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  • The Third Perspective: A Confession and its Aftermath
    R.B. Thohe PouA Confession – only two words which many people might have ignored to read in detail as they glanced the headlines on 24th July 2007. However, for some people – that was the day the controvers
  • A major victory for the Indigenous Peoples
    On the adoption of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples the Naga International Support Center, NISC, lauds this Declaration as a historic milestone.•   This Declaration affi
  • Essence of education
    Y Merina Chishi “The aim of education should be to teach us how to think, than what to think- rather improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with the thought
  • Ballots and Bullets
    MEDOWE KAPFOMan is the only animal that kills its fellow being for pleasure, unbelievable? Believe it. As man is sportive by nature. He is not contented with merely filling his stomach or covering his body with
  • Response to “land belongs to God”
    As a responsible citizen, I have gone through the write-up of G. Solomon's "LAND BELONGS TO GOD” carried out in The Morung Express (dated the 5th Oct2007)The title sounds much gracious and bountiful from the
  • Opinion of Nagaland Municipal Bill 2007
    The Nagaland Municipal (Second Amendment) Bill 2007 passed during the one day 15th session of the 10th Nagaland Legislative Assembly resonate the character and ideology of the present regime.  The politica
  • Created By Chance? No Chance
    Sentilong OzukumOur Physics teacher in secondary school once told our class of about thirty students that the Universe was created by chance and that life originated first in the form of unicellular organisms i
  • Unscientifically Scientific
    Sentilong OzukumThe mentality that modern humanity has descended to is amazing. Somehow here in the 21st Century we have so many who holds the opinion that if you can’t prove scientifically it’s not true. W
    RS JassalThe signing of Cease-fire extension for indefinite period will go HISTORIC so far   resolution of conflict of IM faction with GOI is concerned. No doubt differences in demands (about 32 of IM gp)
  • The X-Gen politics: Wake up Naga youths
    Joshua Sheqi Naga“Are we waiting for our politicians to wake us up? If youths are sleeping, most of our politicians are in deeper slumber. To change another 5 years at hand, it’s now or never. Let’s get d
  • “Nagaland for Christ”: Civil Religion?
    Wati AierAfter sundry lectures and discussions with my students as well as in similar discourses with leaders in our context, I feel it is necessary to write this article on the subject of “Nagaland For Chris
  • Of politics, politicians and politicking (Part-I)
    Bendang AierDimapurIt seems to be the trend of political parties all over the country to be caught on the wrong footing. Consider these: The Congress party at the Centre had to withdraw rather shame-facedl
  • Right to Information Act – an overview
    W. Ezung,  ATI, KohimaThough the Indian Constitution got off to a roaring start with a bunch of awesome sounding fundamental rights, the right to information (RTI) was not one of them. The non-inclusion of
  • The practices of state assembly election: Preventive measures
    Yiepetso WezahIntroductionNagaland State Assembly Election is likely to be held in February 2008. Various political parties and candidates are now gearing up for the election. In a democratic State, the elector
  • They were also Scientists
    “I want to become a scientist but I also want to believe in the Bible” is the dilemma of many bright young students. As a general rule, it is taught today that if you are a scientist then you cannot believe
  • Is it co-incidence, a myth or is it our faith in Christ: Holding the Medical Portfolio!
    Kedi HaraluIs it co-incidence a myth or is it our faith in Christ and proclaiming ourselves as Christians that punishes us for our deeds. One may wonder what I am writing or referring to, but sit back and ponde
  • The Bible and Homosexuality
    Sashi Jamir, OTSThis article was actually presented at Oriental Theological Seminary (OTS) on September 26, 2007 in one of our Bible study sessions. Since then I have slightly improvised it but the line of argu
  • The Great Divide
     Y Merina ChishiSuresh (name changed) lives in a one room house in a shabby locality with two brothers and his parents. He eats rice, dal and papad (sometimes) for meals. There are days when he and his fam
  • Non-violence is the best policy
    The October 2 is the 138th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. The 2nd October of 2007, commemorating his birth anniversary is particularly significant because the day has been declar
  • A tribute to the “Father of the Nation”
    N. TheyoMohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born at Porbander in Gujarat on October 2, 1869. He is also called ‘Father of the Nation’. He single-handedly led the struggle of Indian’s Freedom movement through N