• Mites infestation in Rabbits and its preventive measures
    Veterinary Hospital Kohima Mite infestation is one of the most common and major health constraints in rabbit rearing. Most common mites in rabbit is Sarcoptes  cuniculi and Psoroptes  cuniculi. Mit
  • Terrorism & Technology - III Precision Execution
    In the previous two articles we saw how the present day digital world, technology and gadgetry are proving to be a boon for modern day terrorism – both in radicalization, recruitment & training for te
  • Mindset of Security: Safety of paramount importance
    Varun Kapoor, IPS Additional Director General of Police, Narcotics and PRTS, Indore   Today all of us are living in two worlds. One is the real world and the other is called the virtual world. In the real
  • Pregnancy Care
    Dr Bendang Jamir Consultant, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, CIHSR   Pregnancy is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life. Being pregnant is news of joy and happiness. Life of a woman is co
  • Information is Power: The Biggest Power
    Varun Kapoor, IPS Additional Director General of Police, Narcotics and PRTS, Indore   Mankind has gone through many stages in its evolution over the millennia. These stages have included a number of ag
  • DANGER: Nagas Be Cautious
    Elvis Gonsalves Dimapur   “1 smoky grilled bucket, 3 large Pepsi and 3 zinger meal boxes with extra fries”   Azo declares impatiently as the young lady finally orders after spendin
  • Social Media Revolution – Uncontrolled opinion flow
    Exchange of opinions and ideas is a very constructive process as it contributes greatly to individual development, societal progress as well as even to strengthening and building a nation. Thus it is of utmost
  • Why is battling Cyber Crime such a Challenge
    Battling and controlling all types of crime – be it traditional crime or actual crime, in best of times is a challenging task. Elimination of crime in society of any hue and color is a utopian situation,
    Grace Koza Physiothereapist, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, CIHSR, 4th Mile, Dimapur   Back pain is becoming a very common problemhindering us to do anything freely and experienced by
  • The concept of Real Vs Virtual World
    A few years ago we all existed in one world – that world which may be called the “Real World” or the “Actual World”. A world in which we can see each other, feel, touch, interact,
  • This cafe in Dimapur has all the food gossip we have been waiting for!
    Trending in Dimapur currently is Cafe Gossip- the one place for your next fast food craving! You’ll also love the ambience of this place! The cafe looks like an inner courtyard with wooden tables and chai
  • Vocational Education The Need Of The Hour!!
    Adam Smith, the Father of Economics in his book, “The Wealth of Nations” states that an individual engaged in economic activity, striving for individual gain unintentionally ends up doing good for t
  • The Naga Blog
    Let’s build a green national highway Yanpvuo Yanfo Kikon: Places like Nagaland in fifty to hundred years from now will become the lungs of the earth. We are the ones who will have the resources (Trees
  • So was it Merry Good Governance everyone?
    Easterine Kire    I have a limited circle of friends, but in that circle I did not notice anyone wishing the other person ‘Merry Good Governance!’ on the 25th December or before or afte
  • Christmas in all shapes and sizes
    Easterine Kire   In many metropolitan cities in India, as well as around the world, gift shops have Christmas goodies on display by the beginning of November. Airport shops brilliantly display their Chr
  • Year of Water Cannon in Nagaland History :-)
    Renponi Lotha: We asked for Salary ....we got water!   We asked for justice ...we got water!   What a wonderfully watery watery Govt we do have.   Today's (December 15) incident was uncall
  • What is it like to be a real counsellor?
    Introduction: Being a counsellor may mean donning the raiment of the counsellor, as a police officer does a uniform, and taking on official behaviours and attitudes. In other words, we may think that being coun
  • On real influential parenting
    “And you shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk to them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.” Deut 6:7. Parent
  • The Nagas’ Ironic Idea of Food
    In the olden times when the Nagas had not yet come into any sort of contact with the outside world, our society was basically an agrarian society. We cultivated and tilled our own lands. Besides rice which was
  • Challenges in Higher Education
    Dr Sr Kaisa Rosalind CMC St Joseph’s College, Jakhama, Nagaland   Today more than ever education is becoming a check to what a society will be tomorrow. Whether one realizes it or not i