Man Vs Nature & Tech

March 18, 2011 Friday's earthquake and tsunami in northeast Japan, in which an estimated 10,000 people have died is more than just a natural disaster for Japan and its people. Because of the dangers posed due to the damage caused to the atomic power plant (Fukushima), Japan’s concern has also become a global worry and a big dilemma of man versus the technology of nuclear science and also its potential destruction. Even in faraway Nagaland there is concern among people of the impact caused by radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear plants. The media is already reporting about the need for countries in Asia to take necessary precautions such as, if rain comes, one is advised to remain indoors during the first 24 hours besides closing windows and doors; swabbing the neck/skin with beta-dine where the thyroid area is. It is pointed out that radiation hits the thyroid area first. While such reports may be merely speculation to create fear psychosis in the minds of the information hungry public, yet the truth is that there is a real crisis growing vis-à-vis the safety of the nuclear plants in Japan which has been hit by the tsunami. The aftershock of the nuclear crisis is being felt across the world. Germany has decided to take offline seven of its 17 nuclear reactors for three months while the country reconsiders plans to extend the life of its atomic power plants in the wake of events in Japan. Emergency meetings are being convened across countries having nuclear power plants. Safety and precaution has become the by words.
It is clear that man is today confronted with several challenges—nature and the increasing innovation and technology being some of the dilemma before mankind. How do we learn to live with our God given nature and also the increasing level of technology and innovation which is driving the global age? What is happening in places hit by nature’s fury only goes to show that we are humans and mere mortals. We need to humble ourselves and learn to love and respect our nature’s gift—the water, forest, plant and animal life. Today there is increasing concern over the aftermath of climate change and what this will do to our planet. The level of destruction caused by climate related forces has increased noticeably in the last few years. This should be taken as a clear sign of warning for mankind. We just cannot afford to play with nature anymore. We need to respect nature’s life if we as humans want to live at all. Let us learn to live with nature side by side. This is the only way for a sustainable future.  The other force that we must deal with is the vast opportunities provided by science and the increased knowhow that humans have developed. Human knowledge has developed to such an extent that its potential for use also carries with it the danger of its misuse or accidents like in the case of nuclear power. These are two very important questions that we must address in our personal, social life and national life i.e. how to harness nature as well as technology for life’s benefit and not for its destruction.