Metallica confirms India Concert Tour Dates 2011: Noida and Bangalore

Metallica's frontman James Hetfield during the band's May 19, 2010 Lisbon concert
Dimapur |May 4 : Metallica has confirmed Greater Noida (near Delhi) concert October 28, Bangalore on October 30, 2011. I just got the confirmation here, check it out!
 Metalica's India Concert tour has been confirmed by the band today. I just received the details' of the dates from the band's newsletter. Can you believe your good fortune, you lucky India metal nuts! Metallica has added Delhi (or more precisely Noida, UP) and Bangalore to the band's October 2011 tour of India. The band will play in Noida (they wrongly said Delhi in their website) on October 28 and later in Bangalore October 30 at the Bangalore Palace Ground, Main Palace.Check the band's website here for the India concert dates.

Delhi? Its NEAR Delhi, NOT Delhi
I am a bit puzzled why Metallica said  "Delhi" to play the F1 Rocks inaugural Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix. The Indian Grand Prix is scheduled to be held October 28-30 at the Buddh International Circuit, which is near Delhi and in Greater Noida, not Delhi. Oh, Noida is in UP, by the way. Anyway forget Delhi or Noida, just go to the venue and enjoy your metal steaks, dudes.  
As for Metallica's Bangalore concert, October 30 will be every metal fan from the south's dream come true. The main palce grounds of the Bangalore place is just too apt for a band like Metallica. The Palace square is consistent in ambiance to Metallica's darkly thrash music - the granite seats are the icing on the cake. But more about it later.
Another thing: DNA networks, the organizers of the Metallica concert for Bangalore aren't letting go of information about the tickets and their prices. The band has already confirmed and announced the dates for the India tour but these probably-bloody organizers aren't letting out the cat. What you can do here is subscribe to DNA network's newletter and grab the details as soon as they release the info on the ticket prices. That way your hunting for a seat for either Metallica's Noida (near Delhi) or the Bangalore concert would be off to a good start.
So what are you gonna do now? Well, just make sure that you shut your computer now and go get some metal air! Start hunting for a booking for the concerts and of course those priceless Metallica tickets. Lakhs of people have already visited this blogsite (Thank you for putting my site on all Top-7 ranks on page-1 Google!) - it shows India is already on the move to greet the planet' biggest thrash metal band, the one and only Metallica. I'll keep you guys updated, especially the price of the tickets to Metallica's Delhi (or Noida, I am getting so friggin' tired of explaining this location now) and Bangalore concerts.
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