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  • ‘We must be proud of our history’
    My Dearest Naga men and women,  At this auspicious day of 74th Naga Independence Day, I am saluting all those who sacrificed their lives for Naga Nation. Equally, I am saluting all the Naga freedom fighters and general public for their tireless efforts and support for the sustenance and survival of our nationhood in the face of immeasurable hardships and challenges from our adversaries who attempted to demean the sovereign rights of the Nagas. Let us not forget to thank ou
  • ‘Nagas have the history of sovereign independence’
    Dear countrymen, On this historic national Independence Day, I greet you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! As mandated, a negotiating team led by me had series of talks with the representatives of the Government of India from the position of our unique history. It took a long time for us to make the Indian leaders understand and admit what the unique history of the Nagas is. The Indian negotiators acknowledged that the Nagas have the history of sovere
  • ‘No Naga should forget the mercy and protection of God’
    Dear Countrymen, Greetings to you all on this auspicious day of the 74th Nagaland Independence Day. We have suffered much all these years due to the invasion of India. It is unthinkable that India should suppress us for this long, for the very fact that India herself was under the British rule for several centuries and experienced what foreign domination means. Therefore, if India is wise enough she should understand the position of the Nagas by setting a good example to the worl
  • ‘Let us build a just and God fearing Nation’
    My Dear Countrymen,  Let us all give thanks to God who has preserved our Nation through all the past many years. God’s plan for the Nagas to be one among the Nations is undisputable and our existing today still together as a people and as a nation, is a perfect testament of God’s unfailing Love.  We have had a long and arduous journey. For 900 long years, villages along our Southern border fought against the Manipuri Kingdom and Western Frontiers were engage
  • Their Response to Community Policing
    Thotchanmung Jamang Wungram Colony I was having a conversation with a friend of mine on the phone the other day and that was when it struck my conscience. We were discussing about our works when I asked him if the youths were enforcing “community policing” in their vicinity. His reply was, “Why would we want to waste our time doing that? Most of them are busy selling meat and vegetables”. In my mind, that was uncalled for and it left me motivated. Tremendous
  • Restoration of economy in the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic
    Khelsoril Wanbe Imphal West, Manipur Now we are well into the second half of year 2020 but life is still passing through an extremely abnormal and dangerous time. The pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the entire humankind. Besides the fact that the pandemic has caused deaths of hundreds of thousands the world over, the daily life of the people who are still surviving has become lethargic and monotonous except for those who are in the frontline of the fight against the dreaded vir
  • NEP 2020: thorough re-vision or mere-vision
    Dr John Mohan Razu Education per se is not information dumping on the students from various sources or to put it simply transferring information from diverse body of knowledge domains.Asking critical questions and searching for answers—a dialectical synthesis entails theory-reflection-theory process. This process should become a closely integrated web of educational activity. The long-awaited National Education Policy (NEP), was approved by the Union Cabinet without a parliame
  • Boycotts and midnight gunshots
    T S Haokip The boycott and shutdown calls, for Independence Day 2020 by six militant groups based in Manipur, Tripura, Assam and Meghalaya and ULFA-I and GPRN/NSCN in the entire North East India, revoked childhood memories- where it was customary for militants to boycott Independence day and fire gunshots at the stroke of midnight on the 14th of August every year.  The sound of those gunshots, though similar to celebratory crackers as must have been witnessed elsewhere in In
  • Naga Hoho and the need of the hour
    Sulanthung Lotha  Concerned Naga Senior Citizen As a concerned Naga senior citizen I’m impelled to take this moment to acknowledge the Naga Hoho for their indefatigable support on the impending Indo-Naga political issue. The reason i put down this brief opinion about Naga Hoho is because of the indispensable responsibility and role to be played by the Naga Hoho at the outcome of the much awaited Indo-Naga political settlement. Which will take place in one form or another
  • Is Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine a reality?
    Boktiba Jamir Lengrijan, Dimapur This is the best news that we could ever hear in 2020! Russia’s Sputnik V, the first ever COVID-19 vaccine. However, it is going to be a subject of huge debates and opinions.  A vaccine has never been developed against a Corona Virus, be it for SARS (2003) or MERS (2012).The average past vaccine development period in the world is approx ten years and the fastest vaccine developed to date has been for mumps (1967), and that took four ye
  • Dear Bapu, You Are Immortal…
    Aboli T Wotsa Dimapur “Generations to come will scarce believe that such a one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this earth.” “The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.”- Bruce Lee. Dear Bapu, you inspire me, I am spell-bound. You spoke the Universal language of love. You are a beautiful star that never stops twinkling. Generations have come and gone, still,your name echoes in the hearts of all. Your magnificent story i
  • ‘NNC advocates real peace in the Naga homeland and region’
    Dear Naga people, I praise and thank God on this 74th Naga Independence Day celebration. 73 years ago on this day (14th August, 1947) the Naga National Council declared the Naga Independence Day which was acknowledged by the United Nations and ever since the entire Naga people has been observing and Celebrating the 14th August as our official Independence Day, and this is known to the world and also specifically known by the Indian and the Burmese (Myanmar) Governments.  Thi
  • ‘On verge of inking final solution for the Nagas’
    My Dear Countrymen,  As we stand at the threshold of a new beginning, my heart yearns for the presence of our predecessors who have paid the ultimate price for the cause of the Nagas. Hundreds and thousands of Naga sons and daughters have sacrificed their lives so that we all can see a better tomorrow. As we celebrate the 74th Naga Independence Day, let us remember not only the sacrificed souls but remain firm and steadfast to the aspirations and vision for which they laid thei
  • ‘All Nagas must join hands in amity’
    My fellow Nagas, I give thanks to our Almighty God for this opportunity and the promises He has made to the Nagas. Our future is in His hands and it will be fulfilled in accordance with his plan, for His words are both faithful and trustworthy.  I pay homage to all freedom lovers who have laid down their lives for the sake of our homeland.  Their names will forever be etched in the annals of Nagas’ struggle against the occupational forces. We salute and honour the
  • ‘Without a dream, a nation has no soul’
    My dear Countrymen, It is a great privilege and a big honour to address you as the Kedahge of the NNC/FGN on this historic day, the 14th of August 2020. I greet you on behalf of all the ranks and file of the NNC/FGN. On this day in 1947, our pioneers proclaimed our historical and political rights and took the giant step to declare our freedom and independence to the world. Today, we are grateful to our Almighty God for the guidance, protection and sustenance throughout our struggle.
  • ‘Recognition is the crux of the matter’
    My Dear Fellow Nagas, This is Oking calling! On this auspicious occasion of attaining 73 stupendous years of official Naga Independence, I offer unqualified gratitude to God, Jehovah-Nissi, the One who fights for us. I also most solemnly salute all the patriots of this righteous struggle, both the living and more so the martyrs and related deaths. All of 73 matured years ago; on 14 August, 1947, one day ahead of India, the Nagas under the far-sighted able leadership of the NNC, o
  • ‘Young generation must speak in one voice’
    Today, 14th August 2020 is the 74th Independence Day of Nagaland. As the Naga National Council (NNC) declared the age-old independence of Nagaland at the right time, before India and Burma became independent nations, the Nagas are proudly and joyously observing this Independence Day in the entire Nagaland. These historical facts of Nagaland are well known by all Nagaland students since all these are written in their Textbooks and teaching them.  But it would be a wonder to all
  • Noklak – The Nascent District of Nagaland
    Colonel Prakash Bhatt (Retd) Ex Addl DIG Assam Rifles Noklak, the 12th District of Nagaland, was established on December 2017, and it eventually became a reality on August 6, 2020 - a red letter day for the district, when the newly appointed DC and SP took charge of their duties and an elusive dream of the populace of a remote and an underdeveloped area became a reality.  The Khiamniungan Tribe are the natives of most of the villages in Noklak District whereas the Chang Tri
  • Kudos to Higher & Technical Education & Tribal Affairs Minister
    I Longkumer The recent announcement of the Minister Temjen Imna Along (Higher & Technical Education and Tribal Affairs) wherein it was stated that a grant of Rupees 5 lakhs would be awarded to a group from each district as part of the Atmarnirbhar Nagaland initiative is truly appreciable and noble. In these times of pandemic and uncertainty where the whole world has been turned upside down and Nagaland is also very much affected, the Hon’ble Minister’s noble initiati
  • ‘Revisiting the status of the Rengma Nagas; reiterating a genuine case for considerate action’
    Khinyi Woch  President, Rengma Public Organization Kohima Some facts concerning the position of the Rengma Nagas as well as issues of struggles, deprivations and discrimination faced by the Rengma community since the inception of the state of Nagaland till today, I believe, are worthy of revisiting and reanalyzing as the Nagas stand at a critical juncture of its existence. We, the Rengmas, are believed to have migrated from South-east Asia through Burma (Myanmar) to Na