Minister Kaito appeals ENPO to review decision to abstain from polls

Dimapur, April 14 (MExN): Nagaland Roads & Bridges Minister G Kaito Aye today appealed to the Eastern Nagaland Peoples' Organisation (ENPO) to review its decision to abstain from the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024.

“As a concerned citizen deeply invested in the democratic process, I am writing to you in my personal capacity with a humble appeal to review your decision,” he stated in an appeal to the members of the ENPO. 

“I understand that there may be various grievances and concerns, and the decision to abstain from the elections might stem from a place of discontentment. However, I firmly believe that our collective strength lies in our ability to engage constructively with the democratic system, rather than disengaging from it,” he added. 

In this connection, Kaito requested the ENPO members to come together as responsible citizens to exercise democratic rights in a true spirit of unity and solidarity. 

He also appealed for working together towards positive change through active participation and collaboration to ensure that the ENPO’s aspirations are “justly represented in the highest echelons of governance as we pursue further to resolve your issue together.”