Hand me the microphone, Mum!

She went on the The View  to promote her album and chat about her incredible weight loss story. But Jennifer Hudson, 29, was quickly upstaged by her son David Jr, who accompanied her onto the set.
At first the 19-month-old had all of The View ladies cooing and fawning all over him as he sat on his mother's lap. Co-hosts Whoppi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elizabeth Hasslebeck couldn't get enough of the little boy as they greeted the Academy Award winning singer and actress.
Jennifer explained that she brought David on the show because he couldn't bear to be without his mother. 'He wouldn't let me leave him, so I had to bring him with me,' she told the ladies.
Clearly not camera shy, he held onto the microphone for his mother throughout the segment. Showing he shared his mother's passion for singing, he cooed and hummed the whole was through Jennifer's interview. But the proud mother was nonplussed, and could only speak of the love she shared for her son. 'I just learn from him, he keeps me smiling everyday,' she said. 'I run out of space on my phone, trying to capture everything he does.' She then showed a clip of David Jr. singing along to a R&B song while wearing just a nappy.
Jennifer spoke of her dramatic weight loss on the show, which has seen the singer lose a staggering 80 pounds. As before and after shots were shown on the screen behind her, the Dreamgirls star said that David Jr. does not recognise her in old pictures which show her former curvier figure. 'Sometime he doesn't recognise me before, because this is the only mommy he has known,' she said.
After appearing on the couch, the singer performed a song from her new album, I Remember Me.
But before she took to the stage, she explained what the new compilation of songs meant to her. 'In 29 years, I feel like I lived four different lives,' she explained. 'This is a way I can hold on to my old self.'
Jennifer's album is her first studio effort since the tragic murders of her 57-year-old mother, Darnell Donnerson, her 29-year-old brother, Jason Hudson and seven-year-old nephew Justin King.