LGTBQ community ‘alien and strange’ to tribal Christians: PBCA

Longleng, March 4 (MExN): The Phom Baptist Christian Association (PBCA) today declared its stands against LGTBQ community and termed it an “alien and strange to tribal Christians.” Accordingly, a press release from PBCA Executive Secretary, N Tialemba Phom termed a recent “LGBTQ + Conclave” in Dimapur as shocking to tribal churches in Nagaland and stated: “Our Churches do not encourage LGTBQ community.”

At the same time, the Association pointed out that “we are tribal Christians, in a tribal society even the same clan is not allowed to be married.” 

“Once they married undermining tribal customary laws and practices, then they are excommunicated and ostracized from their villages,” it asserted.  Hence, it asked how tribal churches can propagate for LGBTQ.

“It cannot be given the status in Phom tribal churches. LGTBQ cannot express full human complementarity,” the PBCA asserted. 

As per the Association, the Christian Church is a “divine institution established by God the Father, the Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit who guards and lives in the church.” “The Christ is the head of the Church and Church is His body, the body and head cannot be separated. The Church cannot divert the teachings and instructions of the Lord Jesus that is the Bible,” it noted. 

‘The Bible clearly defines that God created man in His own images…God created One Original Pair, the male and female. Church teaches and preaches on One Original Pair’, and we strongly affirm this original textual teaching,’ the PBCA stated, justifying its stance. 

Thus, it contended that the marriage between “one man and woman is God’s design it cannot be defiled by any community.”
“LGBTQ is a community outside the Bible and it is against the tribal customary laws and practices,” the PBCA added.