Seyienizo Assistant Professor Department of Physics, SJC (A) Jakhama “… what are the effects of social behavior of a species on population growth-and of population density on social behavior?&r
  • Cancelling and its risks
    Two incidents are cited here because they are good illustrations of the Cancel Culture trend that seem to be overtaking the west, something that sometimes veers too close to home shores as well. The first on
  • Conflict Management
    Md Tabrej Are you afraid of conflict? This is perfectly normal! Instinctively, our brains tell us that conflict is dangerous, so our natural inclination is to do battle or run away. However, fear of conflict
  • Air pollution damage to lungs is irreversible
    Kamal Narayan Omer IANSlife Every year the third Wednesday of November is observed as COPD Day, the day strives to raise awareness on the condition, risk factors and also on the importance of a pollution fr
  • Christie's Hong Kong Proudly Presents: Shen the T rex
    IANSLIFE On November 30, Christie's will present Shen the T rex - a rare, scientifically-important Tyrannosaurus rex (T. rex) skeleton, researched by leading palaeontologists from global institutions. An
  • Transition of Teaching - Learning process among the Nagas
    Khriekesanuo Metha Assistant Professor SJC (A), Dept of Sociology Educational institutions either formal or informal have existed in every society which are means to impart knowledge to the future generatio
  • Palliative Care
    Dr Tony Vikas Bishwas Introduction:  The medical science is quite advanced now a days and there are many things we can do with surgeries, medicines and other treatment. But sometimes a patient cannot
  • What were they wearing?
    I often pass a little dress shop, and it is like going back in time. The fifties are back with a swing. Flared skirts in hues of brown and bronze hang invitingly at the entrance. Inside the shop, the blouses an
  • Cancer Misconceptions
    Dr Vishala Rose Marie Varghese One of the things that kind of surprised me as I practice oncology here in Nagaland is usually the response of patients when they are told they are having cancer. Their next qu
  • Making the UN charter a reality: Towards a new approach to development cooperation?
    A H Monjurul Kabir Inter Press Service We are living in a world where both our bilateral and multilateral achievements, consensuses on human rights and social justice, and our resolve to public good are bei
  • Importance of regular and comprehensive eye check up
    Dr T Lipoksanen Jamir Our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body and are considered to be one of the most important senses which helpsus to see the beautiful world that God has created. Withou
  • Cultural Identity: A Sense of Security and Self-Realization 
    Sentilong Longchar Culture is a set of beliefs, values, customs, practices, arts, institutions etc. shared by a group of people or the society transmitted from one generation to another. It is a way of life
  • Baking pie
    Statutory warning: the phrase ‘easy as pie’ is a fallacy. Bakers know this. Amateurs like me find out the hard way. In fact, I personally maintain that baking pie is harder than other bakes. It was
  • Magnificent Cosmos
    Mhashevolu Rhakho Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature. —Gerard De Nerval Cosmos are annual flowers with colourful, daisy-like flowers that sit atop long, slender stems. Bright green fernlike
  • Foreign Body Aspiration in Children
    Dr Sharada S What is foreign body aspiration?  Aspiration or Choking occurs when an object becomes stuck in the throat or windpipe, blocking the flow of air. It is usually due to food, toys or other
  • A message for youngsters
    R Steward Odyuo  Salvation Ministry is founded by R Steward Odyuo with the vision to spread the love of God to the youngsters and the people as a whole. This Ministry wants all the youngsters who are th
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R)
    Dr Chenithung Ezung Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R), also established as Rehabilitation Medicine, is a branch of medicine which focuses on restoring functional ability and enhancing quality o
  • The Alternative
    The eucalyptus tree collapsing on and killing vendors at the Supermarket area is a communal tragedy. For days, I thought of the chatty, smiling women sitting by their well-tended flowers in full, glorious bloom
  • Break-The-Bias: Gender Equality
    Thejanuo Fidelia Solo Breaking the Bias refers to the “Gender bias”. Gender bias is the tendency to prefer one gender over another. It is a form of unconscious bias or an implicit bias- whether d
  • The fifth edition of 'India's Greenest Music Festival'
    IANSLife The greenest music festival in India returns to its hometown of Bangalore. Echoes of Earth returns for its fifth edition on the 3rd and 4th of December this year, bringing back stories, revelry, and