Men Do Have Hearts coz they were there when I need them

Ayangti Longkumer

“I don’t deserve you.” Those were the last words of that Chauvinist. The Chauvinist for whom I joined the cooking class, the haircut class in the men’s parlor, started saving money to buy a bike and the Chauvinist for whom I missed one episode of ‘Talk Asia’ coz I stayed in the corridors of the hospital.
I knew from the start that this stuff was going to happen – after all he was a grounded and rooted Orthodox (blue is blue and white is white) and I am a bit Liberal (come on, blue and white is light blue). I still wonder what he meant by that, ‘Does he mean I deserve someone better or does he mean he deserve someone better?’ I felt what Canada feels when she has to choose between ‘federal and union type of government’. How can he do this to me? I agree that I am not the most beautiful girl in this world but I know I am number second, I agree that I am not the daughter of Rockefeller but I do agree that I am the distant and distant cousin of Bill Gates (the book of Genesis will prove my statement).

Earlier he had a girlfriend by the name Temsu (not her real name, hers was a bombastic French name) who was wacky and sickly. Guess what? again he chose her simply because she resembles Pamela Anderson (his favourite actress). Anyways, standing tall at 5 feet 10, he did what he thought was best, and I did what was more than best, I did the perfect thing. I start sending electronic mails, short service messages, called up my friends and honestly all of them were males. And to my utter surprise my inbox was full with messages plus for few days there was non stop calls from them counseling me and encouraging me. “He is such a fool to let you go. He will regret it until his dying day. He will never find a girl like you”, one of them murmured and I believe in him. Even my sweet colleague who is a male said, “It’s over means it’s over. Accept it.”

One thing about the metro sexual guys is that they have high emotional quotient they can handle a girly situation with ease and grace so it makes them easy to give a loving shoulder when needed. The best thing that came out from that ‘big and long good bye’ was that it made me conclude that men do have hearts and if there is a man to break them then there is also a man to knit them. Let me end this way, the mistake of one man the grace of the other; Adam was the man who brought the sin to this world and Jesus Christ was the Redeemer who took away the sins. They were both men, but had different purpose, just like my friends and my ‘what ever’. Keep thinking, but the truth is men do have hearts.