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  • Quiz No 209
    1. A new fish species named as ‘Schizothorax sikusirumensis’ was recently discoverd in the state of:  a. Assam b. Arunachal Pradesh c. Manipur d. Nagaland   2. What is the colour of the strip to be affixed in all BS 6 compliant four-wheel motor vehicles? a. White b. Purple c. Green d. Grey   3. Which type of Solar Eclipse occured on June 21, 2020? a. Partial Solar Eclipse b. Annular Solar Eclipse c. Total Solar Ecl
  • What is the slowest thing on Earth?
      Katie McCormick, University of Washington     Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to   What is the slowest thing on Earth? – Jiwon, Brookline, Massachusetts   In the words of the infamous villain, Dr. Evil: “Lasers.”   Lasers focus a narrow, directed beam of light on a specific
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Media & Public Relations (PR) at Amigos Planista Location – Work From Home Stipend– Rs 2,000-5,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 20th July 2020   2. Content Management at IndieFolio Location – Work From Home Stipend – Rs 5,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 20th July 2020   3. Business Development (Sales) at Instade Business Services Location &nda
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Marketing Internship at Holygallivant Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 7,000-8,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 10th July 2020   2. Web Development (Angular) at Bitpastel Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 10th July 2020   3. Accounts at Cure Life Location – Guwahati Stipend–Rs 8,000-10,000/month Li
  • Quiz No 208
    1. What was the amount of money collected by the Nagaland State government as COVID Cess in May?  a. Rs 0.24 crore b. Rs 3.36 crore  c. Rs. 3.84 crore d. Rs 37. 25 crore.   2. What was the overall rank of Nagaland University in the latest National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF), ‘India Rankings 2020’? a. Top 100 b. 101-150 band c. 151-200 band d. 200 and above    3. Which Ministry in India has recently lau
  • Curious Kids: why might you wake up without a voice?
      Deborah Hersh, Edith Cowan University   Why do you lose your voice approximately 12 hours after you scream too much? If I scream a lot one day the next morning I can barely speak. However, I can speak right after I scream. Kheenav, age 11, from Glen Waverley, Victoria     Hi Kheenav, thank you for your question!   First, I’ll explain a bit about your voice. Then we can look at what happens after shouting or screaming.
  • An Educational Trip to Kohima and Kisama
    A field trip was organized by the History Club in collaboration with the History Department on 15th of February 2020 under the theme "Learning Through Experience". It was a one day trip to Kohima and kisama. The War Cemetery located in Kohima was built and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. The Kohima War Cemetery is open everyday but the time schedule is different, from March to September it is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and from October to February,it i
  • Curious Kids: why do we burp?
    Vincent Ho, Western Sydney University   Why do we burp? We sometimes also burp before meals, why does this happen? — Ahaana, age 7     That is a really interesting question, Ahaana!   There are two types of burping, but mainly we burp to get rid of swallowed air from our stomach.   Burping occurs when excess air travels up the oesophagus and is released out of the mouth. Shutterstock   What is a burp?
  • Stigmatisation towards Nagaland Goverment?
    Stigma can be defined as a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. Dudley Jr. defined stigma as stereotypes or negative views attributed to a person or groups of people when their characteristics or behaviors are viewed as different from or inferior to societal norms. Stigma is nothing less than a derogatory identification attached to people or class of people. The viruses, sickness and diseases may go in time but stigma lies within and with us.&
  • Quiz No 207
    1. Which district in Nagaland recently launched the online ePass system for intra district movement of citizens? a. Dimapur  b. Kohima c. Mon  a. Wokha   2. The 1st phase of implementation of Ration Card portability under ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ started in Nagaland from June 3 covering 76 Fair Price Shops in: a. Kohima b. Dimapur c. Mokokchung d. Tuensang    3. ‘Sodar,’ an augmented reality applic
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Market Research at GroundHog Apps  Location – Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai Stipend – Rs 6,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 4th July 2020   2. Analyst at eWards Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 5,000-8,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 1st July 2020   3. Telecalling & Customer Service at Shaildhar Telecom Location – Guwahati Stipend &n
  • Fear Psychosis: 'Mutual Funds Prone To Market Risk'
    "Successful Investing takes time, discipline, and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can't produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant." ~Warren Buffet   In today’s world, where inflation is at peak on one hand and on the other side countries face difficulties to keep a stable GDP. Banks in order to cope up with the situation started merging with one another. In such a midst, Middle-class ear
  • What makes something smell good or bad?
    Rakaia Kenney, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Kayla Lemons, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Weihong Lin, University of Maryland, Baltimore County   What makes something smell bad or good? – Taylor, Atlanta, Georgia   Pee-yew! Your old socks smell soooo bad.   But why?   Maybe you’ve learned to dislike the smell. Maybe your socks are full of gross bacteria. Or maybe, it’s both. Our team studie
  • Quiz No 206
    1. Out of total of 22393 enrolment, how many students qualified in High School Levering Certificate Examinations 2020 conducted by the Nagaland Board of School Education? a)    15660  b)    15670 c)    15680 d)    15890   2. Which among the following school achieved 100% pass percentage in both HSLC and HSSLC in the recently declared NBSE results?  a.    Pranab Vidyapith HSS D
  • Weekly Internship List
    1.  Business Development (Sales) at TraconMobi Solutions Location – Kolkata, Guwahati Stipend – Rs 6,000-8,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 28th June 2020   2. Web Development (Angular) at Bitpastel Location – Kolkata Stipend – Rs 10,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 27th June 2020   3. Content Writing at Zakti Media Services Location –
  • Scholarship Roundup
    Scholarship Name: Sardar Patel Scholarship for Students Pursuing Graduation 2020 Description: Buddy4Study India Foundation invites scholarship applications from students studying in the 1st/2nd year of graduation. The scholarship programme is meant to support the higher education of deserving underprivileged students.    Eligibility: The scholarship is open for studen
  • Weekly Internship List
    1. Accounts & Finance  at RRB Advisors Location – Kolkata Stipend– Rs 4,000-9,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 21st June 2020 2. Digital Marketing at RRB Advisors Location – Kolkata Stipend– Rs 3,000-8,000 /Month Link– Deadline – 21st June 2020 3. Human Resources (HR) at Vantage Circle Location – Guwahati Stipend – Rs 3,000 /Month Link–internshala.c
  • Quiz No. 205
    1. How many types of forest are found in Nagaland according to data given during the International Day for Biological Diversity 2020 on May 22? a. 3 b. 4 c. 5 d. 6   2. The first Bio Safety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory in Nagland was inaugurated at the Naga Hospital Authority Kohima on May 21. How many tests the lab can conduct per day according to State Health Department?  a. 90 b. 91 c.92  d. 93   3. Who has been appointed as the
  • What's an epidemiologist?
    Jared D. Taylor, Oklahoma State University   Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to   What’s an epidemiologist? – Vincent G, age 12, Arlington, Virginia I’m an epidemiologist.   Unlike doctors and veterinarians, who typically focus on treating one patient at a time, epidemiologists focus on big groups of
  • Why choose BBA?
    “Management Is , Above All , A Practice Where Art ,Science, And Craft Meet ” ~Henry Mintzberg              BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration, which is a professional course. People usually have a wrong  perception about the BBA course, they have a myth about the BBA that this course is only for the commerce background students and has less scope in future. But the fact is BBA course is for everyone who