• Valentine’s Day syndrome
    Jungtina JamirSo came Valentines Day. It was drizzling when I woke up. I looked outside and saw that the sky was grey. The chill was chiller and the wind almost blew my socks off. What a day!  Considering
  • Conserve Water
    Agnes Krocha A little girl asked me a couple of times why there is shortage of water when it is said that about two-thirds of the earth is made up of water. And I had to tell her that though two- thirds of
  • ‘I Am’ that ‘Fallen Woman’
    K. ElaProdigals’ HomeI was a dreamer. I used to dream big. If things dot go my way, I would go into my world of imagination and say to myself, “Its ok. It’s not the end of the world; there’s still a tom
  • The headache that was a Zit!!
    Jungtina JamirDishum dishum! the message stated. The one I got from a friend last Sunday afternoon. At that time, he was apparently preparing himself to speak at a service that evening. Of course I did not know
  • Karen Leader Dead - Struggle Lives On
    Marwaan Macan-MarkarIf Burma’s military regime was hoping that the death of a long-time adversary - one they have called a ‘‘murderer’’ and a ‘‘village burner’’ - is going to change the outloo
  • We are Rich with our Green Wealth
    Agnes Krocha A favorite ‘nature game’ I played in childhood was about collecting samples of varieties of plants as one possibly could collect from a certain patch of land and then comparing the varieti
  • ‘Naga Political Situation is a Reality’ - Kho John
    Former All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) chief who reigned the longest tenure in the association talks to Newmai News Network on his political inning.  Newmai News Network: Mr. Kho John,
  • Cell phones... and the PCOs???
    Imtinaro LongkumerJust the third year to have cell phones in the state and look around today, one will find almost every person with a cell phone in hand. Not getting critical, but in fact it has served to have
  • The Extraordinary Revival That Is Sweeping Through Nagaland
    An Iowa believer reveals how he lost his heart to the Nagas and why he travels to be with them each yearCourtesy ASSIST News Service (ANS)It is a long way from the small Iowa town of Hiawatha to Nagaland, the m
  • “I’m late again” sounds familiar?
    Ajung LongkumerChristmas, Christmas, Christmas, all is said and done and it’s passed with the time. It sounds so good and I wish that we could hold and saved it all the time. But, things have to go on accordi
  • Your Christmas, my Nativity in black – once, too often
    (This, story perhaps is only small in its way, but as you read through this, when you share a smile this Christmas with ones you care for, let this story remind you to reach out to those who have never known Ch
  • Everybody hates it when the lights go out but nobody bothers when the lights are on!
    Agnes Krocha We complain that are streets are dirty but we don’t realize we are the ones dirtying it. With the festive season here many complain when the lights go out and there is load shedding. It’s
  • Rules ant Regulations for all illiterate drivers like me!!
    Kedi Haralu Camp: Dimapur and New DelhiSince Nagaland is a state full of important VIP’s and “wannabe” VIP’s, here’s some traffic rules to follow. This is to educate us illiterates on how to &nbs
  • Surviving on faith
    N. ArheOn any given day, one would wonder, what a housewife, a social worker, doctor, bureaucrat and a police officer would have in common. It’s another matter if one would belive that it is “faith” that
  • Ancient practice divides India’s urban and rural
    Tim SullivanIt’s an unused cornfield at the edge of an isolated village, an empty plot of earth that the police flattened with a backhoe and hosed down with a water tanker. But villagers take off their shoes
  • Living in a plastic world
    Agnes KrochaWe live in a plastic world. Plastics have become an indispensable part of our every day lives.We see it everywhere – it has become a common place in our homes, offices, schools and almost every wa
  • A Tragedy to Remember
    Agnes Krocha More than two decades have passed since one of the worst chemical disasters in history took place on that fateful night of December 2, 1984, in Bhopal. The actual scenario of what went wrong j
  • A ‘truckful’ of surprises
    ThanthanCarrying a 19,000 kg load on your back gives a queasy feeling, especially when you’re traveling along a dicey national highway strewn with not-so-pretty potholes. As I clamber onto the truck that is t
  • Dangerous odd combination of Smoke and Fog
    (Smoke + Fog + Air Pollutants = Smog)Agnes Krocha With the onset of winter, the days have been turning foggier and mistier. In some places of the world I guess it’s so foggy that you can’t see the pers
  • Former UNC President shares his opinion
    Former United Naga Council (UNC) President and Advocate L. Benjamin,  considered as an intellectual in our society, in a tete-a-tete with Newmai News Network (NNN) on the prevailing situation in the region