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  • A Review of Abraham Lotha’s History of Naga Anthropology (1832-1947)
    Paul PimomoChumpo Museum Publication, Dimapur, Nagaland, 2007. Rs. 250.History of Naga Anthropology (1832-1947) is a short monograph on writings about Nagas by British colonial administrators and ethnograp
    S VarahFighting for the land robbing the people, fighting for the people robbing the land, fighting for tax cum oneness sounding freedom bell or living to accept meaningful sacrifice? We can make enemy out of d
  • Going the distance for love
    Vishii Rita KrochaI see red is the flavour of the month. Everywhere there is this tinge of it that reminds me of something lovely. And yes, I also know love is certainly the reason why there are a lot of nice t
  • Towards adequate power availability for Nagaland
    Like many other states in India, Nagaland continues to suffer from inadequate availability of power particularly during dry seasons. News media and members of the public have, of late, strongly highlighted this
  • The Battle closer Home
    Mijito ChishiThe progressive culture heralded by globalization has conspicuously entered our households and the individual. There has been enough rhetoric on globalization per se but it is the attendant ‘prog
  • Is the Mighty Cong playing into the hands of the Regional Govt?
    Kedi HaraluThe complete turnover with the Congress Party in Nagaland was the introduction of PR Rule first and then the unthinkable distribution of Party Tickets, which has broke up whatever previous unity and
  • Employment and Craftsmen Training
    Lolano P. KhuvungA DIPR FeatureHeaded by the Director and functioning under the administrative control of Commissioner & Secretary, the Directorate of Employment & Craftsmen Training oversees manpower p
  • Ghost of “Controversial Census Figure” and Delimitation
    U A ShimrayThe valley based population of Manipur state who antagonize Delimitation Commission proposal is “relieve” at the moment. The Union Cabinet decided to exempt the state from the proposed Delimitati
  • Article 356 – Shall we scrap it?
    Article 356 of Indian Constitution states that President, on the advice of Prime Minister, can dismiss a state Government on account of failure of the latter in terms of financial and Political performances. &n
  • Investment in artistic lives - A fair exchange?
    Susan Waten NagaLatit Kala Akademy, the prestigious art institution from Delhi held its first National Art Camp & Festival in Kohima between 12 to 19 Dec., 2007 at State Academy Hall. 26 select artists from
  • The other side of politicians
    AB Naga First of all, I sincerely apologize to you all if you cannot accept what I believe in. But this is what I feel and what I believe in and I don’t regret it.  I am not a politician and neither
  • Elections - Straight from the Heart!
    Aziebu ShaizaElection fever is here once again and citizens either have a very good memory or on the flip side- an equally dim one and as irregular as the electricity in electing very incapable leaders and disc
  • Unification: too many cooks?
    Abraham LothaUnification? Who doesn’t like unification? Every Naga wants unification. But what happens when unification is prostituted? When I was young, I loved to go fishing in the streams. The fresh f
  • PR in Nagland is more of a Boon than a Bane
    Kedi HaraluThe PR Rule in Nagaland for a while did bring back old memories of the time when emergency was imposed on Nagaland and the Indian Army ran havoc with rape, murder and torture being the norm of the pe
  • Male Chauvinism
    Merina Chishi The right to freedom of speech and expression has been liberally used over these few months. Accusations, declarations, rejoinders and all these bunch of similar slogans have made their way i
  • Time to awake, arise, endeavour and forge a modern Nagaland of our dreams
    S C JAMIRAs one of your elders and profoundly rooted son of this sacred soil, I modestly lay claim to bestowal of some knowledge and understanding about our hallowed land, its people and our multi-hued cultural
  • Some Reflections on Media’s Wording
    Media, undoubtedly, has been playing a significant role in upholding the democratic polity of India. It has become one of the vital players in fighting corruption through its sting operations and investigative
  • Second heaven comes to Naga soil
    A great significant event in the history of the Nagas on Sovereignty has brought by the Western Sumi Hoho i.e unification of the Nagas underground factions movement to totally end bloodshed, killings and to mak
  • One day at the Orphanage
    Vishii Rita KrochaA New Year had just begun. The sun was up and gloriously shinning. Everything looked good and nice although the world outside was busy and people were wrapping up holidays, still smitten by th
  • Rengmas, democracy and elections
    Khillo G. RengmaBear with me and please read on. By the way, a very New Year wishes to all the readers. Rengmas as a tribe was very fortunate but now due to multiple reasons we have become very unfortunate. Her