• A Trip to Phaibung Khullen Village
    Nehemiah RongTaking a rickety ride from NH-39 (Tadubi Town) to Phaibung Khullen, one comes across the vast natural vegetation, sees blue hills, the serpentine like streams, and the view of bordering Poumai Naga
  • Diary of a drinker
    Jungtina Jamir *hic hic hic* My brain feels empty, woozy and drippy, like it’s going to ooze its way through my head, out of my left ear (when I tilt it that way), onto the floor. Must be the booze I had
  • Ethnic Minorities Starved, Denied Medical Care
    Marwaan Macan-MarkarTo be a health worker along Burma’s eastern borders, home to the Karen and Karenni ethnic communities, is to court death, injury or imprisonment, say doctors working in the area. Even midw
  • The World of Superstition
    Dr. Thamsing D. LamkangOne evening between 4 pm on 10 June ‘06, I encountered a local youth beating a non-local man while he was pleading with folded hands near old NST. The story goes like this; a non-local
  • Who is ‘MAD’ anyways?
    K. ElaProdigals’ Home“Oh, that MAD girl? What can we do? We have sent her back to her village once, she came back again. We’ll send her back again and if she comes back, let her be on the streets!” was
  • An Unofficial Prospectus
    Ayangla Longkumer(Dear readers make sure that it is not read by the Class of 2006, PCC).Although I like all the pastel colours pink is not my favorite colour, although I like tear jerk movies crying is not my h
  • Sobriety: The goal of an addict
      N. Longshio Yanthan‘Relapse’ is a word most dreaded by a recovering addict and those around him. It is not easy for a recovering addict once he/she leaves a controlled environment and plunge into the
  • Build Our Home
    To speak the truth by blood, it is a glory yet (but) bitter to hear. To the point and precise, as a Naga in all features of it’s existence would have the pleasure to share of what I feel, see andknow of our w
  • A tribute to a noble soul and a patriot
    Eric MiachieoOn the fateful evening of July 27 last, Neitho Miachieo, in his usual cheerful self, drove to Mohonkhola, a colony in Kohima, to buy spare parts for his car. He had a reason to be cheerful. He had
  • Indigenous People’s Demand Self-Determination
    Haider RizviLeaders of the world’s 370 million indigenous people are calling for the United Nations General Assembly to recognise native peoples’ right to self-determination. Their call came on Wednesday as
  • Just a click away into the top professional colleges
    Dr Aola Imcha ImchenEver since I can remember, I have always wanted to come up with something different or creative specifically for the pre- medical or pre-engineering students who are always anxious to get in
  • That Extra Mile
    Vishii Rita Krocha   Its funny. People keep coming and going. Sometimes without leaving a trace.Somehow you don’t want to look for them once they are gone. You come across strangers. And at one inst
  • Value Education
    TemjenkabaIn our culturally plural society, Education should foster universal and eternal values, oriented towards the unity and integration of our people. Value education should help eliminate obscurantism, re
  • Present tense, Past tense, Future Perfect?
    SenkatoshiGo back! Shame on you! … It’s not your dustbin! These were some of the agitating buzz-words that greeted the former Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, G.D.Sharma when he first landed in Kohim
  • A Success Story
    Extending the Agro-industry map of India to the North East Region: The Fruit Processing Plant at Punanamei-Mao, set up by Exotic Juices LimitedA breakthrough has been made in the establishment of the fruit proc
  • Peace Talks and My Cup
    Opang AoDimapurCongratulations to dear readers for another twelve months of ‘Please Fire’.  Reading about the Peace Talks between Govt and NSCN (IM) every year has been an interesting thing. It is like
  • The Naga Queen
    Trina and David Child, with the man they call Uncle Yongkong, came into the Home Truths studio to tell the story of a remarkable family legacy and how one woman’s story continues through her daughter...Bored
  • Gender-based emotions?
    Skelly RThis whole area of “male” emotions and “female” emotions continues to confuse me. I’m sure that culturally there’s a lot of indoctrination as to how men “should” feel (or not feel), and
  • Test-tube water babies of Monsoon
    Al NgullieTest-tube babies remain a mind-souping fascination. Forgive my inadvertent ignorance but I’d thought test-tube babies are produced with just a firm shake of a glass tube filled with the …er… con
  • Naga Women: Marching with today’s civilization
    Moala Kashung It is a fact that the modern era is the result of various influences working together. The increase of knowledge, the new social order, the development of new internationalism are some of the