My Journey with Kuknalim

Vishii Rita Krocha

I remember the year 2001 when the wonders of the internet just swept my mind off and I was only beginning to get the taste of the hi-tech world. A website I have memorised only too well is where my first connection started off with. It still has the marvellous affect that touched me the day I discovered it. Since the moment I first logged in, there was no turning back. Today, it grows only fonder to my heart and I can barely have enough of it. 

True to its theme, Kuknalim has made a lovely abode for thousands away from home. And who doesn’t know of it in Nagaland? Miles are shorter now; distance reduced to a click of a mouse, Kuknalim has emerged as one of the most visited websites and it is undoubtedly one of the most loved with its members never wanting to leave but dwelling in the richness of what the site provides. You could be there and not know how time flies. Did you know great moments always seem short-lived?

You ask me why its so special and I’ll give you an endless list. Its got everything you can ask for. From shout boxes to chat room, private messages to emails, forums to latest news, interviews to articles, games, polls and sorts of discussions to a Booming Gallery, can you think of a better place which can give you a fuller view and feel of Nagaland?

Six years and it gets better. Already a much loved website and held dear by all its members, besides many other people who come to check it out. One thing I’m sure, they never left unimpressed. It is a window of hope for many souls, an answer to many searching questions, a home where only your heart can reside in a way that nothing else can give. Kuknalim is a perfect reflection of the world that is going completely hi-tech. it’s a site where talents are realised, moulded and shared, an abode for thousands to come and simply relax their tired thoughts or share their view on the things going on in Nagaland. 

It’s a voice that speaks of the many dreams that our youth have for Nagaland and the things they wish for the peace of our land. In many ways, Kuknalim has changed the lives of those who came to stay, even brightened days of the lonely. Newly found ties and avenues where you can hone your skills. Be it poetry or any other form of writing or simply looking to get inspired, somewhere between you’ll find it wrapped. For those aspiring poets, look no further to spill your precious thoughts. There are already a numberless set of poems you can muse on and all the same share yours.

Blended in a portrayal of politics, local, national as well as international news, having a glimpse of North East and a wonderful description of Nagaland, leisure, light hearted moments and a variety of colourful things, it is no wonder that Kuknalim has become a popular hub amongst youngsters and undoubtedly many other visitors who drop by to learn about Nagaland.

The homepage has tremendously undergone impressive changes since the day I saw it first. It never fails to give the seasonal touch. You indulge yourself in its varied range of topics and you realise you only want it more. From promoting unique talents to sponsoring awards, Kuknalim is a name familiar to almost everyone today. And that wasn’t all, it has also held first of its kind event – Kukkers’ meet, an annual event where Kuknalim members gather to meet. Bridging gaps, it has amazingly connected people, not only online but in reality too.

You can be anywhere in the world, sometime or the other, you may feel like being home again. Remember, Kuknalim is just a click away. It’s the nearest home you will find. For those of us who are never too far from home, Kuknalim is just another slice of good times weaving beautiful memories for us.

And to say the least about the Administrators, they have perfectly created another home for thousands. Their names will be written in the memories of time, of those who love the website and for the life of me, it will always be after my heart.