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  • Grass hopper Politics: Will Presidents Rule be imposed in Nagaland?
    Kedi HaraluThe political scenario in Nagaland is rather uncertain, for now is the time the true self emerges. For some MLA's and Ministers who were not very happy, since they were not given a good portfolio, th
  • Access to Diagnostics, Drugs and Dignity
    Neichü Dz Angami‘Access to second-line medicines and laboratory services for people with drug resistant Tuberculosis or/and HIV is the Right to Life, to Dignity, and defends the right to life of others’. T
  • My Life beyond Drugs
    Today I am happy to be alive. Today I am accepted by my family members. Today I am a responsible father. Today I am a loving husband. Today I am accepted in the society. Today I have a vision for my future. Tod
  • With Malice towards one and all
    The title of this article (borrowed from K.Singh) is self explanatory and will endeavour to portray a few myriad problems faced by the common man in the state of Nagaland. Now, that the retirement/superannuatio
  • An Appeal to VCs and GBs in Nagaland
    We have been coming across many Village Council (VC) and Gaonbura (GB) disclosing regularly in the papers, their support to a particularly candidate and political party. In this regard, as a concerned citizen,
  • Christmas: The instrument of reconciliation for peace
    In the beginning, God created man in His image and in His likeness Gen. 1; 26-27; 2:7. Man was created to be God’s, to praise and glorify Him Isa: 43:7; 21. The prince of the powers of the Air- Satan was oppo
  • Lokshree Dr. S.C. Jamir as i saw him
    Jagdamba MallThe situation in Nagaland in the mid-nineties was very volatile and violent. The mindless killing, kidnapping, robbery and extortion had threatened the peace, prosperity and communal harmony of the
  • Consensus still eludes road to “unification”
    Abraham LothaNagas have grown weary of factional killings in the name of independence and a longing for peace. There are no words in recent Naga vocabulary that have sounded so empty as forgiveness, unity and r
  • Choosing the way memberThis is a fast changing world when human mind are conditioned to believe things which they see, as if the mind is designed for ideas that suits the maximum dividend one dares from it, l
  • The Doll and a White Rose
    “The Doll and a White Rose” from the book “Christmas Miracles” compiled by Maong Jamir has inspired me to share the same to everyone who can not enjoy the book. Christmas is knocking at the door and eve
  • Feeling “Diaspora”: An Essay
    U A ShimrayI landed national capital New Delhi for my graduation in the early 1990s. It was a big leap not only in terms of geographical relocation but also cultural as well. First year in the capital was a tou
  • Human rights and HIV - keep the promise
    Kishor DasToday As the world today marks World AIDS Day; the HIV/AIDS pandemic continues to escalate and challenges the communities worldwide to respond effectively. More than twenty five years after the first
  • Computerized finger print attendance system
    Computers have already become a way of life in today’s world. More and more, there is reliance on computer systems for fast and efficient delivery of services free of human error. It has become imperative for
  • A discourse on conflict amongst the Nagas
    SK Victor Generations may come and go but humanity remains. It is for the sake of humanity we should not be wedded to the past, we should advance into the future. No one passes through life twice, if there
  • Easy money has destroyed very fabric of Naga society
    Kedi HaraluThe recent study done on millionaires in India has proved certain facts, which most Nagas would want to keep it a secret. Proving that there are as much Millionaires in Kohima as in New Delhi, shows
  • The scope of Tea in Nagaland
    Noel Manuel Gardens of tea have finally replaced the usual cash crops that one generally gets to experience, while journeying to Tuensang via Longkhim and Chare. For those familiar with the agriculture pro
  • The new definition on forest: Colonizing the last community bastion of the NE?
    Gam A. ShimrayThe land relations among the tribals/indigenous peoples and other forest dwelling communities of the mainland India and Northeast differs, as in the mainland, they have practically lost all their
  • Supplement to nsf’s demand on length of government service
    Joshua Sheqi Naga“Just as the bone is to the flesh and salt is to a tasty pork curry, and the absence of one defeats the cause of the other; in a scenario like Nagaland, enhancing the age of joining service a
  • From Commentators to Communicators
    Aküm Longchari“In our new electronic age, journalists matters more than ever before in history. They compile not only the first draft of that history; they reflect back to the world an understanding of itsel
  • Life’s Basic Questions
    Sentilong OzukumBelieve it or not everybody thinks. Thinking is related to asking questions. Everybody asks questions in life. If you ever have any slight of doubt, try spending an evening with a five-year