• “Anecdote of shopping in style”
    Based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella, the Hollywood flick ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ tells the tale of a young girl and her mania for shopping even after she loses her job and her credit cards are maxed
  • One to One with Meyanungsang
    Meyanungsang is currently pursuing his PhD in Chemistry and Bimolecular Science at Macquarie University, Sydney. In a face to face interview with Kuknalim.coms’ Sanchobeny Murry, he shares about his PhD resea
  • Mopungchuket... Where life is still good!
    Limalenden LongkumerMopungchuket is located just 19 kms away from Mokokchung Town and is connected by beautiful motorable roads, cut through the deep forests teeming with greenery. Situated on a hill-top, Mopun
  • Beauty Pageants or Whateveryoumaycallit
    Limalenden LongkumerThe news of the recently held Miss Universe beauty pageant results had me thinking big time. Beautiful maidens in beautiful gowns, a sight to behold! I am told that all the five finalists sp
  • “What’s wrong with our society?”
    Vishü Rita KrochaI have the honor of having a best friend who is always enthusiastic about sharing any events of the day with much zeal that I fail to imagine anything ever goes wrong with his life. It was ear
  • Nagas, your press release, our stress and grief
    Al NgullieHere’s a wise old saying to grey your brains out – journalists are no glamour depots. For the countless umpteenth time, I’d had the unsavory opinion from acquaintances and family members alike,
  • Naga Woodcarving Heritage
    Carving the Present and the FutureAbraham LothaSome time in November 2005, I wrote an article on Naga woodcarving for the Morung Express in which I said:  Whereas textile designs and music (very narrowly)
  • …er…“Love” exists…in Nagaland
    Al Ngullie Hallelujah for all cardiac surgeons and skeptics! Only a lucky few manage to fall in love. I did once (my ‘once’ actually means innumerable – pure trauma style na), like two millennia ago
  • In dedication of the Naga icon
    Al NgullieMinisters and farmers alike revere it; the old, the young, rich and the poor alike refuse to deny its indispensability; it is the one color of common bond highlighting the dignity of Naga hospitabilit
  • School Children – The Big Difference You Can Make!
    Agnes Krocha Came the month of February and children, big and small, started flocking to schools. Some little ones are more reluctant to go, it’s their first time at school but sweets are one way to lure
  • A series of unfortunate events
    Jungtina JamirIt all started one rainy day at home. Dad asked me to help him dye his hair black. The procedure began. After 30 seconds of application I had already managed to drop a big droplet of dye on h
  • Nagaland in Myanmar - A military sponsored Festival
    Lahe, Nagaland, Myanmar: Once a year in January Myanmar’s part of Nagaland can be visited by foreigners who have the funds to pay for flights and are not scared to travel over hazardous mountain trails. The r
  • Valentine’s Day syndrome
    Jungtina JamirSo came Valentines Day. It was drizzling when I woke up. I looked outside and saw that the sky was grey. The chill was chiller and the wind almost blew my socks off. What a day!  Considering
  • Conserve Water
    Agnes Krocha A little girl asked me a couple of times why there is shortage of water when it is said that about two-thirds of the earth is made up of water. And I had to tell her that though two- thirds of
  • ‘I Am’ that ‘Fallen Woman’
    K. ElaProdigals’ HomeI was a dreamer. I used to dream big. If things dot go my way, I would go into my world of imagination and say to myself, “Its ok. It’s not the end of the world; there’s still a tom
  • The headache that was a Zit!!
    Jungtina JamirDishum dishum! the message stated. The one I got from a friend last Sunday afternoon. At that time, he was apparently preparing himself to speak at a service that evening. Of course I did not know
  • Karen Leader Dead - Struggle Lives On
    Marwaan Macan-MarkarIf Burma’s military regime was hoping that the death of a long-time adversary - one they have called a ‘‘murderer’’ and a ‘‘village burner’’ - is going to change the outloo
  • We are Rich with our Green Wealth
    Agnes Krocha A favorite ‘nature game’ I played in childhood was about collecting samples of varieties of plants as one possibly could collect from a certain patch of land and then comparing the varieti
  • ‘Naga Political Situation is a Reality’ - Kho John
    Former All Naga Students Association, Manipur (ANSAM) chief who reigned the longest tenure in the association talks to Newmai News Network on his political inning.  Newmai News Network: Mr. Kho John,
  • Cell phones... and the PCOs???
    Imtinaro LongkumerJust the third year to have cell phones in the state and look around today, one will find almost every person with a cell phone in hand. Not getting critical, but in fact it has served to have