The Misinterpreted Significance of “One Government One Tax”

Atsung Imchen: I am not here to justify what ACAUT is and neither am I speaking on behalf of them or their ideologies. I am here as an individual with the thoughts of mine alone irrespective of what their real purpose is. I am a Naga Nationalist not by birth or by influence but by the knowledge of all the misery, pain and torture our People had to go through and how our rights have been denied and anyone claiming to be a Naga and does not understand or think that we are better off forsaking our right no matter how old, rich or poor and educated he/she might be, I hope and pray their wishes are granted and once a solution is set they can live as Indians at the same time allow us to live as The Nagas under two different boundaries.  

Many have termed ACAUT Anti-National but are they really Anti-National or are they simply stating what the general people feel? Did any of the Naga Political Groups spend time to think about that? Did any of the NPGs even consider to understand and listen to what the NAGA PEOPLE really want? There are many educated members of different NPGs here in this group, ask yourself this question, do you really have the MANDATE of the people? If you realize that you don’t, if you’re really working for the Naga people, speak with your leaders, bridge the gap, cut the attitudes that will lead nowhere and lead the way to reconcile with your brothers and sisters.  

“One Government One Tax” in just four words says and means a lot. It’s not referring to our current Indian Constitutionalized Government led by nothing but money mongers who are good at only thinking about themselves and not the people. Here, the Government refers to a Government under the constitutional framework penned down by The Nagas. Even if ACAUT never existed, the will and aspiration of the people will still be to have one REPRESENTATIVE BODY with the actual, genuine MANDATE of the people, ACAUT just amplified it on a larger platform nothing else.  

I am not sure what is the definition of Mandate you follow but a “YES” by one section of the people is NOT considered having the mandate of the people, which are currently flaunted by almost all the NPGs but sadly the fact of the matter is that none of the NPG have the mandate of the people because until and unless all the factions come under one banner, none shall have the Mandate, None can say we represent the people. The most manipulated weakness of the Naga movement is FACTIONALISM which the Indians have exploited so much against us, CAN’T YOU SEE THAT? If you can head towards the road of peace with those who murdered, raped and tortured our people, tell me this, WHY CAN’T YOU DO THE SAME WITH YOUR OWN BROTHERS IN ARMS? WHY? The fact is until you do, the road to a solution, the ultimate solution is IMPOSSIBLE, until you understand the reason behind “One Government One Tax” and that is the actual cry of the NAGA PEOPLE you claim to represent, you can never truly bring us a solution.  

Listen to the people, those people who stood by you through thick and thin, who died for you rather than giving away information to the enemies, those people whose sisters, mothers were raped for you, those men who suffered tortures after tortures just for you, they are now sick and tired, trust me when I say that. Without the people there is no cause, without the people you do not exist, without the people you’re just an empty boat drifting nowhere. Go back to your roots and find the true cause which has been long forgotten… lest you forget the consent of the people matters.  

Renponi K Naga: Tagging ACAUT as Anti-National is taking the Naga public as Anti-National.  

ACAUT just gave Voice to the silent whispers that goes murmuring everyday, everywhere as kitchen talks by men who didn't had the balls earlier as fear of Gun power ruled, but it was the Kitchen talk of every household which reached as prayer to God. Which Nagas don’t want freedom? Everyone does but with the pathetic exemplary attitudes and lifestyles shown by NPGs in present day portraying a society of master and slaves who would even wish to dream. The difference being of course! Slaves (public) paying the master (NPG) here.  

Why is public voicing out? Certainly, the NPGs irrespective of any factions should try to understand and rectify themselves too? They are not perfect nor are they statues that they should never undergo any correction.

  They should, instead of portraying the public as fools who are blindly following some people introspect themselves if they really are for the people's freedom and not for their pockets.   This branding of the public as fools angers me.  

Rape culture in the Naga society

Rossie Rose: I am not writing this as someone from the ‘Media’ field but as a responsible citizen who is angered by the recent incident on how a “68 year old raped a minor”!! And that too in my own State Nagaland. Aren’t we a little too much? What have we become? Come on, we are Nagas, we don’t do that. We are different. We are the descendants of the Head Hunters, we are music loving people, we are the people that respect women, we are the people who love fashion, and we are the people who stand together. What happened to all of that?  

And Nagaland is said to be the safest place for women.  

They say we live in a “Men’s world”.  If men are responsible for shaming women, I would rather live in a ‘Cow’s world’. Men, what are you people doing in the society? What is your role? Don’t you have like thousands of organizations? What do you do when you hold a meeting or a conference or whatever? You talk about politics, and you talk about where and which place ‘beer’ is cheaper. As much as you talk about these things, why don’t you all gather together and sensitize about issues women go through because of men. It won’t make you less of a man. If you are a real man in the truest sense, you would not pick on women. And whenever a woman is shamed, I don’t see the entire ‘men’ coming out and protesting against that evil act. It’s always the Women organizations who take up the protests and yes some good ‘men humans’ joining the women folk, and sharing their pain. Picking up on the weaker sections of the society is the lowest that a human can stoop down. And I humbly request all the good men out there to kindly sensitize your friends, brothers and your Dad. If you, a fully grown men or a half grown men, rape a minor, I don’t think you are a human. Because she is a minor, what on earth would she know? And you, well, you know too much! And nobody has the right to force himself upon anyone or exploit the other.  

What we should know….  

• Because of poverty parents are compelled to keep their kids in someone else’s home, so that he or she can work there and at least get something to eat or send home some money. For them, they see it as the only possibility. Because they are parents, they want the best for their children.  

• And then there are some parents, who think that since they are poor they can distribute their kids to whoever comes along. For them, they are less bothered maybe; all they want is something or the other in order to run the family. And because of being poor, they trust people just like that.  

I am not judging them or any parents for that matter. I am very sure they have their own reasons for doing what they do or what they did. But yes, I totally judge the society. At times like this, I wonder what really went wrong, why in every scenario, women are trampled upon, what are we going to do in order to be accepted for who we are in the society? And this is for all the women who are a Feminist. Hey, I am also a Feminist as much as you are. I am against Crime against Women; I am against Child Marriage or any other social evils that we women go through. But being a Feminist is not something about competing with men or asking something bigger than what men gets. It’s about equality. We should be treated equally in the society like men. And when people say women empowerment and this and that, I feel like why should women be empowered? We live in a ‘Men’s world’ why don’t we women educate men? Because at the end of the day, it is a Patriarchal society, if men are not properly sensitized about the social evils, there is no growth in whatever we women do. We need their help, and their co operation, and if men are not sensitized I don’t see our ‘women empowerment’ thing going anywhere. I request you all girls to talk about this things at home, to your brothers or cousins or anyone. We need to work on this together so that none of our sisters has to go through that horror.  

I would like to quote Whitney Houston, “I like being a woman, even in a man's world. After all, men can't wear dresses, but we can wear the pants”. Cheers to all of us! Let’s come together and fight this.  

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