Child Rights: Nagaland needs to implement a comprehensive child protection strategy

Child protection and teachers: child friendly approach
Child protection and teachers: child friendly approach

NSCPCR chairperson Awan Konyak addressing seminar on child rights and protection in Kohima. (Morung Photo)


Govt teachers sensitized on child rights and protection




Our Correspondent
Kohima | September 18

Nagaland State Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NSCPCR) chairperson Awan Konyak today stressed on the need to train all employees of educational institutions to adhere to a key principle that children have to be safeguarded from any harm by way of creating and implementing a comprehensive child protection strategy.
She said it is the responsibility of the schools to make child protection a top priority.

Addressing a one day seminar on “Child rights and protection for government teachers” organized by school education department here, Awan informed that the Commission has already covered five districts on sensitization programme on child rights and protection and will be covering the rest of the districts soon.

She informed that the Parliament of India enacted the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act or Right to Education Act (RTE) on August 2009 and enforced on April 1, 2010.

She said that visionaries of the world understood that peace meant guaranteeing every person certain rights that are conditional for humanity-education being one of the most important and that all children deserve a chance to grow up in a safe and secure environment.

However, according to CRY (Child Rights and You) over 33 million children in India, between the age of 5 and 18 years work as child labourers at tea stalls, factories, construction sites and even as domestic help, she said.

“They are vulnerable to exploitation that can affect the course of the rest of their lives,” Awan said adding that schooling is the one experience that most children worldwide have in common and the most common means by which societies prepare their young for the future.

Child protection and teachers: child friendly approach

K. Ela, director, Prodigal’s Home Dimapur while talking on “Child protection and teachers: child friendly approach,” said that it is not just students but every single child that need to be protected.

She called upon the teachers to protect their (Children) body, mind and soul and look at each child as a divine appointment.

“When we deal with children we must know how to treat them and level down ourselves to understand child psychology,” she said.

On child friendly approach, Ela said one have to be aware of the background and conditions of the child and deal with the cases accordingly. She said that instead of being harsh to them, one need to extend necessary services as and when required.

Nagaland records around 130 surrendered child cases

Talking on the topic “The roles and responsibilities’ of Child Welfare Committee,” advocate Akumla Longchari, member, Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Kohima said Nagaland have around 130 number of surrendered child cases since 2010.

There are several cases of differently abled children being surrendered by the parents, she added.

She said that CWC deal with all matter relating to child who needs care and protection.

She highlighted the type which falls under Children in Need of Care and Protection as per Sec 2 (14) of the JJ Act as homeless child, children begging on the streets, street children, working children, who resides with a person who threatened to kill or injure the child, who has killed, abused or neglected some other children, mentally or physically challenged or ill children or children suffering from terminal diseases, children of incapacitated parents or guardian who cannot exercise control over the child, abandoned 'or surrendered' children, missing children.

Childline Kohima receives 657 cases

Neingutuonuo Kulnu, coordinator Childline Kohima said that Childline Kohima received a total of 657 cases in which 329 cases were from school going children.

Talking on the topic “Overview of child related cases received and intervened by Childline Kohima- Issues and concerns emerging from the cases,” she stressed on the need for teachers to adequately equip with child care and protection related Acts.

Kulnu also stressed on the need to strengthen understanding between teacher and child relationship and awareness creation on dangers/ risk of abuses through videos related to care and protection of a child.

“Child right has to be protected,” said school education director Wonthungo Tsopoe and called upon the teachers and every sensible citizen to exercise the responsibility to protect children from various unwanted elements.

The director also urged upon the teachers and stakeholders to take children forward to the right path as “future belong to them.”