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  • Policy Inconsistencies and Poor Research Slow Young Farmers 
    Ignatius Banda Inter Press Service It is not everyday that a young farmer registers success in his enterprise and vows this is what he will do for the rest of his life. Yet this is the story of Lihle Moyo, a 27-year-old farmer from Gwanda, about 160km south of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe’s second-largest city. With little to no experience in farming, Moyo says he took over his father’s plot and turned it into a thriving poultry, cabbage, tomato and onion farm two years ago as
  • Clash of Cultures – Is it Real or a Smokescreen?
    Daud Khan and Leila Yasmine Khan Inter Press Service The notion of “Clash of Cultures” is most frequently used as a justification for anti-immigrant prejudice and, particularly in Europe and in the USA, for islamophobia. The reasoning goes as follows: immigrants, especially Muslims, have a deeply different culture from the hosting communities and these differences create unsurmountable tensions and conflicts. Moreover, immigrants are accused of stealing jobs from loc
  • Remembering Kaka D Iralu - A tribute
    On his 1st Death Anniversary  03.03.1956 - 09.4.2020 Toshinaro Longchar "How do you wished to be remembered when you are gone?", my colleague, Sanzu Bachaspatimayum  asked Kaka as we were about to leave. We had just completed our interview at his humble Mission Compound House. That was sometime in 2013. He thought for a while, returned Sanzu's gaze and said, "As someone who was not afraid to speak the truth. Kaka was unequivocally a distinct an
  • The Electricity Crisis in Nagaland
    What is the problem, what could be the solution? Yanpvuo Kikon After a long debate and discussion with people from power sector in Nagaland and beyond to try and understand the issue, I collected the technical points to simplify and summarise it into an article which common public can understand. So I took out my laptop to write this article but laptop battery is dead and no electricity since morning to charge my laptop so here I am typing it using my phone at 40% battery. 1.
  • N Kitovi Zhimomi writes to Zeliangrong community
    My Zeliangrong brothers and sisters, Our Apex Zeliangrong frontal organisations have linked my name and GPRN/NSCN government on two recent incidents. Firstly, the detainment and release of three timber thieves from March 2 to 13, 2021. Allow me to clarify the first. I own a small teak plantation area at Kiyevi village. Every year, for the last thirty one years, to ensure robust growth, the area is cleared of seasonal shrubs and creepers. Till today no Zeliangrong organisation or
  • Law in Motion : Cyber Crimes - 7
    Rupin Sharma, IPS  We have dealt with stolen/lost mobile in the preceding article. Tablets which can connect to the internet are actually enlarged smartphones. Now let us turn our attention to stolen/lost laptops. Q 22: How can I secure my laptops physically? Ans 22: Besides a good laptop bag and a laptop lock, the only way to take care is to be careful. Usually, laptops do not get misplaced but are more prone to being stolen. Q 23: How can I prevent access to
  • The Hallmark of the Gospel
    In one of his sermons, Billy Graham said “religion is man’s attempt to reach god and Christianity is god’s attempt to reach man”. I think this is a very vivid description of the distinction of Christianity from other religions. While all the other religions are full of ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ with a view to reach out to the divine, Christianity does not stress so much on these ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ but rather i
  • Conserving tigers, elephants and bison, one LPG stove at a time
    Stella Paul Inter Press Service As the sun sets over the canopy of Albizia amara trees, a thin blanket of fog begins to descend over the forests of the Malai Mahadeshwara Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, which lies roughly 150 km south of the Indian city of Bangalore. Not so long ago, plumes of smoke would rise from the hamlets dotting the forests as women busily cooked dinner for their families over wood stoves. But tonight, dinner will be a smokeless affair in dozens of villages as c
  • What's happening in Myanmar?
    Dr Salikyu School of International Relations North East Christian University, Dimapur Since February 1st 2021, our neighbouring country, Myanmar, has been undergoing some perilous political event, which brought 10 years of democratic journey to an abrupt end. The military declared a state of emergency for one year, citing electoral fraud in November 2020 elections in which the ruling National League for Democracy (NLD) party won a narrow landslide victory.  What followed was
  • Government servants & their wage
    Kakiye Yehato Swu Oh, Nagas working at Government House. We must help one another. Corruption among the Government Officials is common; it became a profession. You are paid by the Government for your work. But, that has not satisfied your need and the method of ‘Bribe’ has become a habit.  No ‘File’ is put forward without your share. Without ‘Cash in Hand’ you cannot move the ‘Files’. You are paid for that work and you are not
  • An appeal to the government
    Zuchobeni M Lotha Tetso College With the consent of the appropriate authority all the private vehicles .i.e. Buses/Taxis/Auto Rickshaws are at present operating with up to 100% passenger capacity to travel within the state of Nagaland.  However to my shock and surprise; the rate/fare of 'those' transportation services is still the same as it was during the covid-19 'restrictions' Era. Moreover, it has also been observed that some shopkeepers have been found
  • Biofortified crops - a world free of hidden hunger
    Biofortification or biological fortifications refer to nutritionally superior food crops with improved bioavailability to the human population that are developed and grown using modern biotechnology techniques, conventional plant breeding, and agronomic practices. Biofortification is a promising, cost-effective, and sustainable technique of delivering micronutrients to a population that has limited access to a variety of diets and other micronutrient interventions.  Hidden Hung
  • Innovations in the development and application of edible coatings for fresh and minimally processed fruits and vegetables
    Thungchano S Ezung Introduction Fruit and vegetables remain as living tissue up until the time they are consumed fresh, cooked for consumption, or processed for preservation. Controlling respiration of these living tissues would improve storability and extend shelf life of fresh produce. A certain level of respiration activity is required to prevent plant tissues from senescing and drying. Minimally processed produce such as fresh-cut fruits and vegetables are essentially wounded
  • Soil pollution and its remedial measures
    Dr T Esther Longkumer CTO- Soil Science, KVK Phek, ICAR- NRCM, Porba Soil pollution is the contamination of soil by human and natural activities which causes harmful effect on human being, plant and animal health. Soil pollution is caused by man-made chemicals such as agricultural runoff waters, industrial waste materials, acidic precipitates etc Causes of Soil Pollution: The main causes of soil pollution are as under:- • Seepage from a landfill • Discharge of indust
  • Celebrating the Cross
    Selie Visa No word in human language has become more universally known than the word “cross”. The history of the world since the death of Christ has been measured by the distance which separates events from it. The symbol and principal content of the Christian religion and of Christian civilization is found in this one word… cross. The suffering implied in crucifixion naturally made the cross a symbol of pain, distress and burden-bearing. Thus Jesus used it him
  • Memes in our lives today
    Dablu Modern College Kohima  Life as you know is full of uncertainty, it brings out all the good and worst experiences, situation or events. It is “memes” that makes people laugh and happy. For most of the teenagers and even adults, memes are a way to lighten their stress and moods. Through memes people unite online in a good way, by sharing and making memes.  Meme making is an art which comes from within. A desire to make people happy without any greed, an
    Rupin Sharma, IPS Q 16: What can police do in incidents where mobile handsets are lost/stolen? Ans 16: Incidents regarding Mobile handsets are either not reported/recorded or are merely treated as non-cognizable cases by police. Both are irregular actions by the police, especially the theft cases which are outrightly cognizable offences where FIRs need to be registered. By not taking note of the missing or theft of handsets, police is opening up a pandora’s box – it
  • Reaction to ‘caution’ of Naga Hoho
    Z  Lohe The local papers published the official statement of the Naga Hoho (NH) on the implementation of the Register of Indigenous Inhabitants of Nagaland (RIIN) on 20.3.2021. The Naga Hoho vehemently warned both the JCPI and the State Government of Nagaland not to go ahead in haste but rather “RIIN should be handled with outmost care as it could have unforeseen and dangerous implications for the Nagas as a people”. For this particular concern, I am sure that the G
  • The Functional God
    Dr Brainerd Prince Not long ago, theology or the study of God was considered to be the queen of all sciences. But a few centuries later, today, it is not considered sophisticated or even appropriate to talk about God both within the academy as well as in the public space. Three giants took upon themselves the task of finding scientific explanations for religion and to prove that God did not exist. For Marx the economist, religion and God were the creation of the bourgeois and the ru
  • The Indispensability of RIIN
    Z Lohe It is all because of the will of the Father God that the Nagas of Nagaland had to inhabit the land called Nagaland. Nothing had ever happened without the will of God as found in Acts 17:26 “From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.” NIV. Therefore, the 16-Points Memorandum of 1960 and the subsequent creation of the State of Nagaland as th