DAYO commends peaceful conduct of Lok Sabha election in Nagaland

Voters at 12 Wokha Town IV (DBHSS and Project Colony) on April 19. (Morung Photo)

Voters at 12 Wokha Town IV (DBHSS and Project Colony) on April 19. (Morung Photo)

Dimapur, April 19 (MExN): The Dimapur Ao Youth Organisation (DAYO) has commended the people of Nagaland for the peaceful conduct of the Lok Sabha election on April 19. “The exemplary manner in which the democratic process unfolded is a testament to the commitment of our citizens to uphold the values of democracy and participate in nation-building,” Media Cell DAYO stated in a press release. 

DAYO also extended its respect and solidarity to the ENPO communities for their principled stance and decision to abstain from participating in the election process. “Their unwavering dedication and determination to their conviction is commendable and serves as a source of inspiration for the rest of the Nagas,” it stated.

“The peaceful atmosphere during the elections not only reflects the maturity of our electorate but also sets a positive precedent for future electoral processes in the region. It is through such collective efforts and mutual respect that we can continue to strengthen our democratic institutions and foster unity among our diverse communities,” it further added. 

DAYO also said that as an organization committed to the well-being and progress of the society, it pledges to continue to “work towards the advancement of our state and ensure that the voices of all our citizens are heard and respected.”