Farmers of Chümoukedima & Mon imparted training on organic farming

Chümoukedima, May 26 (MExN): A one day training on Organic farming and Lead farmer's Consultative under Chümoukedima district was conducted on May 22 at District Agriculture Officer’s office. 

The training was organised by the Department of Agriculture under District Agriculture Officer, Chümoukedima in collaboration with Service Provider Green Hills Research and Development.  

An interactive session of ongoing project on Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCD-NER) phase-4 was also held as well. A press statement reported that District Agriculture Officer, Bodevi Shuya encouraged the farmers to adopt organic farming and shared health benefits of organic foods and its significance, scopes and also highlighted various activities under the MOVCDNER Scheme to be implemented.

During the technical session SDAO Kevin Solo, shared on the package and practices of Organic farming for pineapple, turmeric and soybean. He highlighted the way forward to Organic Certification which is a component of MOVCDNER.

Green Hills Research and Development Team Leader, Masa, highlighted on the formation of FPC, roles and responsibilities of Board of Directors and LRPs. He also shared various activities to be taken up by his team as Service Provider for the scheme. He mentioned that the objective of the scheme is to promote sustainable agricultural practices, increase productivity, and improve market linkages for Organic produce. Green Hills Research and Development brings expertise in research, development and extension activities related to Organic agriculture. 

The Program concluded with an interactive session, wherein various activities under MOVCDNER to be implemented in the coming days were discussed with the representative from ten villages under the district.

Six villages under Tobu sub-division imparted training under MOVCD-NER
Meanwhile, the Department of Agriculture, under Tobu sub-division, organised a one day farmers' training programme on Organic farming under the MOVCD-NER phase-IV at the EBRC hall in Tobu under Mon district on May 20.

The programme started with a welcome address delivered by S Ngushu Konyak, AFA where he welcomed all the organic Millet farmers gathered from 6 villages. Shaying Shiu, ADC Tobu highlighted the importance of organic farming over conventional farming and encourage the farmers to adopt organic farming. Health benefits of Millets were also highlighted by the official.