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Politics for the New Naga Generation

Yanpvuo Kikon:
The Editorial in today's Morung Express by Along Longkumer | Consulting Editor 'From VIP Culture to People's Power', gave me thoughts about whether we the Nagas truly value and understand the essence of Politics in a Democracy?

This paragraph is a wonderful food for thought, "Politics will perhaps never be the same again. The rules are changing. It is not about POWERFUL POLITICIANS anymore but the EMPOWERING of the COMMON PEOPLE...."

The Aam Admi Party went to the Swearing in ceremony in PUBLIC TRANSPORT – The Metro! That makes us wonder on how our Naga Politicians embarked on their first day to work? I think some got a little carried away and even bought a Range Rover Evoque which is more of a young corporate Millionaire or Business Tycoon's drive, while Kejriwal still continues to drive in his Wagon R.

As soon as the Party was sworn in, THEY GOT TO WORK! THEY ADDRESSED THE ISSUES AND WORKED TOWARDS announcing the implementation of its key poll manifesto such as providing free drinking water and subsidised power! Whereas our Nagas Politicians, as soon as they were sworn in, they resorted to power mongering and fighting over plump portfolios! The reason why swore that anti-bribery helpline would be opened in Delhi.

Sceptics call the AAP - Theatrics and a Delusion. But I call it a Revolution because where were the skeptics when all the mega corruption scams and power hunger, GREED, status, prestige mongering were going on? DId the sceptics just wake up. Even if something bad happens sceptics will criticize, when if something good happens, they will still choose to see the tiny speck of dirt by overlooking the rest of the positive attributes. In short, a pessimist never seeks to strive for positive change!

Democracy is a beautiful system if practised by a people who understand the power vested in us - We the People. The Government and those in Power whom we love to point our fingers at, are nothing but the REFLECTIONS of ourselves. Ask the question - Who elected them to power? They did not elect themselves to power. It is the People who sent them to the Legislative Assembly and the Parliament to become 'THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE'.

But are they the Voice of the People? In Nagaland we all know how our system is corrupted from the top to the grassroots. Only a small handful of new generation Nagas like you and me are waking up now to think more rationally and have the vision to realise that we are doomed if we get drowned in money, greed & power mongering today. For CHANGE to TAKE PLACE and bring Development, Progress, Peace, Prosperity; Good Roads, Free of Corruption, Free of Illegal Bangladeshi Immigrants(IBI’s), Nagas Taking control of our own Economy and Good Governance etc. IT ALL BURNS DOWN TO THE 'COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE' of the Nagas - THE MINDSET NEEDS TO CHANGE!

So how do we change the Mindset? Through FORUMS like TNB, Social gatherings like conferences and even Churches where SPEAKERS will constantly need to PRICK the conscience of the people to ELECT LEADERS who will work for the reason why they are elected – To work for the people and our land and not for themselves. They are sent to the Assembly to represent the people, not themselves. And PEOPLE need to HAMMER this into our minds - "DON'T ASK FOR MONEY, ASK FOR DEVELOPMENT."

Even people I know in TNB have this mentality of depending on the Govt servants and Politicians for money to enjoy, celebrate and organize events! I THINK NAGALAND HAS HAD ENOUGH OF EVENTS ALREADY! It is time for us to minimize all the events, endless Jubilee celebrations, enjoyment, merry making and START WORKING; being productive, generate revenue and IMPROVE OUR LOCAL ECONOMY, which will also generate employment opportunities.

Although an Engineer by profession, I am a big fan of Social thinkers like Pareto, Durkheim, Marx and a staunch believer in Karl Marx's theory that everything burns down to the ECONOMICS and the disparities which leads to a Revolution. ACAUT and the social movements and the Revolutions which we have seen in our generation is in itself, a manifestation of Marx's theories, although with minor deviations.

"Arvind Kejriwal is a CM without an official house, yet his priorities are not about security for himself, power and privileges or even the comfort of a home but fighting corruption and providing good governance to the people. This should be a lesson for many of our CMs ruling in different States." ~Along Longkumer

Disclaimer: This doesn't mean I am endorsing the AAP I am simply analysing their method as an academic exercise and the need for tailoring such a Movement to suit our local scenario maybe in a few years from now because Change is always a slow and gradual process. Be consistent and Persistent!

TNB Relief Drive for Displaced and affected Rengma people

Atsung Imchen(Admin): It is my pleasure to inform all the bloggers that the Donation drive which TNB took up along with Non-bloggers for helping those people affected by the recent events in Karbi Anglong had a very fruitful result in such a short time span.

It was a surprise when we tallied the final amount as we never imagined we would reach that amount in such a short time. A MASSIVE “Thank You” to those who took their time to step up and help in whatever little they could contribute, goes not just to show the generosity of the Nagas but in general re-assuring each and every one of us that, whatever happens we’ve the help of our brothers and sisters from other communities/Tribes in times of need and most of all the CHANGE in the way of our thinking and approach.

The total amount which we collected in cash is Rs. 1,03,990 (One Lakh Three Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety) and relief materials wise- 10 kgs of Sugar, 3 Bags of Cloths, Sack of clothes, bags and shoes and 16 Blankets.

The amount along with the other relief materials was handed over to the Rengma Baptist church Khermahal Dimapur, with the aim to help those people still stuck in those hard hit areas. A very, very heartfelt gratitude to Peter Rutsa, Kevin Yepthomi Naga, Amen Jamir, Bubbu En, Kevi Angami, Kevi Viswentso and everyone else for owning this initiative and making this donation drive possible. Also to all the Business establishment who offered their shops for drop points, Thank You! Lastly once again to all the DONORS and those who wanted to and could not due to time constrain. Thank you and God Bless.

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