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  • Philosophy cannot resolve the question ‘How should we live?’
    Dave Ellis The question How should we live? is one that many ask in a crisis, jolted out of normal patterns of life. But that question is not always a simple request for a straightforward answer, as if we could somehow read off the ‘correct’ answer from the world. This sort of question can be like a pain that requires a response that soothes as much as it resolves. It is not obvious that academic philosophy can address such a question adequately. As the Australian phi
  • An account of operations of 2nd Battalion of the Naga Regiment
    Colonel Prakash Bhatt (Retd) In my previous articles, I had related the operations of 1 NAGA during the Liberation of Bangladesh and Operation Vijay (Kargil). After 1 Naga had been raised and tempered, there was an addition in the Naga Regiment family when 2 Naga was raised on 11 Feb 1985 at Haldwani, Uttarakhand by Lt Col (later Brig) PS Sejwan. During its initial tenures the unit trained hard and soon transformed into a seasoned fighting outfit. In recognition of its achievements
  • Consultative Meeting: October 15, 2020
    Khekiye K Sema IAS (Rtd) Thilixu Village, Dimapur For many of us who had attended this "Consultative meeting" on the 15th of October 2020, it was rather disappointing to read a one sided predetermined news coverage of the event the following day. It was obvious from the word go that the Government had intended to doctor the entire episode to suit its whims and fancies by setting a restrictive guideline on participatory confidentiality...down to the extent of disallow
  • Rights and Responsibilities in the Context of Global Pandemic
    NVCO*    Today the subject of Consumer Protection is of vital concern and importance for every citizen of the country. The provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 are compensatory in nature and it applies to all goods and services. The Consumer Protection Act is an important Act in the history of the consumer movement in the country. Most consumers are ignorant of their rights. A consumer simply means a person who uses goods and services. All of us use several good
  • Nobel Peace Prize spotlights the links between hunger and conflict
    Jessica Eise* Postdoctoral Researcher, Purdue University The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the United Nations World Food Program for its efforts to combat hunger, foster conditions for peace in conflict-affected areas and prevent the use of hunger as a weapon of war. This choice starkly underscores growing concern about increasing global food insecurity and the clear connections between hunger and conflict. Today, more than 820 million people – about 1 in 9 wo
  • ‘Our collective journey will begin from today onwards as One United Naga Family’
    Neiphiu Rio* Nagaland Chief Minister  Respected Chairperson and Honourable Minister, Mr. Neiba Kronu, Co-Chair Mr. Mmhonlumo Kikon, Honourable Advisor, Honourable Deputy Chief Minister, Mr. Yanthungo Patton, General Secretary of the NBCC, Rev. Zelhou Keyho, Respected Rev. Fr. G.L. Khing from the Diocese of Kohima, respected leaders of tribal hohos, mass based civil societies, church organisations and NGOs, Presidents and representatives of political parties, eminent and promin
  • Making Every Moment Count: Insights from NSO’s Time Use Survey
    Deeksha S. Bisht and  Surbhi Jain* There is a widespread perception that opportunities for women are limited by a set of underlying social and economic barriers. In India, this has been corroborated by the findings of the first of its kind survey in India – the Time Use Survey (TUS) released recently. The TUS, conducted in 2019, covers 1.4 lakh households across India, with personal interviews of household members above 6 years of age. It has presented several interesting
  • Pledging to build an ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat’ amidst COVID-19 pandemic
    Pramod Ningombam At a time when the whole world is battling the deadly coronavirus pandemic, India seems determined to head towards a self-sufficient and self-reliant economy with new goals and missions with a vision that is taking shape slowly and steadily. Converting a deadly crisis into an opportunity, India has launched the Aatmanirbhar Bharat programme. India is politically free but economic freedom is still a distant aspiration to many poor and downtrodden. Economic freedom
  • Nagas can rebuild our future if there is unity of purpose
    The Naga Rising The Naga Rising (TNR) has issued several public statements on the Naga political negotiations between August 2019 and August 2020, a summary of which is posted on our under the title ‘The Naga Rising and its position on the Indo-Naga political issue’.  The immediate focus of this statement is limited to the nature and signing of an agreement with India and the position of The Naga Rising on this. It has become quite
  • Money and objectification of humans
    Wati Longchar The objectification of humans means treating a person or a group of people including their cultures as commodities to be sold and used. It could also mean treating human beings as an object of pleasure and enjoyment. Women, children, and even an entire family are sold for money without respect for their personality, spirituality, and dignity. I was shocked to read a story of parents forcing their minor daughter to get married to a rich fifty-year-old man due to poverty
  • Actions of 1st Battalion of Naga Regiment during OPERATION VIJAY (Kargil)
    Colonel Prakash Bhatt (Retd) Noida In my previous article ‘Naga Regiment baptized with fire’ I had recounted the valour and the achievements of the newly raised 1 NAGA Regiment during the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971. The battalion had fought shoulder to shoulder with the other senior regiments of the Indian Army and in recognition of its contributions, it was presented with the colours by the President of India on 06 May 78 at Dehradun.  In 1985 there was a
  • There is more in us than we know
    Dr A Loso Chalai Immanuel College, Dimapur Kurl Hahn, founder of Outward Bound ministry said, “There is more in us than you know. If you can be made to see, perhaps for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less. John Newton the famous preacher who composed the great song, Amazing Grace was once a slave trader, bringing slaves from Africa to England. He was reckless, cruel, immoral, uttering abusive and filthy words. One day a storm in the sea caught th
  • Mental well-being and online workplaces
    Dr Samhita Barooah QueerUp India, Founder On the occasion of World Mental Health Day on October 10, 2020 mental well-being at online workplaces has become a huge concern. With COVID 19, workplaces have turned online from physical platforms. I have observed the conditions of working professionals whose lives have suddenly turned topsy turvy with this tech saavy lifestyle. During pre- COVID days work timings were fixed and people could differentiate between work timings, off days, we
  • Kuki: The forgotten tribe of Nagaland
    'The State of Nagaland was created on 1st December 1963 as a Political settlement under the 16th Point Agreement as the 16th State of the Indian Union for the 16th Tribes of Nagaland' Lun Tungnung Social Activist, Dimapur The recent statements, analogy and assumptions that the state of Nagaland has only certain number of  recognized tribes and stakeholders have come at the cost of hurting the sentiment and distorting of our rich historical background and of the exis
  • How to Lose an Election after Delimitation?
    Kekhrie Yhome There are methods, we are told, to win elections! Others will say, means matter most!Meaning, monies and muscles… In politics, shrewdness is consistently valorized as the common denominator. Fortune is a wheel for some. Like howfatone is born. How long the blood line tentacles run? Or, how competition exists. Rarely, especially for developing nations, is election seen as a professional hallmark for leadership and statesmanship,or as a battleground for hope
  • Land Compensation for Development
    Lemwang Chuhwanglim, PhD Social Activist, Mon' Land compensation for road building had been one of the major issues for many years that promulgate deadlock in attaining good development and good road in the Naga society. The concept of development is deplorably misconstrued by contractors and project managers to innocent land owners and public in general in the Naga society. This repercussions to land damages, incomplete project work, and poor quality road, reduction of environ
  • The Mettle of Honest Abe
    Abraham Lincoln is one of the most respected and revered among the US presidents. He lived for only about 56 years which means he neither died young nor died an old man. He was assassinated at the prime of his political career. He is often credited with being the one who re-united his divided country and abolished slavery in America. All in all, Abraham Lincoln is generally portrayed and perceived as a gentle, loving, god-fearing, compassionate, just, virtuous and noble soul who happen
  • Focus on Crop diversification for sustainable agriculture
    Dr Hannah Krujia  ACTO Agronomy, KVK Phek Diversification of agriculture refers to the shift from the regional dominance of one crop to regional production of a number of crops, to meet the increasing demand for cereals, pulses, vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, fibres, fodder and grasses, fuel, etc. Crop diversification takes into account the economic returns from different value-added crops. Moreover, it implies the use of environmental and human resources to grow a mix of crops
  • Naga Regiment’s Baptism with fire
    Colonel Prakash Bhatt (Retd) In my previous article ‘50 Glorious Years of the Naga Regiment’ published last week, I dwelled on the historical 16 Point Agreement between the Naga People’s Convention and the Government of India, which led to creation of the State of Nagaland in 1963 and later raising of the Naga Regiment on 01 No 1970. The relevant aspects of the agreement were also incorporated in the Constitution vide Article 371 A. This was also a unique occasion
  • Some challenging issues confronting Naga churches today
    T Apok Jamir Discipleship Bible College Introduction  Church is the body of Christ. To help and build-up a church is every Christian enterprise. The church is the nest for every believer, and it should have the capacity to accommodate everyone irrespective of their background as long as one is interested to worship the Lord. For, if there is any limitation or defect in the church functioning or its health, then every member of the church will suffer together. There are cert