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Rock Naga Lungleng: All's been said. I've nothing left more to be justified but to forgive and reconcile.

I remember Dr.Tuisem Shishak, former Principal of Patkai Christian College, making a CONFESSION on behalf of Tangkhuls and himself to all the Nagas from Nagaland for all the crimes and injustice committed by the Tangkhul IMs. He was standing in the gap to bring forgiveness and reconciliation between the Nagas of Nagaland and Tangkhuls. Unfortunately, he was not accepted by the Tangkhul Community, instead excommunicated him until he was forced to admit that he had defamed the name of Tangkhuls. I believe, he wasn't confessing for his personal sins but being a Tangkhul, he shouldered the agony of his people and counted himself accountable for his people's actions against other tribes.

I wonder, if there's any means for reconciliation other than forgiveness? God himself had no choice but to come down and laid his life to redeem the original relationship with men.

Today, I'm nothing but a Tangkhul who continues to cry for forgiveness from our Nagas. A man who wouldn't give up or compromise for anything but reconciliation and unity among Nagas. I know, my words won't make sense for many who have been hurt by our actions but it's the sole purpose of raising my voice. I've no arguments or contentions to be made but an apology for my people's action.

There's no formula in forgiveness but without condition and justification alone we beg to forgive. I want to represent myself as a voice of the younger generation who will not look back for the past mistakes and grudges but with open hearts , welcoming the new generation to build on tolerance and acceptance and forgiveness and to set free from hatred and prejudices.

Yes, New Year has come! Can we believe in what God has for Nagas, our generation? If we only come together and embrace the brotherhood that God has designed since the creation of a people called Nagas, then there's hope. Let the future begin. Happy New Year! 2014. A year for rebuilding our nation.
“To Love means loving the unlovable, To Forgive means pardoning the unpardonable. Faith means believing in the unbelievable. Hope means hoping when everything seems hopeless.” Gilbert K. Chesterton

God surely Judges

Hovika Sheqi Swu: Operation flush out was not a war of hatred: it was just we Sumi's were rebelling for a cause, for a common Naga cause. We Sumi's took the step but the prayers of thousand Nagas were with us that's why we could do it. Let everyone know that we Sumis never hated any NSCNs: but instead we always supported them because history is the witness that we Sumis are the forerunners of NSCNs, be it in any group.

We respected them that's why we gave them place in our land: We paid them tax because we loved them and understood their problems.

Even in our fasting and personal devotions we always prayed to God to keep them safe from Indian bullets.

God knows we Sumis never hated them.

Then why this flush out mission?

Some people's are pointing fingers on Sumi's but let them know that it was not Sumi's who flushed out IM's from Sumi land but it was God who used Sumis to Punish the adulterers.

I am not a prophet so this is not spiritual stuff but as a Christian and standing on the theme of our nation, how could any Christian molest a woman Missionary that too in a Christian dominated state? She was not an extra ordinary woman but she was special to God because she was His servant who left even her own home to serve God. So how could God keep silent when someone tries to hurt His special ones? Rape and molestation is not a new thing but why flush out Mission this time? It's because God said 'It is enough'. When I looked at the burned camp of NSCN IM: I remembered Sodom and Gomorrah. God punished them because of their lust.

So people, whenever you think about 28th December flush out mission, don't just judge Sumis but instead think that "Tear drop of that Woman missionary reached God and God replied with Fire...”

Why many times we fails to understand the judgement of God? Our God surely is a God of patience but sometimes He answers the urgent prayers. But we are so much surrounded by our own Egos and reasons that we fails to understand the way God speaks to us. It's High time that our freedom fighters know the will of God and live according to it. Though some lives were lost, this mission was successful because God wanted it. And though our sympathies are with those innocent cadres who suffered because of the wicked ones, we rejoice because God used Sumis to answer to their atrocities.

We shall always remember this day as the day of God's judgement and we shall be thankful to God for answering the cries of thousand Nagas. Kuknalim and praise the Lord.
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