Draconian CAA would render people homeless: Cong

Morung Express News
Dimapur | February 3

As the February 27 polls draw nearer, the Congress continued with its BJP-NDPP bashing. Addressing a press conference on February 3, in Dimapur, the All India Congress Committee’s (AICC) Media Coordinator for Nagaland, Mahima Singh, accused the BJP of orchestrating a “Hindu Rastra Project” to recast the “first inhabitants” of the state as  ‘Vanvasi’ (forest dwellers).  According to her, Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio, by opening the doors to “operation lotus” have become obsequious to the BJP. 

Meanwhile, she claimed that the NDPP in Nagaland would meet the same fate as that of the PDP in Jammu and Kashmir by giving space to the Uniform Civil Code (UCC), Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC). The UCC would “Hinduize the ways of marriage, divorce, succession, adoption, guardianship and inheritance,” she said, while adding that the BJP would drive its UCC agenda in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

ccording to her, the BJP is deliberately ignoring the unique ethnic identity of the Nagas and that a “draconian” law like the CAA, along with NRC, would render the people of Nagaland homeless. 

“The BJP knows only one colour that is saffron, and is clearly acting to undermine the white that depicts unity in diversity of our cultures,” she said. On the other hand, she said that the Congress is marching “for the very protection of the Constitution of this country which protects us all, (including) the identity of Nagas.” This spirit of the Congress, she added, is motivating people to join the party. In this regard, she said that the party welcomed a new member, Khekashe Sumi, son-in-law of the former Congress legislator, Kheto Sumi.  

While Singh did not admit to Khekashe as a potential Congress candidate in the BJP held 31 Akuloto seat, Khekashe replied in the affirmative when asked if he wishes to contest in the Akuluto seat. Singh added that Khekashe came with the hope that he would add value to the democratic narrative. 

According to Singh, the Congress’s list of poll candidates would be “hopefully” out by February 4. 

Asked if the Congress was delaying the announcement to later grab disgruntled contenders, who loses out in the race for NDPP-BJP tickets, Wezote Kreo, Co-chairperson of the Congress Communications Department, said, “Not necessarily but we are open to candidates seeking the Congress ticket.” 

Sujata Paul, also an AICC Media Coordinator, commented that it would be a win for the people if the Congress ideology wins over “fanatics.” According to her, “Fanaticism is not going to lead anywhere. It is secularism that a person should adopt as an Indian. We all should be welcoming that because it is a change in a large way on the mindset of that particular person, which will also influence the people who follow him/her.”