Framework Agreement: Naga Hoho seeks clarity on status from centre

Dimapur, July 29 (MExN): The Naga Hoho has alleged that Framework Agreement signed on August 2015, has been interpreted to suit the interest of the Government of India, and sought clarification on the progress and position of the agreement from the centre.

In a representation to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 28, President H K Zhimomi and General Secretary K Elu Ndang expressed concerns over “unfavourable and unexpected developments” in the state, stating that “no tangible solution is emerging nor is there any progress in the political talk” even after five years of signing the Framework Agreement.

“We feel that the Framework Agreement has been interpreted to suit the interest of the GoI. The Nagas desire the earliest clarification on the progress and position of this framework agreement from the Government of India,” it said. 

Further, it said that the centre’s declaration that formal talks on the Indo-Naga Political issue has concluded on October 31, 2019 was “not only surprising but also disturbing and more so with many unwarranted turn of events,” especially at a time when the Naga people have been expecting a peaceful settlement.

Towards this end, the Hoho put across that the declaration of the entire Nagaland state as a ‘Disturbed Area’ under the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act every six months despite a ceasefire with the Naga political groups, the Indian Army’s continued operations “against peace and the people,” as well as the “rise in violence, confrontations and killings like the pre-ceasefire period,” including the July 11 killing of 6 Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh, were “blots the effort to peace and settlement.”

In this context, it said that “all principles and framework agreed upon must be respected and not be changed unitarily,” the Hoho also sought the centre’s clarification on the position of the 2001 Bangkok Agreement which was signed under Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. While the Bangkok Agreement “clearly stated that Ceasefire shall be without territorial limit,” it claimed that the ceasefire which is currently in place is “contradictory.”

The Naga Hoho further stated that the Government of India and the Nagas have signed several agreements in the past; however, these agreements did not yield in bringing honourable, acceptable and desired solution so far, “due to lack of honest political will and sincerity” from successive Governments.