CF without provisions plaguing Nagaland: Therie

Dimapur, July 28 (MExN): Nagaland Congress President K Therie said the centre giving recognition to “multi-factions with no proper Ceasefire Ground Rules to operate and no provisions for food and water,” has encouraged extortion, kidnapping, assassinations and a host of anti social activities that plague Nagaland today.

In a press release on Tuesday, Therie addressed the ‘self declaration’ order of the state government which has become a point of contention among the masses since it was issued on July 7.

While stating, “I don’t see why self-declaration should be an issue in the state,” Therie said that the “circumstances and situation under which we live cannot be ignored while reading the profiles.”

“The situation is compounded with wrong policy and unemployment making recruitments easy. 23 years of negotiations and 90 years of political movement has made Nagaland stagnant,” he said.

While stating that the people are tired with the behaviour of factions, he added that “the noble cause has remained pure and fresh in the hearts, for the sacrifices made by every family” in the past 60 years.

Further stating that “the State Government’s policy is to merely facilitate and support the ongoing peace process,” Therie held that “The meaning to facilitate can be interpreted in many forms.”

“When Council of Ministers are dining together with faction leaders, when faction leaders are escorted by government forces and when faction cadres are loosed (sic) to extort with sophisticated weapons, the only way out for peaceful citizens is to join them for protection,’ the release stated.

He also claimed that many government employees “may or may not know they have relatives who have joined factions. Many faction cadres are also employed and many enjoy pensions (sic).”

In the given situation, he said, “unemployment has reached the danger mark already with no jobs coupled with the closed doors of Banks and other Financial Institutions.”