NagaEd connects Kiphire schools with high-speed internet

NagaEd has rolled out high-speed 5G internet on the Jio network in Kiphire.

Kohima, May 18 (MExN): In an unprecedented move, NagaEd has rolled out high-speed 5G internet on the Jio network in Kiphire’s last-mile villages on the India-Myanmar border, offering speeds of up to 750 Mbps—faster than average speeds in major cities like Bangalore and Pune. This new technology closes the digital divide in these remote areas, putting them at the heart of the modern digital world, and providing them equitable access to global educational resources.

As part of NagaEd’s Learning Enhancement & Accessibility Project (LEAP), a transformative three-year initiative funded by the NITI Aayog and Kiphire District Administration, the NagaEd team introduced 5G connectivity, conducted teacher training and set up digital classrooms in all participating schools to address significant educational challenges in Kiphire.

“The ability to bring 5G internet to Kiphire is not just about overcoming geographical and infrastructural barriers; it's about reshaping the future of education here,” said Kevisato Sanyu, founder of NagaEd. “By integrating advanced digital infrastructure, tools and resources, we are enhancing educational outcomes, and empowering teachers and students to thrive in a digitally connected world.”

Throughout the six-day visit, NagaEd focused on equipping teachers and students with tools to harness the potential of this new connectivity. The visit started with intensive teacher training sessions, where teachers from local schools were upskilled in utilising digital tools and content aligned with the state curriculum. These sessions were complemented by installing 5G routers in each school, ensuring every classroom could access NagaEd’s high-quality, interactive online courseware.

Interactive student workshops were conducted for Science and Math subjects, where students engaged with digital resources that enhanced their learning experience and broadened their academic horizons. Local leaders are excited about this program backed by the District Administration. They praise NagaEd for its ability to bring quality education to remote areas.

T Sulanthung Khenchung, NCS, Sub-Divisional Officer (C), Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire, Nagaland applauded the initiative, stating “Through the NagaEd platform, we aim to bridge critical gaps in students' understanding, particularly in districts like Kiphire, where teacher shortages persist as a significant challenge. We anticipate tangible improvements in student performance and educational access through these efforts. This visit is a small step but a giant leap for ensuring quality education in the district.”

Groundbreaking Initiative 

Teachers from participating schools commended NagaEd’s groundbreaking initiative.

“This training has taught me that as a teacher, it is necessary to have the skills and digital learning experience to interact, collaborate and respond to students' needs and feedback. Digital classrooms can make classes more interactive and learning more fun,” said Pisela S Sumi, Maths Teacher of GHS Longmatra. 

“Implementing technology with education has indeed made the teaching and learning process more efficient, fun and easier for students to understand. NagaEd Digital Classrooms are beneficial and essential for both teachers and students in this competitive and advanced technological era,” said Gracy Sangma, Science Teacher of Loyola Hr Sec School, Kiphire.

“NagaEd initiative in the education sector is commendable and I believe that it will have a great impact in helping our students to soar even higher. [It will] shape the education system in a modernised way of learning, which will greatly enhance [the students’] understanding as well as make learning a joyful experience,” said Johna Ngashempam, Maths Teacher of Mount Horeb Baptist School, Pungro.

With the initial phase of the LEAP project now complete, NagaEd is focused on the continuous monitoring, evaluation, and support of the schools to ensure that the impact of these digital tools is sustained and enhanced. This project underscores NagaEd’s unwavering commitment to advancing education through technology and ensures that every student, regardless of their location, has access to the best learning opportunities the world has to offer.