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  • My Political viewpoint
    In a while, the state I love goes to voting again. As a matter of fact, the political campaigns have been going on for quite sometime now. I wish I can tell of how much I know about politics. But for one, I nev
  • Is the westernized Tragopan better than the modernized Hornbill?
    Venusa Tinyi Kuknalim ColumnistI'm almost certain that there is hardly any educated person who has not heard or thought or talked about the impact of westernization in our society today, and rightly so. Bu
  • Fighting the losing battle
    Bonnie KonyakThe chill of the cold December night pierced was biting my skin as I watched the teenager struggle to maintain a straight face despite the pain she was enduring. This slight girl of hardly 16 or 17
  • PR- A Critical Opinion
    Nagas can be quite stubborn once a decision has been taken. So stubborn can we be that we can send our leader to hospital with chest ailments- chided on with our ‘we shall overcome….someday’. And rumours
  • Woes of Urbanization
    Challenges for an environmentally sensitive developmentNepuni PikuThis paper is written for the 50 years anniversary of KMC, to provoke creative discussions and share ideas for our city/town dwellers and planne
  • Congress appeals to the people of Nagaland
    Derailment of the peace process: Dialogue for the peace process is essentially with the Central Government and the NSCN factions. The State Government is not a party to the talks.  And mere fact that
  • Taking a much needed break
    Kedi HaraluThanks to the Opposition Leader, the Chief Minister and his loyal cabinet has got its time to rest and recuperateThe president’s Rule being imposed in Nagaland is somewhat a big joke, for it has be
  • Hornbill National Rock Competition: Still more strings to Tighten
    Susan Waten Naga1. Some (Boring but Necessary) Details about the Arrangements: It’s supposed to be a “national” rock competition but this year only two mainland bands came – one of them (Hobos from Kolk
  • Governor enumerates on President’s Rule
    The President has issued a Proclamation today, assuming to herself all the functions of the Government of the State of Nagaland and the powers vested in or exercisable by the Governor of Nagaland. The President
  • Will Cong give chance to women candidates?
     For long, women's issues have been treated as issues of great concern and urgency and governments both at the center and states have talked about women’s empowerment and 33 per cent reservation for wome
  • The habit of spending on useless items should cease
    Kedi HaraluFestive seasons are always synonymous with fireworks and for the Indians, it is a show of wealth and stature, while for us it is a time to uselessly blow up our easy earned money. Dimapur being an ec
  • Farewell 2007 Welcome 2008
    Kedi HaraluChristmas always has a nostalgic effect on every soul, be him young or old, for it is a time for feasting and well wishing. All hum bug characters also seem to have changed their attitude and have st
  • The Rengma Naga
    Though the office of the Western Rengma Hoho has given a press release in the local papers regarding formation of Western Rengma Hoho, yet it is desirable to give more information in better detail for public co
  • Human rights and selective amnesia
    Patricia MukhimNagaland’s longest serving chief minister and currently governor of Goa SC Jamir had yet another brush with terror. He narrowly escaped a bomb attack on his convoy while returning from his vill
  • Que, Sera, Sera?
    Kedi HaraluThe recent shooting at Euro International School at Gurgaon Haryana, has proved the fact that school shootings are not limited to the west but it has become a Universal threat. Now, for the students
  • The Green Revolution of Nagaland
    Kedi HaraluNagaland being an agro based economy should never had to live on the sympathy of the Indian Government as a welfare State. We are so blessed in soil that everything or anything planted grows beyond i
  • Hornbill Motor rally 2007 by Namsa
     Kedi  Haralu    This years Motor Rally which was a part of the Hornbill festival, was one of the most memorable event, with cash prices totaling Rs 10, 00,000/-. Participants from
  • Society, Culture & Development
    In what follows I wish to argue out a thesis that society primarily & basically consists of ideas & these ideas give rise to what is known as culture & development.Before I put forth my views I wish
  • Nagas have struggled last 60 years for peace
    Western Sumi Hoho’s effort for unification is right step for Nagas future N.K. Swu A lot of critical comments, expression of different thinking and views, some outright rejection of the unity effort
  • Grass hopper Politics: Will Presidents Rule be imposed in Nagaland?
    Kedi HaraluThe political scenario in Nagaland is rather uncertain, for now is the time the true self emerges. For some MLA's and Ministers who were not very happy, since they were not given a good portfolio, th