Ethical challenges Vs Commitment

R Hingba Paul 

Our world today has been mercilessly paved by pectoris and depict of diverse known facts and unknown reality. Making our esteemed self devoted to petty short term politics, economics, cultural and materialistic narrowed interest. Our mentality built on only trying to know the weak side of our fellow brethren and individual and exploiting them as opportunity but us seldom or never even tries to really know ‘what I can really be to my society’. This mind set of us; that, I feeling; I am perfect, others are not and will never be perfect presumed. 

While the reality of us is known by another individual of us, with whom we live, i.e. our community, that reality of us we never accept and never want to accept and looks on for our identity beyond, driven by our greed, position and power alike. No bothering to protect and secure the unity of our tomorrow generation’s society for long term survivalist. The mindset we possess, overshadowing us, to what we really can be and capable of becoming; rodent by the preoccupied attitude and shadowed mindsets of our ego in selfishness, greediness, cruelty, wickedness, deprivation, exploitation and extortion, being negatively naive’ unbecoming of who we truly are to our society. We have become habituated to the life of never ending thrust for power, fame and recognition being unrealistic, without thinking deep on our doings.

 On the other hand the growing fear of us loses to the growing competing power and the want for leadership but our un-want for responsibility. The pity is, on the common general ourselves who are ignorant of their own price value, misusing away for immediate wants and short term imaginary pleasure and comfort in the form of onetime benefit promoting pectoris of immoral practices, in the name of past betrayal, depriving all their future perspectives for growth and development. The blunder of our failing to reason and realise what exactly are our problems and finding solutions to it. 

No realising that we ourselves as a whole have become the stumbling block to all of our own issues and problems disabling growth, progress and advancement. The stand, where we know of our systems’ ill-ness but all ignoring them, in-spite of our knowledge and awareness of the same, seeking changes in others and not in thy self. The failed responsibility of ours, not carrying out our long term right for sustainable fundamental wants and necessities. Forgetting that we are here today living on our tomorrows generations inherit territory and wealth belongings. 

The narrowed conceptual understanding to our modern democratic nature has become much of controversial issues today. In the name of democracy our leaders speak too much though in their selves favour, works too little for development and listen too little even when required and have minimum or never even cared to live by what was promised, preached or taught. No realising that those waiting changes can only be possible when we are able to live ourselves by what we talk and correct our society. Perhaps we might be here for just a lapse of temporary moment, yet let us not forget, that we are here with a purpose, for that purpose our society trusted, for this reason, let the best be given to make a difference. 

It time for us to understand and take up ownership morally, weather in times of our committed wrong or done something praise worthy as an obligation and not blame for self escape and trap another. At the same time learn to appreciate for good worthy deeds and contribution as our culture. Also nurture the attitude of willingness to correction and be corrected when necessary for good and advancement. This society of our today should learn to live, replacing escapist blemish talking with commitment to the given responsibilities as responsible leaders and citizen alike whether be it in politics, economic, education, social or cultural betterment of our tomorrow society institutional dynamics. Let our stake of contrasting view be for positivism and not for negative selfish, depriving, escapism or dumping of our less privileged brethrens. 

Our society should support one another in bringing back our precious ancestral ethical moral values and principles of traditional honest living in dignity of labour, doing what is right and require for the hour. Our society should stake portraying our today living by learning from our past ancestors long gone by and teach our future younger generation by our today living and not selling away our hope and future dreams of the young by our today’s lazy, easy finance and easy living. Our waiting, to healing our sickness of corruptions and misleading on a foreigner would be like an enslavement of ourselves in the care of a desperado. 

Quoting Dr Adul Kalam’s, statement, “Dream, Dream, Dream; Dreams transform into thoughts and thoughts results in action.” Let’s learn to dream, and reflect on our thoughts to make a reality commitment to our desire thought to action achievable, enabling us to think right, live right and help us make right decision and choice making for goal attainment that would enable the change in our system. Our society should take a strong decision to ourselves to be righteous and honour righteousness in living with our system. This will enable us to see, to what we should see, think, to what we should think and act, to what we should act upon, to free ourselves from the bondage of our own shadowed mindset that blinds us and makes us heartless, dumb and daft to the call of our brethren just and performing society. This would open up the gate of our stumbling block to all success, development, progress, unity and integrity of the institution.

The writer as Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, SJC (A), Jakhama.