Opposition hits out at Nagaland govt

NPF alleges, ‘State still in a state of confusion and lacks vision and will’

Kohima, May 23 (MExN): The NPF Legislature Party today criticized the State Government for the “numerous SOPs which keeps changing at regular interval has got everyone confused, including the Officers at the State and District level. Further, the directives in the SOPs are not specific and as such, it has given rooms for speculation which is aggravating the already poor management in place.” 

NPF Legislature Party during a meeting held at the residence of the Leader of Opposition, TR Zeliang on May 23 discussed that due to the inefficiency of the State Government, the public are facing untold pain and suffering. Leaving aside the lockdown period, even when the restrictions were lifted and inter district travel was permitted, the Government failed to make adequate arrangement for safe travel of the people stranded within the State. 

“While the well to do has the ability to move in their private cars, the poor who avails public transport had no arrangement as public transportation was halted. In this regard, we appreciate all the tribal bodies and individuals for stepping up and taking necessary steps to help people reach their home,” it pointed out. 

Regarding the funds received for COVID-19 from the Central government, NPF asserted that it needs to be used judiciously while maintaining transparency and accountability. It alleged that while the State government is passing the buck to the Head of District administration, the burden of implementing and maintaining home quarantine has been further passed on to the village councils which is distressing. It also said that the village council members are not medically sound to follow the protocol in managing people in quarantine centres. Also since the State Government has not allocated any fund to them, apart from the MEAGRE amount received as 50% grant in aid, it will be impossible for villages to manage on their own.

The Opposition has also made fervent appeal to the Chief Minister and his colleagues to take serious note of the sufferings of stranded people and arrange appropriate mode of transportation at the earliest. “Our State is still in a state of confusion and lacks vision and will. It is a very sad to learn that people in the cities are making their own arrangement and travelling by road,” it stated. 

Meanwhile, the F&CS Department is also reminded to look into the proper implementation of the National Food Security Act and the PMGKAY. 

Finally, the NPF Legislature Party suggested that the government takes the testing of the returnees with all seriousness and keep them under strict observation. The returnees should not be sent to their respective districts before ascertaining that they are negative. Thermal screening alone should no longer be the basis on which a person is determined as negative or positive. “With the presence of the BSL3 in Kohima, our State should be capable to test everyone so that our State remains safe and protected,” it added.