management at Aviaan Location – Work From Home Stipend–Rs 5,000-10,000/Month Link– Deadline – 27th July 2020   2. Operations at Inlingua Chennai Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 15,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 27th July 2020   3. PHP Development at Bitpastel Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 12,000 /
  • The Ethics Code During The COVID-19 Age
    Several days back, I happened to witness a very captivating incident around the neighborhood. A snot nose kid was running after a dog that had a piece of meat in its mouth. After a good chase of around ten minutes the kid caught hold of its dog, started bandaging the wounded leg, and followed with a good scolding by the kid against the dog for running away with the piece of meat (without permission). The intrigued act propelled me to ask him if he was after the meat or the wounded dog.