The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland a
    The Naga Blog is a forum on facebook where Nagas from Nagaland and around the world network, share ideas and discuss a wide range of topics from politics and philosophy to music and current events in Nagaland a
  • A Hunting Community Takes Steps Toward Conservation
    Schoolchildren playing in Pangti village of Nagaland in Nov, 2013 In the fall of 2012, the people in this northeastern state, which is known for its hunting traditions, killed about 150,000 federally prote
  • From feared spymaster to art gallery owner
    In this October 20, 2013 photo, Khin Nyunt, a former junta leader once known in Myanmar as the Prince of Darkness smiles in Yangon, Myanmar. Khin Nyunt had been among the country’s most feared figures - a
  • Corrupted Officials: We are watching you
    Anguzo Peseyie: With all the election fever that's spreading across the state and the blog, let me take you elsewhere. A very embarrassing incident happened yesterday. I went to the Tax Dept yesterday to get so
  • Naga Bloggers debate on formation of CNTC
    Anato Awomi: New Tribal Alliance Formed - A new tribal alliance of three tribes - Ao, Kyong (Lotha) and Sumi- under the nomenclature ‘Central Nagaland Tribal Council’ (CNTC) has been formed and will be form
  • The changing face of the Nagas
    What makes a people docile? Perhaps that example can best be reflected through the Nagas. Where, How, What happened? This is a question I have pondered over again and again. I have studied from different angles
  • Analysing the feasibility of FDI in Nagaland
    Nathaniel Ribao (Nagaland): Knowing well that a sound economy is vital for the growth and development of society, I wish we delve into the recent announcement by GOI easing the restrictions on single/multi bran
  • Nagaland – The only State yet to have a CBI Branch
    Yanpvuo Kikon (Admin): Till date Nagaland remains the only State in India not to have a CBI branch! All the developmental funds that are siphoned off openly and the corrupt practices which we witness right unde
  • Can everyone work as a government servant?
    The number of government servants has reached above 10% of the population. What does this mean? And how do the rest of the citizens/population operate from this point? I believe I cannot really present con
  • Culture and Religion
    “Nagaland is a Christian state.” “….we are Nagas because we are Christians.” The Christian identity is woven into the Naga identity. Without much historical research or backing you can say that the Na
  • With the Apatanis
    How less and little do we know about our neighbors? In our forefathers time there were no roads, only thick forest to compensate. Moreover we were enemies and even among ourselves- among the different ‘Naga
  • The Naga Blog: Taxnalim: Public tax for whose welfare?
    Al Ngullie: This event occurred a few days ago. My mother's superiors summoned her to the departmental headquarters to clear an unspecified "official work" concerning her salary.My mother had taken ill the othe
  • Do we indulge our children?
    I thought I’d let my next piece have a follow-up with my previous writing about ‘Culture’. They may seem a little disconnected at first glance but if you would follow with me through this piece as well I
  • The Impact of Culture…Identity
    What is culture? What is identity? This is something I have asked myself, and others, many times relating to a foreign land, foreign culture and foreign accommodations. The distance from my culture made me pond
  • The diversities of India Part II
    Religious Propaganda Regionalistic politics. Regional politics came into Indian political system by forming coalition governments in the centre by 1980’s, after Rajiv Gandhi’s prime ministership. Altho
  • The diversities of India- Part I
    How diverse is India? How diverse is Gujarat from Punjab or Bihar? Sometimes its hard to see these differences because we are either a part of it, or our own situation is overwhelming enough we do not need to e
  • Sustaining through private entrepreneurship
    Longrangty LongcharMorung Express FeatureThere are some who dare to venture out. There are some who want to tread where others have walked and left; there are some who learns from their predecessors and walk th
  • The Youth Re-assesing the Youth
    How often do we think about the capacity of the youth? And also how this can contribute productivity in society? Let us take a moment and look at India. Those of us who update ourselves on the population growth
  • Mental disorders
    Mental disorders or mental illness is something that we might not have grasped sufficiently in our society. It is even considered a taboo topic because of ignorance or because of denial too.Let me try to bring