‘I had a rough couple of years’

She's an actress who prefers to stay private about her personal life. But Lord of the Rings star Liv Tyler has given a rare glimpse into her struggle with being a working single mother of six year-old son, Milo, following her split from ex-husband Royston Langdon.
In an interview with U.S magazine Bust, the 33-year-old admitted that she had a 'rough couple of years'.
Opening up about her separation from the British Spacehog rocker, she said that she was forced to take time off before going back to work. After the split, the actress had a two year hiatus before plunging herself back into work on two films, an indie film titled Super and drama/thriller, The Ledge. 'I took a little time off before Super and The Ledge,' she said. 'I just had a rough couple of years, having Milo and then getting divorced and trying to rebuild my life again.'
Tyler and Langdon separated in 2008 after five years of marriage The couple were married for five years and had Milo in December 2004.
The stunning brunette said following the end of her marriage it was important for her to put Milo's needs first, before going back to showbiz. 'Milo and I have been in such transition – I've been rebuilding and trying to be patient. And I've just put all of my focus on that,' she said. 'Because I can't go to work and be happy unless he's happy and feels secure.'
She added that she is still trying to deal with all of the changes in her life, which didn't go exactly the way she planned. 'It's been interesting, the way things have unfolded. I'm accepting what happens in life, and how it affects you, and how things don't always go as you expected them to, she said. 'That loss of the dream – because you spend your whole childhood planning how you're going to do things – it's actually very painful, but quite liberating at the same time, when you have to let go of that ideal and see yourself in an imperfect light.'
Despite being linked to several men, Tyler has remained single since her marriage breakup. She once stated that she was 'far too sensitive' for casual dates, adding: 'I fall in love once in a blue moon.'
On Monday night the tall beauty brought her Aerosmith rocker father, Steve Tyler to the première of Super. The 62-year-old American Idol judge acted up on the red carpet, nuzzling and kissing his daughter who looked demure in a black ensemble.
Appearing on the Jimmy Kimmel show tonight, she admitted that she gets embarrassed when her father plays his own music at top volume. 'We went for a drive in his car… and we were driving though the hills in his fancy sports car with the top down and I'm already embarrassed by convertibles in general but he was blasting me his new single… which is amazing and beautiful but I had this real parent/child embarrassment moment when I was like 'Dad, turn it down everybody can hear us.'
'I actually got embarrassed,' she said