Eight Years in Power

According to information received in the media, the so called Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) government will be organizing a thanksgiving service on March 12 (Saturday) at the State Banquet hall Kohima commemorating completion of third year of its second term in office. In this regard the “DAN government” has invited all its “constituents” including legislators, party leaders, well wishers and representative of civil societies to come and attend the thanksgiving service which would be followed by dinner. The press invitation goes on to mention about the DAN “coalition”. As mentioned earlier in this column, the ruling Naga People’s Front (NPF) seems determined to continue with the so called Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) which is virtually non-existent. This is very surprising that when there are no more coalition partners left, the NPF appears to be hell bent on giving legitimacy to what is essentially an empty container.  The present dispensation in Nagaland is pure and simple an NPF majority government. Except for one, the other independents have most probably been co-opted as associate members of the NPF. People cannot be fooled into believing that there are other parties other than the NPF within the present DAN alliance. Maybe the erstwhile coalition partners like the BJP, JD (U), NCP should clarify to the people of Nagaland whether they continue to be part of the DAN slogan. The NPF on its part should also explain why it continues to use the DAN nomenclature despite merging both its coalition partners BJP and NCP to the NPF. Such a clarification from the political parties is important because the voting public should know the truth about the present government’s make up. With another Assembly Election round the corner, people have every right to know the stand of our political parties.
Coming to the completion of the third year of its second term in office, the million dollar question would obviously be how the public will rate the performance of the government. Has it delivered the goods to the people? Is it worthwhile for the public to invest another five years with the NPF? These are questions for which the answers will have to come from the present leadership as they commemorate another milestone. There is always a need for introspection and if need be for due course correction. The present government definitely has a lot of introspection to do. Two years left for another election is never too late for some correction. Re-election for a third term is not impossible although it will be much harder than getting re-elected for a second term. Running the affairs of the State for eight years is indeed a very long time. Without anyone else passing a judgement at this point of time, it is the present government led by the Chief Minister who should evaluate and see where the State was when it took over the reins of power and where we are right now. Has our infrastructure improved? What about the quality of life of the majority ordinary Nagas? The failures and achievement must both be put down. There is no point in only mentioning about one’s achievement. The Naga voting public will appreciate honesty and transparency from our government. With greater awareness among the people on issues confronting us and also the open media where everything is more visible unlike in the past, no government should bluff the people because the truth is already known to them. Hopefully the present government can list out the achievements as well as admit to the failures and explain to the people how it plans to address them.