• Hot blood, Cool Cucumber & Chirpy
    Atongla RothrongHeigh ho! The Yankee Dottles have hit the road again. Boy! Was it cool? You betcha. A new spot totally and entirely opposite from the road of the madding crowd. No, it was not preplanned; the co
  • Congratulations Kidima - miracle still happens
    Vatsu MeruI was completely taken by pleasant surprise on seeing the happy news item made by the people of erstwhile KE/KIDIMA Villagers about their decision on the two decades old misunderstanding and confusion
  • A colorful innings in politics
    Former Manipur Chief Minister and present Rajya Sabha MP Rishang Keishing talks about his personal life to Witoubou, Editor of Newmai News Network.Witoubou: What has been the driving force behind your colourful
  • The Chief Minister’s Tuluni Gift
    Al NgullieAnswering the phone in your birthday suit isn’t the best of ideas. I was struggling with the previous day’s news reporting filth when my Editor rang up. Scrambling out with soap suds trailing behi
  • An unforgettable journey
    Morgan PouSweet or bitter? Memories stay on. It happened to me a month ago when a 3-hour journey from Kohima to Senapati took almost a night and a whole day.I was sure that meeting the security forces on NH 39
  • Two cowboys and a cowgirl
    Atongla RothrongI have two friends who are cowboys and so that makes me a cowgirl. Do you know why I call myself so? It’s because they treat me like any of their kind ‘mavericks’. And I am loving it dude!
  • Tuition-dependency education
    K. Nishena Nekha“Parents have a habit of looking for a tutor from the first day of the new academic session even before the classes start” says a teacher of the school where my children study. That is true.
  • Burying death body: a folk tale
    RK LukeThis is an interesting head hunter story on burying dead body under their house and adjoining place. What let them to bury in this way?In the olden days the village people use to bury death body out
  • Two minutes to midnight
    Jungtina JamirIt’s a dark night… any other night. Coming home late is usual for me, since a little while ago.  But not alone. Cousin and I are together in the same office so I come home with him.
  • An experience to last a lifetime
    Dr Aola ImchaThese past few years have really opened up the window to the world for me and changed my perspective on life. The experiences and challenges that I have faced have advanced my goals and dreams and
  • Playing games; family room
    Atongla RothrongBeing a mother is a bit like living with a Pushmi-pullyu, and they’re hard to tame. Remember the story of ‘Doctor Doolittle’ by Hugh Lofting? It was a childhood favorite of mine. One anima
  • Wondang- Ki, New life children home (NLCH)
    The word ‘Wondang- Ki’ means house of light. This name is given because the underprivileged children are groomed here with the aim to brighten their future by giving them a ray of hope and a future that can
  • Found a poem and dreamed
    Atongla RothrongA couple of days ago, I found a poem. I thought it would stay, but it wandered a bit curious in the lanes of my mind, then I lost it. Hey poem! Whey’s yea gone? I asked but nothing doing. Then
  • Smile all the while
    Nehemiah RongWe were taught that those who smile much are friendly people. A smile gives a sense of joy and delight to everyone. It is good to smile. The power of smile is immense and indeed, it is a precious g
  • Of bikes and me
    Jungtina JamirAs a little girl I used to sit at home with dad and brother on Sundays, watching sports on DD. That’s when I saw a bike on TV, for the 1st time. I liked what I saw!! Years passed and dad got a B
  • A lady Reporter
    Merenkumla There is no simple answer to the question that people often ask: how does it feel ‘to be a woman journalist’? Is one to be defined by one’s gender, or by professional merit? How much does
  • Jungtina Jamir
    I love animals, all sorts. Maybe, except some creepy crawly ones. When I was young, my aim was to be a missionary doctor. Then I wanted to be a missionary veterinary doctor. As in like ‘missionary’ had to c
  • Misery of public toilets
    Sano MeruWhen you enter the local ground, what greets you? All of us must be aware of the foul smell of urine in every nook and corner of the ground. If one visits the toilets one would realize as to why the pu
  • My best friend, my boy friend?
    Atongla RothrongMy very good friend, if you are reading this, it will be because I’ve admitted to you that I’ve fallen, that for long hours at a stretch I can’t stop thinking of you; images form and resha
  • Oleander: An abode for music hopefuls
    “Musicians can be divided into three categories - one who has the interest, those who play out of depression and those forced into it. In the long run only one survives, and they’re the ones that play music