Irrational anti-dog rule in Kuda Village, Dimapur

Kuda Village, C-khel, Dimapur

Sir, Authorities at Kuda Village, C-khel has directed all residents to keep their dogs inside their compounds at all times. Failure to do this will lead to "strict actions" such as killing of the dog. And they have started "taking actions". This is a very anti-animal order! We would like to highlight the fact that this earth was created not just for humans! How will animals play or mate if they are tied in chains all the time? Dogs in congested cities like Delhi are more free than dogs out here. Animals also have sexual and emotional needs for which they need other animals!  This order by village authorities to keep dogs in chains or inside compound at all times is inhumane as well as very difficult. Because sometimes dogs run away despite them being tied up. Killing animals who don't understand human laws is unreasonable and cruel.

Therefore a better option would be to make vaccination against rabies compulsory for dogs and tie them when sanitary trucks come to collect garbage! Or let vaccinated dogs roam freely or at least let dogs roam freely after 8 pm when there are no garbage collection and less people on the streets. If dogs tear garbage bags and make the colony dirty, authorities should find better options such as keeping garbage bags on higher places etc. Whatever it is, a more humane and rational solution is sincerely requested.