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Mission Flyover

Nokho Nyekha Naga: As you all know, many of our members have been walking the talk and leading us on how to live as a responsible citizen. One such is the Mission Flyover, the brainchild of it being Sangti Konyak. Some of our members have been cleaning the flyover bridges in the State Capital, the project of which was ignited by the Ao Baptist Church. Mission Flyover was last participated by 7 members and today, the number rose to 56.  

Led by our Administrative Team members, Sangti Konyak , Thejakhrietuo Kire , KDzakie Naga, the three flyover bridges in the main town has been washed, cleaned, even though the day greeted us with a scorching heat, followed by a fierce storm. Without an inch of complaint, our brave member volunteers toiled for 4 long hours in cleaning our mess.  

With due respect to the other volunteers, I find the need to make a special mention to G. Rio Higher Secondary School authorities for providing bus in bringing its hostellers to help us. Led by the hostel warden, John Thakuri, 30 students (including the warden and driver) of the school sacrificed their one day holiday, to join our other members in dirtying their hands.  

Here's a bitter truth from our armies today, the level of challenges they had to go through. Striking features from the flyovers, besides the usual:  

1. Above Mezhur Higher Secondary School: Beetel Nut and Gutkha Stains.   2. Old MLA junction Flyover Bridge: Lots of Cough syrup bottles and even faeces wrapped in plastic bags.   3. Razhü Point: Rusty Bridge filled with holes, which needs immediate repair.  

Post hard labour: Refreshment at Ozone Cafe.  

The day wouldn't have been a success without our donors who provided refreshment for our volunteers: Kohima Village Youth Organization: Rs. 5000/-   Hopong Chang: Rs. 500/-

What an incredible encouragement from those who came forward and contributed. On behalf of the citizens of Kohima, a massive Thank You. May such steps open our eyes to live as more conscious citizens.  

An initiative of a day like today shows that all is not lost after all, and that our future is in good hands.  

However, kindly note that such need for frequent cleaning of the bridges are wiping away the beautiful wall art. We all admire the amazing work of the artists, which came from hard work and sacrifices. The only way we could keep the art alive and show our appreciation is to change our behaviour. Use dustbins to spit and throw wastes. Public places are ours after all, and it is our responsibility to care for them. May such initiatives do not go wasted.  

Added Good News:  

* Our very own, Peter Rutsa has volunteered to sponsor our next project. Details shall be announced soon.  

* Two members of our Administrative Team, Atsung Imchen and Nk Krocha have also volunteered to sponsor T-Shirts or Caps for our member volunteers.  

What is employment?

Khrolo Lasushe: Putting some more thoughts into the matter of unemployment, I do am largely convinced that unemployment is a myth. In Nagaland, employment means 'government job'. Government job means "Wow! Do I get paid this much just for this? Hallelujah". So, who are the unemployed? First disgracing discouraging thing that’s gonna come out of the mouth of our older folks "UPSC aro NPSC te try kurisele, ula nai koi ase, Ho! Opai nai, moi khan ke loi na kheti te jabo lage". Secondly unemployment means "Oh tai itya bi service pa nai? tsk tsk" (Even if the person may be earning as much as some Govt. employees by other means). And if the person's earning is known "Oh, business kuri ase?" And what is business? In Naga context it means running a shop. It also means bargaining a product cheaply and then retailing it double the bought price. Also if you may ask some village folks, business means black business which involves ganja, alcohol...etc. The last time I said to my folks, I would really love to be an entrepreneur someday, it wasn't really well received but I understand their rebellious attitude considering the socio-economic status of my folks. But I can become really intolerant towards people's mindset. The simplest understandable way I can make them know what entrepreneurship was 'business'. From a typical point of view, it really is. Yet, it really isn't about buying and retailing stuff you know. To me it really is something about being a creator of something. Someone who creates and is above business. (example Bill gates didn't create the Microsoft to make money but his creation landed him where he is today because of the utility and value of his creation)  I am not anti-government job in fact I would love to work in any sector where I can get a job that pays. But I do am bit bothered with how the government system is and how the society advantages the setbacks of imperfections through unhealthy means. Coming across my own peers who are really intelligent, yet set backed by their own folks and families because to them a government service is everything, where a better potentiality to some other field which could have being better is taken away by so called near ones. Strangers on our path? Who gives a damn but people we consider our love ones block our path because they know not enough and they thought they are doing the right thing because that’s what the society thought so, what’s more hurting than that? That stress along is enough to end one's dream. Unemployment is a myth, it is created by the corrupted society that refuse to grow up with changing times and situations, that doesn't adapt to changing time. Created by misconceived perception of the present. Where a job tag becomes too prestigious than the actual job in it. A corrupted system where funds are too less for development because it has to be salaried to the more than needed excessive employees. I think what the younger generations like us can really do is broaden the mindset of the people by not seeking a prestigious status considered by the society but strive toward becoming a creator. Yes, some people are blessed with skills to best serve in the administration field but everyone is not, which means one doesn't have to sit wait try again and repeat the cycle over and over again. You see, while one keeps waiting, there are thousands of job vacant outside the Government sector that await you where may be it isn't going to pay you as much as the government sector pays but pays enough that is gonna meet your needs. Since we Nagas are also very choosy, we be again like, "well, am I gonna be rich?" Well, what is your definition of richness? Having more moneys than needed when someone out there gets poorer because they don't have enough to meet their needs because it’s with you? Have many cars so as to contribute to the traffic jams, air pollution, consume more non-renewable energy fuels to fast paced to meet its end? Unhealthy competition for the other rich guy to own more cars? (LOL) Build more big fancy houses with lots of empty rooms at the top floors when students rent tina houses by some isolated places? The type of trends the society is fed to admire today, or seems prestigious, aren't we building a dangerous place to live in for our younger generations to come? All I said here isn't going to be agreed by all of you but if at any point of time, if even a single word here I wrote makes you ponder to generate thoughts that can change the mindset of the set backs present today and progress towards a better place to live in, I'll be more motivated.

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