• When Dream Withers
    Nehemiah RongWhen long cherished dream become reality it satiates the heart and fulfills the imagination of the mind. Every human dream. We dream away for popularity and prosperity. We dream of building castle,
  • Have you met the Beautiful Female Species?
    Vishii Rita KrochaIt was an ordinary day, a winter afternoon when I was out to do the laundry in a river nearby (barely one, yet a river because we called it so). Even though the pipes and taps were all fixed a
  • If Love is in the air
    Vishii Rita KrochaIs it really love that makes the world go round? Doesn’t matter if that’s not the reason behind it because the world would still go round and there would be no need for us to change the wa
  • On new beginnings
    Atongla RothrongSqueezed uncomfortably between the December holiday season and Valentine’s Day, it’s the time of year when more couples tend to call it quits. January is said to be a time for new beginnings
  • Home Sweet Home
    Vishii Rita Krocha“Home is where the heart is” goes an adage. You may be globe trotting, seeing far away places, going where you have never been before but somewhere far away from home. Its fun i know! Its
  • Ant Theology
    Kedo PeseyieThe sun was scorching above the Kohima Local ground. One particular denomination was organising another big religious festival in the Local Ground. As I am part of that denomination, I was busy runn
  • Back with a band
    Atongla RothrongThe cowgirl’s back from hibernation. You see it was such a rush year end that yours truly never got a dime of a second to jot down on any sort of adventure. Anyways, what matters is that I am
  • Drunkenness: the key to the evil door
    Vishii Rita KrochaAs a kid, I tried to escape the sight of them, as a teenager I hated them and as an adult now, I wonder why they have gone overboard and in return also harm others physically, mentally, and em
  • How satisfied are you with Life?
    Dr. Aola ImchaPersonally I think the most difficult thing to implement in ones life is the feeling of being satisfied with what u have or have achieved. Even though I am writing this, I haven’t been able to m
  • Count Your Blessings
    Vishü Rita KrochaThere are so many things that happen to us everyday. It may not always be music to our ears because life is not perfect. Its not everyday that I remember to count the things that makes me happ
  • Just Between Bosom Friends
    Victor J TLife: Not the easiest of subjects to master. And the irony is that there is no one to teach us how. Except life itself. But she is a hard taskmaster. Relentlessly, she nudges us through a trial and er
  • Solva: Without Kingdom (2nd phase)
    Dawa (Solva)Life is not precious but moments are precious: moments rolling down from the heart and rubbing the promises of Cute to Solva. Common story of many men who have been pierced in their heart by those w
  • Hold on with both hands
    Atongla RothrongJust the other day I met a friend, a not so friend, after a gap of I don’t know how many years. And the most embarrassing thing was that, I forgot to remember his name while he could recall al
  • Join the blog, hone your pen skills
    Vishü Rita KrochaWriters’ Safe Haven Hours of being all alone and it still feels good because the mind works all along. It makes thinking travel at a lovely pace and dreaming a sweet reality. For those passi
  • A realistic resolution
    Atongla RothrongFeeling less than rejuvenated after the Christmas holidays and still planning to binge drink and eat your way into 2006?  It’s little wonder many of us return to work in the New Year feel
  • Solva: Without Kingdom!
    “I love her” is all Solva have in words, Solva and Cute, were more than friends but never uttered their love, for each feared that their friendship would be lost. Cute who is the best part of Solva’s life
  • Conversion Juggernaut Chugs On
    Victor J TThe ‘Conversion Bogey’ is raised repeatedly by the exploiting castes, orthodox hardliners, moneylenders and big business magnets. To dominate, to hold rule over the reins over their lives and dest
  • Is there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?
    Atongla RothrongIt’s nice to know that in our commercialized society we have at least one holiday that revolves entirely around religion, not around profit-hungry businesses trying to get a firm grip on our w
  • Trespassing the Law of Nature and its consequences
    Anita EzungIn the year 2004, leopards of the national park of Mumbai made world headlines. Leopards all of a sudden became man eaters. So, when the naturalist studied the strange phenomena of the animals, behav
  • The death I saw before my eyes...
    Tungshang NingreichonPoor health delivery system situates people in a pitiable position, where the struggle between life and death may be just a trip away from the village to the hospital. This case can be clea