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  • Spectral Conundrums: Echoes of the Unseen Realm
    “When the flickering flame dances to life within the pitch-black confines of a room, an eerie transformation takes hold. The room awakens, but its newfound radiance is meagre, scarcely more than a feeble glim
  • Curious Kids: what came first, the chicken or the egg?
    Shutterstock/Edited by The ConversationEllen K. Mather, Flinders UniversityWhat came first, the chicken or the egg? — Grace, age 12, MelbourneHi Grace!Thanks for this great question. It’s an age-old dilemma
  • Can you cry underwater?
    Tears prevent your eyes from drying out and protect them from irritation and infection. Vizerskaya/E+ via Getty ImagesGeoffrey Bradford, West Virginia University Curious Kids is a series for children of al
  • Mankind: The Masterpiece of Creation
    We live in an advanced world of science and technology. The greatest of all creations yet is man himself - the ultimate machine. The human body is a competent and efficiently designed machine in that it is inte
  • QUIZ NO 375
    1. Which village has been selected as 1st Horticulture Model village in Nagaland?a. Chizami        b. Khonomac. Yisemyong       d. Heli
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Marketing at Careers360Location – Work From HomeStipend – ₹ 15,000/MonthSkill(s) required – Effective Communication, MarketingLink – – 28th September 20232. Admin
  • Can animals give birth to twins?
    Some animals, including goats, regularly give birth to two babies at once. Image Source via Getty ImagesMichael Jaffe, Mississippi State University and Tracy Jaffe, Mississippi State University Curious Kid
  • QUIZ NO 374
    1. The Tourism Department Nagaland has inked a deal for development of ‘star’ hotels in Dimapur and Kohima with:a. Indian Hotels Company Limitedb. Radisson Blu Hotelsc. Hotel Polo Towers Pvt. Ltdd. ITC Hote
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Human Resources (HR) at Ostello IndiaLocation – Work From HomeStipend – ₹ 3,000-6,000/MonthSkill(s) required – English Proficiency (Spoken), English Proficiency (Written), Marketing, RecruitmentLink
  • Highlights of the ‘State of India's Birds 2023’ Report
    The "State of India's Birds 2023: Range, trends, and conservation status" report is a comprehensive assessment that offers insights into the distribution, population trends, and conservation status of bird spec
  • How do flies find every stinky garbage dumpster? A biologist explains their sensory superpower
    The blow fly’s antenna is a specialized organ that helps the fly detect food quicker than its competitors. heckepics/iStock via Getty Images Christine Picard, Indiana University Curious Kids is a se
  • The Decline of Compassion and Humanity in the 21st Century
    Humanity, often defined as compassion, kindness and benevolence towards others has been a fundamental aspect of human nature and culture since ancient times. However, over the ages, humanity and its practice ap
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Machine Learning at SunbaseDataLocation – Work From HomeStipend – ₹ 30,000/MonthSkill(s) required – Docker, Hadoop, Kubernetes, Machine Learning Link – – 17t
  • QUIZ NO 373
    1. Which is the first state in the North-East to officially launch the Aadhaar Linked Birth Registration (ALBR)?a. Meghalaya        b. Mizoramc. Nagaland   &nbs
  • Why do fingers get wrinkly after a long bath or swim? A biomedical engineer explains
    Those puckered prints show up after a while in the water. MarijaRadovic/iStock via Getty ImagesGuy German, Binghamton University, State University of New York Curious Kids is a series for children of all a
  • QUIZ NO 372
    1. How many minor irrigation (MI) schemes are there in Nagaland as per the Sixth Census of MI Schemes?a. 10,563            b. 17,106 c. 19,420&nb
  • Scholarship RoundUp
    Scholarship Name 1: LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship 2023 Description: LIC HFL Vidyadhan Scholarship is an initiative of LIC Housing Finance Limited that aims to empower lower-income group students
  • Body shaming: Eating disorder and social acceptance of body shaming in Nagaland
    Everyone understands the fear or rather annoyance of attending family events and the snarky remarks of aunties you have never seen before either telling you to eat more because you look like the wind could carr
  • Curious Kids: why do babies cry when they come out of their mum?
    Shutterstock Hannah Dahlen, Western Sydney University Why do babies always cry when they come out of their mum? – Nam, 12, Hanoi, Vietnam When babies are born, they all seem to cry. W
  • QUIZ NO 371
    1. Where is the first Naga Traditional Cuisine Lab located?  a. Kohima Science College (Autonomous) b. Dimapur Government College  c. Japfü Christian College d. Patkai Christian Colle