DCCI issues caution of indefinite shutter down citing harassment

Dimapur, March 3 (MExN): The Dimapur Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) cautioned today that if "unabated multiple taxation, intimidation, and summons are not stopped immediately," it has resolved to go for an indefinite shutter down.

According to the Chamber, the harassment faced by the business community in Dimapur from various Naga national political groups in the form of multiple taxations and summon letters has "reached such an extent that businessmen and traders dread to face each day."

"The will to survive in the competitive market is waning among the business community as the little profit they make through hard labor is being snatched away at gunpoint, leaving many households in tears," it added.  The DCCI also expressed serious concern that "some groups are summoning businessmen and traders to their camps and offices on a daily basis under threat." It questioned, "How long will the business community tolerate such summons and threats?"

Accordingly, the DCCI asserted that the State Government and law enforcement agencies should take immediate steps to protect the business community before the situation spirals out of hand. 
It also informed the business community not to entertain any call or summons to visit offices of different NNPGs without the knowledge of DCCI. Furthermore, the DCCI requested civil society organisations and the public at large to bear with the inconvenience in case of a possible indefinite shutter down and to support the genuine cause of the traders in the business community.