• My journey of the Pilgrim Walk
    Emilo Khuvung All mankind needs purification of the body, mind and the soul and perhaps to achieve the same, pilgrimage holidays has been designed. The secularism of India and the variety of religions foll
  • Naga identity threatened by illegal immigrants?
    Lima P. Angam: In today's paper, 'While expressing sympathy to the victim of gang rape. The Assam Muslim Welfare Union(AMWU) also warned that the Naga Council and NGO's should not vitimize the Muslims in Dimapu
  • Energy Crisis: Light Nai!
    Yan Fo Kikon: EVERYONE IS complaining THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY! THIS IS WHY THERE IS NO ELECTRICITY. We need to get our facts cleared before we aim our arrows at the Power Department.Our State's power requiremen
  • Jewels and Ashes: Vienna's Exhibition on the Nagas
    Easterine KireStately columns of marble encircle the hall where 600 of Vienna's elite have gathered for the opening of the Naga exhibition titled «Jewels and Ashes.» Amongst the guests are the ambassador of A
  • Nagaland – The Wettest Dry state on the planet?
    Thejasetuo Kaco: Is Nagaland a dry state? Yes. Why? Read on to know why I feel that way."Restaurants raided in Dimapur" read one of the headlines in one of the local dailies. My first reaction was "What the *bl
  • SEX education
    Kathy Jamir: I say its high time Nagaland should introduce Sex Education as a part of the curriculum at the high school level. What say friends? I believe we already have enough moral deterioration going on in
  • A Naga Trekker in the Himalayas
    Susan WatenPhejin Konyak is by far the most adventurous Naga trekker I’ve ever met so far. Recently (Jan, 2012) she went on the Langtang National Park Trek, Nepal. She trekked independently without a guide or
  • Naga Students in cities partying or studying?
    Jeremiah Pame: Dear Naga brothers and sisters studying in Delhi, once my senior professor said to me "Most of the northeastern students are not serious in studies. They don’t come to class. But they are very
  • Nagaland without UG’s?
    Alobo Naga: Have you ever imagined Life without UG's in Nagaland? Do you think Indian Govt will give us the privileges that we are getting today? Discuss both the good & bad side effect. p.s :2 Marks Q
  • Gay culture in Nagaland?
    Yanren Kikon: Should GAY culture be encouraged in Nagaland? 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 - "Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idol
  • Sinai Ministry: A Movement of Faith
    Meet Imliwabang Longchari, the man behind Sinai Ministry, a ministry dedicated to the service of the youth. We grab a brew and find out how he encounters God at 12 years old, only to lose him and then later at
  • Burmese Nagas joins The Naga Blog:
    Banner Tort Reign: Hello!! Dear brothers and sisters from India,I would like to greet all of you Happy New Year!  Upon requests from some brothers and sisters from India to share the situation of Nagas in
  • Bizarre Stories of 2011
    1. Dead Alien Found in RussiaThrough all the breaking stories of 2011, the political coups and natural disasters, the movies and the mayhem, we bring you some of the more bizarre incidents that added to the col
  • Naga Bloggers reach out to fire victims in Mon
    While most people in Kohima and Dimapur were busy celebrating Christmas with their near and dear ones. Young members of The Naga Blog decided to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by setting out on a journ
  • Don’t give up, God is for you
    Research shows the same Top Ten New Year resolutions crop up every year. Why? It’s obvious. Because they’re just so hard to keep! While a lot of people who make new year resolutions do break them, r
  • New Year's Eve Do's and Don'ts
    Another year, another New Year's Eve celebration that could go very right ... or very wrong.We're here to help you. Read this list to ensure having the best NYE ever. Or, at the very least, read this list to en
  • Bitter Wormwood
    The struggle for independence from India by the Naga people, indigenous inhabitants of the Naga Hills, has been a story hidden for several decades. Cleverly concealed by censorship on newspaper reports, there w
  • 2012: New Year... New Resolutions ‘A resolve for every morning of the New Year’
    So, are you still working on your 2011 New Year resolution? We all make promises to improve ourselves at the beginning of each New Year. It has become quite a part of our New Year celebration and 2012 is not go
  • 'The art of merry making'
    We have overheard from our grand parents that when a hen is brought from the bazaar it is advised that the feathers are never to be burnt in the hearth lest the other hens are affected by that alien fowl. 
  • Evils of temptations
    I kept not the vows I made to GodBut the God who made me still prayed for meBelieving in the lie of the devil I was deceivedThe voices of deception and rejection ensnared meLost in a world of frustration and de