• Amazing Dzukou
    Vishii Rita Krocha  I grew up hearing about this incredible place which is tucked away at a height of 2433.4 Mt.and which needs a lot of pain to get there but which is also worth all the trouble taken.&nbs
     Agnes KrochaThe other day I was traveling in a bus and my co-passenger was a man, I presume, in his late 40s or early 50s. He began to talk and commented that these days’ people who hold government jobs
  • Ask the lonely
    Jungtina JamirI had a friend; he passed away some years back. He cried about things that hurt. Things like loneliness and a broken heart. He kept the ‘hurt’  tucked neatly in a drawer beside his bed an
  • Nagalim in World Cup
    KanghoChristmas and Easter comes once in a year. The World Cup comes once in 4 years. They are all times for the family to be together. Many events, ups and downs, twists and turns, roads and walls will be enco
  • Learning out of school
    “I don’t have any interest in studies; moreover I don’t know what to do in the future”, Michael (name changed) with bowed head shyly remarked when asked how he envisioned his future.  He is the eld
  • The whole truth of an addict
    Anita EzungA person who is a drug dependent or a chronic alcoholic is usually a good person but its illness that slows makes him completely lose his voluntary control over his mind, body and spirit. Once a pers
    Situated in the remotest North Eastern part of the Ukhrul district in the present state of Manipur, Tusom village lies bordering to Phek District of Nagaland State to the north, Senapati dist. to the west and B
  • Rehabilitation of an addict
    Rehabilitating drug users and alcohol addicts is increasingly becoming a concern for our society. Going for treatment in rehabilitation centers alone does not solve the problem. It can provide medical and psych
  • Parents, may I have a moment of your time?
    A lot of the bumps and damages in the families are due to a lack of communication on both sides. At lot of times, I feel my parents are maintaining too much control over me – somehow my parents cannot, w
  • Carefree Time under Bondage
    Nehemiah RongCrying out of fright and panic, some school children searched for their parents, elders and guardians as whole village was reverberated with gunshots and bombings. Trying to see what was happening
  • Blue Bird has landed
    Nehemiah RongOinam Hills is a small village in the heart of the Lepaona Poumai area and blessed with an indigenous art of pottery. Surrounded by the blue hills, green trees and meandering fresh streams and guar
  • My dear mom and World Cup Germany
    Al Ngullie Clichéd as this is, there are some beautiful moments in life no human activity can offer –like watching a soccer match with my mommy. It’ll blast your funny-bones out.  Behind every su
  • Combating drug trafficking in Nagaland
    During the early 1980s a new phenomenon of drug menace entered into Nagaland and this evil has been spreading throughout the state endangering many lives, particularly the youth, said SP Narcotic N.S Rengma.“
  • Buddy in a ditch
    Atongla RothrongThere is this friend of mine, a real good buddy, but, I won’t reveal his identity but call him ‘The Guzzler in Crime’ (no pun indented). I crossed his path some weeks ago, and oh, boy! Was
  • Senapati Women Vegetable Vendors
    Nehemiah RongThe women folks in Senapati town mostly comprises of those hard working tribal. As for reasons like seeking better living standard, better income and employment, children’s better education and t
  • Frogs in the Boiling Pot
    Aung Naing Oo After more than 40 years of military rule, the Burmese people are now like the proverbial frogs being slowly boiled to death in a pot. If cold water is heated slowly, frogs gradually acclimat
  • How to stay young
    Rikhyo K LothaIn this world, everyone wish to live long and to stay young; nobody denies it. If you enjoy your work and take an active interest in what is going around you, you are assured of happy long life an
  • Drugs are not child’s play
    K Nzimongo NgullieD.C  DimapurSince 1998, with various themes, 26th June is observed as International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking to campaign in an effort to increase public awareness ab
  • Confession on a summer ride
    Jungtina JamirIt was a Sunday and a friend of mine had come to take me for a ride. God had intentions that day. The afternoon was just waking up from the heavy showers it had in the morning. It was beautiful.&n
  • Dreamer
    King K KI’m just a dreamer, dreaming my life away, I’m just a dreamer, dreaming for a better day. Excuse me, oh sorry I was just lost.This is how it goes spend half of my day, dreaming or lost either way I