KVYO on water tapping

Kohima, January 18 (MExN): The Kohima Village Youth Organization (KVYO) has undertaken a surprise checking along the stream of the Kohima village water supply source at Ketsagei (above Kohima Jotsoma road) and detected many water pipe connections from the stream above the main diversion point of the village water supply line. Stating this in a release, the KVYO reiterated its stand on the ban of individual water tapping from the above the soil water sources, hereby directed all concern irrespective his/her/their pipes from the stream on or before January 31.
“Failing to comply may invite a penalty of Rs. 10000/- (Ten thousand) only and seizure of the pipes out branching from this stream at any place above said diversion point,” the KVYO said in a release received here.
The KVYO also appealed to all the citizen of Kohima to be aware of the above standing resolution jointly passed and adopted by the Kohima Village Council and KVYO.
“Any person violating the above resolution shall be doing so at their own risk and the organization shall not bear responsibility for any untoward action initiated against such defaulters,” the KVYO added.